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Author: Tim

After school

Dad and my twin sister’s Audrey and Amy And fooling around turn out to be they have secrets only 13 # #

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What is going on …mom dad daughter

One night my wife and I where sitting watching TV and she turned and looked at me and said I want to suck you off and I said OK so she pulled it out and started sucking. All of a sudden... # #

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Public Bathroom

I’m a straight male This is a true story of mine that happened when I was 15years old at a public park bathroom. I was so embarrassed that I never reported it . So back when I was... # # #

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Remote torture 2

It had been two days since I I had thrown away my orgasmic butt plug. It was a pain to sit in school but I was also excited since I thought I had managed to be unseen and had reordered... # #

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Remote Torture

Guys im telling you my story of probably the worst and best day of my life. About me: I’m a 16 years old boy, I’m straight but was always interested of having a prostate... # #

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