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Amy Tale/s – Boy Love (Zero)

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So, they fumble around and found Vaseline in their parents’ bathroom, and Michael rubs it in his ass.

This tale is not about me (Amy) and is sort of an origin story for Ethan and Michael’s bisexual beginnings. Emma and I were curious to know how it started, and why they were concealing it from us. So, we asked them, and I will begin with the latter; why they were concealing it? Ethan met Emma, and he did fall in love with her. As their relationship heated up, Ethan wanted Michael to not say anything about being bisexual because he was trying to maintain a normal relationship with Emma.

Ethan and Michael met in the 8th grade during the onset of puberty. In high school, after puberty was in full bloom, is where sexual experimentation began. From the 8th grade and throughout high school they would spend the night with each other occasionally, as boys do. They also dated and had sex with girls in high school too. Sometime between the 9th and 10th grade, it started. Maybe after one too many baths together, or changing in front of each other, or sleeping in the same bed and wrestling or playing.

Ethan was spending the night with Michael (or vice versa), and they were in their room, and one of them started jacking off and coaxed the other one to jack off too. Ethan and Michael first got their thrills watching each other jack off. It was only a matter of time before this grew into more. Soon, they would give each other hand jobs, and as their desires grew, so did their need to try more. Michael is noticing how big Ethan’s cock is compared to his, and he wants to play with it more. When playing is not enough, Michael started sucking it, and Ethan liked the feeling of having his cock sucked. Ethan would find more reasons to spend the night with Michael, or the other way around.

Michael got pretty good at sucking Ethan’s cock, even deep throating it, but Michael wanted Ethan to try sucking his cock, but Ethan resisted. Michael would enjoy sucking Ethan, and eventually he convinced Ethan to try it, and the next thing you know, they were sucking each other’s cock. By the 11th grade, they got more involved with girls, and found out they liked girls too, but there was no way they wanted the girls to know they had been sucking each other’s cock, so they concealed it.

Then Ethan had a birthday party with friends (boys and girls), and they partied, had fun. Everybody went home, and Michael stayed the night. They are up in Ethan’s room, and they get in a 69 with Ethan on top, and they suck each other’s dick. Michael has gotten so good at it, and taking Ethan’s cock into his throat, that Ethan cums in Michael’s mouth because he is so excited, and Michael swallows it.

Ethan is curious, and he asks Michael, how does it taste? Michael says, it’s a little salty and leaves a weird odor in the back of your throat. For some time, Ethan found that it felt so good for Michael to suck him into getting off in his mouth, that it becomes customary. Then Michael wants Ethan to try it, but he did not want to. Michael continued to pleasure Ethan this way without receiving the same until one night, Ethan tried it, and they both liked it. The feeling of a warm mouth around your cock sucking you into the back of their throat and shooting your cum, was as close to pussy fucking as they could get without the awkwardness of dating and enticing girls to fuck.

This satisfied them for some time until Michael wanted to try anal. Since this is beginner boys trying something new, they knew they needed to grease the hole sort of speaking. So, they fumble around and found Vaseline in their parents’ bathroom, and Michael rubs it in his ass. Ethan takes his cock and presses, and it is difficult to get it in because it is too tight. They experiment with positions over the course of a few weeks until Ethan penetrates Michael ass, and he loves the pressure and sensation. More weeks go by as they perfect the technique, and Michael loves the feeling and wants more.

Ethan finally gets aroused and going fast enough that he shoots his cum in Michael’s ass. Michael and Ethan are hooked. Michael tries to convince Ethan to try and even gets him to attempt it, but Ethan said this is where I draw the line, when Michael fails to get his dick in Ethan’s tight asshole. Ethan has never had anal sex, but he has laid the pipe to Michael’s ass since high school many times.

They both went to college some, and neither has a degree, and they went to work and when they moved out of their parents’, they decided to rent an apartment together to save money. Currently, this is their second place together. This is when Ethan met Emma, and Ethan concealed his and Michael’s bisexuality for the sake of Emma.

I just wanted to provide some more background on Ethan and Michael because when I found out, I wanted to know how it started. I do have more tales that includes them, but knowing they are bisexual changed the way we interacted sexually afterwards.

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