Revenge of the Nerd

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My neighbor’s daughter was the same age as me growing up. As we grew into teenagers she was kind of hot and I was kind of not. Lol. I got heavier and she got prettier.

She would not give me the time of day. She and her upper class cheerleader friends were to good to talk to someone like me and made fun of me. Calling me a loser and shit.

When we graduated. I joined the National Guard and went to college and got a degree in Information Technology. When I graduated college I moved into the rental house my parents owned and rented it out for cheap. It was next door to them.

The hot cheerleader never went to college and was living at home and partying all the time with friends. She was an alcoholic and druggie.

Now all of a sudden I was worth her time. Being in shape with a good job and the Toyota Supra that I drove really turned her on. “Gold digging bitch”, I thought.

Her parents were getting on her, “why can’t you be more responsible like him? Go find yourself a good job” and blah blah blah. Lol. I bet it drove her nuts. “Who is the loser now bitch?” I thought.

She came by and was hitting on me now. I thought to myself, “Why not?” A little revenge. Hump her and dump her but I wanted to take it farther than that. Really make a point.

I thought I would wear protection just in case. No telling what she was carrying. I was sure there was an STD between her legs.

We went to a AHL hockey game in Rockford Illinois. This is well over a hundred miles from my block. My dad and I go to games together of different minor league hockey teams. She kept apologizing for the way she treated me before. But she actually said once “You were just such a loser back then.” Well gee that is not insulting whatsoever. Stupid piece of shit. It only strengthen my resolve to do what I was going to do.

We watched the game and went out for dinner and drinks. I was pouring it on that I was interested in her. I got a hotel in town. I started making out with her. She was about the worst fucking kisser in the world. I took her shirt off and was sucking her nice little tits. Cupping them and rubbing her nipples getting her going.

She took her pants off and revealed her cute little pussy. I didn’t want to eat her out although I usually do. I just found her despicable. I started rubbing her vulva and then put my finger between her folds and found her clit and started rubbing her. She was getting into it. We laid on the bed and I resumed while sucking her tits. She started trembling and her legs locked around me as she came.

I got up and dressed my cock with a rubber and then enter into her. She gasped as I pounded her pussy. I wanted to make sure she loved the sex. She did. She was moaning and gasping with each thrust. I kept pounding feeling her wet walls tighten as she moaned as she came again. I felt myself about to come and arched my head back as I unloaded into the rubber. She told me how she always loved me. I thought to myself, “you fake fucking bitch” Geez.

We relaxed for a while and then I lubed up my dick. I stuck it her ass. She gasped as it went in. Going slow at it first and then just ramming her ass. She let out a loud “ahh” first pound. She looked like her eyes were about to come out of her head as she just took my pounding. I finally just unloaded into her asshole.

She told me I was pretty good. “Damn! I underestimated you.”, she said. I brought a bottle of Jack and mixed us a drink. I put half a sleeping pill in hers. I went in the bathroom and crushed the pill. We drank until she fell asleep.

I copped one last feel on her pussy. Before I left. She called some other guy’s name. Lol. Slut. Shame such a beautiful cunt is on a piece of shit like her.

I packed my shit and left and drove home. I left her a note.

“Ah what goes around comes around bitch. Who is the loser now? Revenge is such a sweet dish. Have a fun trip home.”

She blew up my phone the next day. Calling me an asshole and loser and a ton of other names. I laughed my ass off. When I got home I called my Guard buddy and asked to him to go hiking with me.

Her parents and my parents were friends and next door neighbors so I did not want to have to hear the drama this was going to create.

Funny thing is if I fooled anyone it wasn’t her dad. He smelled something fishy. He knew there was only one reason a person with professional career would be interested in someone like her. Showing how much he thought of his own daughter. He warned her but she ignored him.

I heard it from my dad about how I was going to pay for that and stuff. I told him I was not paying thin dime to her or her family. He threatened to kick me out of their rental. I said “Fine if you want to pick that slut over your own son that is fine with me. I will get my own place.” My dad apologized a couple days later.

I have not spoken to her since. I see her every once in awhile but I get the cold shoulder. Lmao. Sweet revenge.

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