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After school

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Dad and my twin sister’s Audrey and Amy And fooling around turn out to be they have secrets only 13

Amy and Audrey where in primary class it was 2017
I just left high school
And was working
I was with my mother and father and we had to pick up my 2 twin sisters from school
My sister Audrey had to set on my lap on the way home and she could feel my cock getting bigger as she bounced around on my lap on the way home
And she was enjoying it so much she said her to her sister Amy she should try it and she did and sat on me but as dad was driving home Amy was moving her little body around and like she was Fucking my legs and she looked back at me and said that she had no underwear on and looked at her sister and Audrey said that she took them off on the way out of class and throwing them at her and pulled them out of her pocket really quick and put them away and smiled
I looked at mum and dad and thought if I pulled out my cock they both couldn’t see
I lifted up Amy a little bit and she said what are you doing brother
I said I’m setting on something I think but I wasn’t I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock and quickly sat back down and Amy didn’t notice anything for about 3 minutes as we drove along

Amy looked at Audrey and smiled and pulled her closer and wispped into her ear

Audrey looked at me as I was wondering if mum or dad knew anything what was going on in the back of the car and they both were talking about shopping and other things together

Amy looked back at me as she sat in my lap and smiled and nodded and she said be quiet ok

She stood up really quickly and lifted her dress up and say down and looked at her sister and said ok now and stood up and I could see her little ass and Audrey pulled one of her bum checks apart and said slowly and Amy say down and I could feel the tip of my cock pushing inside Amy as Audrey looked at me and smiling and said go over the speed hum fast daddy I want to fly and he laughed and said ok baby girl and went really fast and we did a really big jump in the car and I was in shock because I could feel all of my cock ramming inside my little sister and dad and mum looked back at us 3 saying again guys and laughing at us

But I couldn’t laugh I was inside my little sister cunt and she was loving it as we bounded around in the back seats and Audrey said more than Amy stood up and quickly kissed me on my face so Audrey could set on my lap and she stood up and pulled down her pants so I could put it between her legs and mum and dad wouldn’t see what we were doing and it slipped in her pussy more easily than Amy and Audrey was humpinh up and down and asking to go faster daddy and she was looking through the mirror at me as she kissed dad on the cheek and bouncing her fat ass up and down and she was fucking right in front of my mum and dad and I cum inside her and she kept on bouncing around and made me hard again as we go into our driveway and I sat in the car with them as mum and dad got the shopping out of the car but as soon as they left Audrey started kissing her sister and humping

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    Good little sisters!😛