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Getting Even More

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I thought she was my friend, until we accidentally switched phones…

They were brand new for Christmas, and they only had the one style. We hadn’t even put stickers on them yet, so we’re switching back and forth. Showing off our new Apps, when I went to show her a picture I’d taken.

That’s when I saw the last picture she’d taken was a selfie, with my dad, and her hand down his pants. “Uh, what the fuck?” I threw it at her, grossed out.

She said “I can explain,” but I was so pissed off, I just threw her out, and said I didn’t want to see her ever again. She left my phone on the bed, but I didn’t even want to look at it. So, I pushed it behind the bed, and sat down.

Getting madder, and madder until my dad got home, so I went out, and yelled at him. He said it “Just happened.”

So, I said: “I know it just happened, because she only had that phone a week, and how could you?”

He tried to make more excuses, about how it wasn’t the way it looks, “Because it looks like she’s got her hand down your pants.” Then, I got an idea, or actually, brought up something I had already thought of. “You know her dad.”

“Glenn? Of course,” he put up his hand, “Now, I know what you’re thinking, and that’s just not a good idea.”

“Well, you should have thought of that before you cheated on mom, with my friend, and you know he’d totally go for it.”

“That’s not the point,” he tried to get out of it.

“That’s exactly the point, at least he’s divorced, instead of still married to my mom.”

“Are you threatening me, because.”

“No, of course not, what would I have to threaten you with? Besides, it’s okay for you to boff his daughter, but you don’t like the idea of me being with an older man, your age?”

I don’t remember the whole argument, but yeah. I lied, I was totally threatening him, and I knew it. I thought for sure mom would leave him if she ever found out, but also Glenn has been acting a little weird around me lately.

Whenever I came over, that’s how I knew that he’d totally go for it. He didn’t look at me really, but you know how boys try not to look at you, and then they try not to look like they’re looking at you? Yeah, well we can tell.

“Huh, fine.” He finally gave up, and called Glenn. “We need to talk,” he said over the phone, “You better come over here.”

I just stood there, with my hands on my hips. He asked me if I was happy, but I shook my head, and crossed my arms. “Wait until you see how he feels about you banging his daughter.”

“Huh,” He just sat down, beaten, and I did feel a little better about winning. After that whole argument. I kinda wished I could remember what exactly I said, but still. It was amazing, and I felt triumphant, because this wasn’t just some boy I’d beaten.

He was my dad, and I had the advantage. Not just that I knew him all my life, and I’d heard all of his fights with mom. I also had something, a secret to hold over him, threaten, and even blackmail him. If I’d wanted to fuck him, even knowing where his dick had been. That slut, I probably could have made him do it, and that made me feel awesome.

I wasn’t really a Control freak before, but then I’d never really tried to. I never even wanted power like this until I got a taste of it, but then Glenn showed up. My dad took a deep breath, and got up to let him in the house, but then they kissed?

Right inside the door, as soon as it was closed, and then Glenn saw me. “Hey, uh.” He pointed me out.

“It’s all right,” dad rubbed his shoulders, gently, and that was the gayest thing I’d ever seen. Even them kissing like girls. At first, my head was like, BSOD, but then once it rebooted, I was like. They’re guys, grown men, and they don’t kiss each other hello like that. Like girls, or gay men, but they can’t be gay.

Then, dad felt over to his crotch, and rubbed it hard. “Well, he’s here. If you want him so badly, here he is, ask him.”

“What?” I just shook my head, realizing what he’d done, and started getting mad again. He never told me, well. Of course he didn’t, how the hell do you even start that conversation?

“You’re bi?” I looked back, and forth between them.

“I’m sorry,” Dad started, but I said.

“No, shut up. I don’t want any more of your lies. I want him to answer.”

“Well,” Glenn pushed his hand off his cock, but the hardon didn’t go away. Right away, and his pants looked so tight all a sudden. Then, the tent pole died down, so they could hang flat again, and he stuck his hand in his pocket, to adjust.

I shook my head, realizing he just said something. Actually, he tried to explain, a lot, but I tuned out most of the excuses. “It just happened.”

“Uh!” I rolled my eyes, “Why does everyone keep saying that. Did you guys get together to get your story straight? First your daughter, when I found out she’s been fucking my dad.” I looked over at him, and he just nodded. Then back over at Glenn. “You knew?”

“Of course, why do you think it’s been so awkward having you over, lately?”

“Only because you thought I was hot.”

“Of course you’re hot, you’re an 18 year old girl.”

“Uh!” I felt almost excited. “Well, you sure know how to talk to a teenager, because when she asks you if she’s hot, of course what she really wants to hear is she’s just like all the other girls her age.”

“But you’re not. You’re Chelsea’s best friend.”

“Well, we were best friends until I found out that she’s only hanging out with me to get in my dad’s pants.”

“No, Jill.” My dad just shook his head, seriously. Looked me right in the eye, and said, “You know that’s not true, at all. You two have been inseparable since you’re in kindergarten together.”

“Huh,” I just let my shoulders fall, because in spite of myself, I knew that was true. “I’m sorry, and I know you’re not a child molester, I was just really upset.”

“Well,” Glenn hadn’t even taken off his coat, so he just pushed Dad off of him, and zipped his coat back up. “I’m glad that’s finally out in the open, but I better go.”

“I better come with you,” I grabbed mine, and winked at dad to make sure he got the joke. He just let out the breath he’d been holding, and nodded. Beaten, but I was so over that. I already won, but now it was time to claim my prize, and it’s not like he ever tried to stop me.

Before, I had friends who’s dads were like that. Cock blockers, and always watching to make sure they saved themselves, or whatever. I could have boys over if I wanted, but they were all just friends. The ones that were cool with just being friends with me, because they knew my wishes, and at most made a pass at me, once.

Because they knew that no ment no, or they couldn’t be friends with me, but now I guess I was most upset. That apparently everyone I knew was fucking each other, and I was starting to feel left out? By choice, all through school, I didn’t want to bother with all that stuff. It was a distraction, and from what I heard, also a pain.

You know, dating safely, when there’s always a chance that it could go wrong. The boy moving too fast, and over powering you. Not taking no for an answer, and I knew for sure that I didn’t want that to happen to me. Especially my first time, but he’d walked.

Glenn, I mean I guess I was so stuck in my head, trying to get all this straight, I almost forgot where I was going until we got around the block, to their house. “Huh, is Chelsea home?”

“Of course not, she moved out?”

“Oh, right.” I hadn’t forgotten, hell I’d helped her move, it just slipped my mind. “Well, we better go in, so your nosy neighbors don’t have anything to talk about.” I held my hand out to the front door, but he held it for me.

“Lady’s first.”

I actually blushed, and shook my head, nervously, but he smiled sweetly, and I felt good. That I’d done the right thing, somehow without thinking about it, I just naturally went right for the cutest thing.

He shut the door, behind him, but he didn’t lock it. “Look, I don’t know what you want from me.”

“I’m a virgin.” I just put that out there, but he just nodded. He knew, of course he knew, because he’s Chelsea’s dad, and she even told me that. She could tell him anything, and I thought that she told me everything, but now. I understood why not.

“Honestly, that’s the best thing about you, and you know how sexual Chelsea could be.” He just patted my shoulder. “I’m glad, you’ve been such a good influence on her.”

“Well,” I couldn’t look at him. “Thanks, I guess, but. Huh, I want you. Too, um.” I bit my lips, and shook my head. “I mean, my first time?” I looked up, to see if he understood, but he just felt around the back of my neck, and answered by kissing me.

“Huh!” I melted, and it’s not like I’d never been kissed before, but my friends. My boy friends, they were always so awkward, and unsure. They knew that I didn’t really want them that way, and they just wanted to make sure. Yup, 100% positive that I wasn’t ready, and that was it. My only problem was that I wasn’t ready yet, but as soon as he kissed me.

All the anger, disappointment, and yeah. Even sexual tension just went away. Honestly, it was just a relief, but then he pulled back, and wiped my hot cheek with his cold thumb. “Okay.” He nodded, searching back and forth, eye to eye. “I’ll be careful with you.” He picked me up, gently, and carried me down the hall.

“Huh, you and dad? It still so hard to believe that, but how long have you 2 been lovers?”

“Well,” he set me down on the bed, and straightened up. So to speak, but I was so ready, I immediately kicked my shoes off. Scooted back, pulling my underwear off under my dress, and straightening my legs. “Honestly, that’s how Chelsea found out, and she used it against me.”

“Oh,” I felt a little stab of guilt, but he patted my knee, and that reassured me.

“When her mother found out she couldn’t take it, but then she used it to get back at me.”


“It didn’t just happen. She took a picture of the two of them together, to hurt me.”

“Oh.” That was, recent? I nodded, but he felt down my leg. Closer to my bare crotch, and I let my head fall back. “Oh yeah.” I closed my eyes, and slipped my elbows out to run my hands up my tummy. “Wait, which one of you is on top?” I blinked, and shook my head.

He shrugged, “Your father and I?” I nodded. “We take turns.” He nodded back.

“Oh,” I looked over, and felt up his leg. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothings wrong, I mean.” He shook my head, “Everything’s wrong I guess, this is still a little weird, and unbelievable.”

“Huh!” I laughed, but kept rubbing him harder. Gently, but that didn’t keep the blood from flowing into it, and getting harder right there in his pantleg. “You don’t wear any underwear?” I felt around, but that’s why it stuck out in his pants, and still halfway stuck in his pantleg, when dad touched him in the foyer.

I laughed, but he just shrugged it off. “Well, sometimes, but when he called me earlier. It sounded urgent.”

“Well, now it’s pretty urgent, so you better get it out where I can see it.” To think that, it had been there all along, and I ignored it? I had the blinders on for so long that I didn’t even think about him having a dick. Let alone getting hard, and having sex, even though obviously he was married, and my best friend’s dad, so yeah. He fucked.

“Huh!” Then, he got the belt undone, and unsnapped his pants. He just jerked the zipper open, so it sprang out, and popped up. I was already sitting up, so it bounced right in front of my face, but I had to take my hot dress off first.

“Oh, it’s so hard!”

“Honestly, I’d just beat off before your father called.”

“Huh!” I closed my eyes, and shook my head. “You know, his name is John.”

“Of course.”

“You don’t call him Jill’s father, and. Huh!” I just shrugged and took the plunge. Licked it first, and then stuck it in my mouth, to shut up. Nothing I could say would make this make sense. “Oomphuh! Don’t stick it in too deep.”

He felt my hair, “Of course not.”

“It’s my first blowjob, so.”

“Don’t worry about it. I know.”

“Huh!” So, I popped it back in my mouth, and just tried to clear my head. Stop thinking about it, Jill. You know how to do that, right? How come you’re overthinking it now, after almost 20 years? Just enjoy it.

My first dick, my first hard warm salty cock, and balls, too. “Hm!” Nice warm hairy balls, and they even tightened up. “Swop! Sorry, my fingers cold?”

“Huh, no. They do that naturally, but you’re doing just fine.”

“Huh, can you unhook my bra?”

“Of course, he felt down my back, so I went back to what I was doing. Kissing the head, then licking down the shaft, to feel the veins bulging out the sides, and squishing against my tongue. Then, I pulled his balls out, and kissed them, one by one. “Huh, I hope you saved some for me.” I rolled them around like ben-wa balls but they weren’t really round.

Not perfectly round balls, but they were more like giant beans? Not as hard as nuts, either. Firm, but not even as firm as his shaft. It wasn’t rock hard either, nor even as hard as wood. Just as firm, and stiff as an erection. Penis, dick, cock…

“Huh!” I looked up, just to see him smile down, and pushed up his shirt. Felt his hairy belly, and seeing his belly button, for some reason I got the urge to kiss that too. Stick my tongue in it, and swirl the hairs around until. “Sptooh!” I looked down, and picked a hair off my tongue. “A little lint.”

He laughed, which just made his belly shake, and he’s not fat fat. That fat, he’s got a dad bod, and I found that I liked that. It suited him, of course he’s got a dad bod.

“Huh, well if I thought you’re going to do that this morning, I would have cleaned it out.” He stuck his pinky in there, and wiggled it around.

“Huh!” I thought of something, and rolled his balls out. Felt back between his legs, and in his hairy buttcrack. “You like it in here?”

“Uh,” he backed up, and even started sticking out. Lower, starting to go soft. “You better cut your nails first, and that’s pretty advanced for your first time.”

“Huh, yeah.” I smelled my finger, and wiped it off on the comforter. “But you do it with John, right?”

“We have, once or twice.”

“You took turns?”

“Yeah, but it isn’t easy. The problem is that we didn’t know what we’re doing, so it hurt until we figured it out.”

“Then it felt good?”

He rolled his eyes, but now he was starting to point down, and the foreskin even started slipping over the wet tip, which was pretty amazing to watch.

“Not bad,” he shrugged. “I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it either. It was very intimate.”

“Wow, I.” Certainly wasn’t expecting an answer like that, “I don’t know what to say.”

“Huh, to tell the truth, what really happened is, we fell in love. He still loves your mother, but not the same way.”

“And Chelsea?”

He shook his head. “She just did that to hurt me.”

“Huh, not me.” I felt guilty again. Even though it was an accident, but I was so upset that I just wanted to hurt her. Now that I’d calmed down, I could realize that she hid it from me, to protect me.

I wasn’t ready for sex. Any kind of sex, I couldn’t even laugh at dirty jokes, because they just made me feel uncomfortable, but then he bent over to pull up his pants. “You better go.”

“Oh, no. I can’t, not any more, it’s too late. I don’t want it any more, and I didn’t even think about what I was saving it for.”

“Your virginity?”

I nodded. “Huh, I don’t want to be a virgin any more, and if I leave now. That I’ve felt your cock, and tasted it, I’ll just wonder what it feels like inside me until it drives me nuts. You got rubbers?”

“Of course,” he’s single, and having sex with my dad, but he pulled a foot out, and kicked his pants off the other. Then he just went around to the bedside, his softy dangling, and swinging in front of his balls, but the wet skin rolled up over the tip. It looked a little like a rose-bud?

Also his ass, I can’t believe I touched him in his buttcrack, and that was by far the dirtiest thing I ever done. “Oh, I better get you hard again to put it on. Lay down.”

“Okay,” I scooted over so he could join me on his bed, and I wondered how he and dad did it, the first time? I could ask him later, but as soon as he lay back, I bent over to pull it up from between his legs, and popped it in my mouth.

“You ever masturbate?”

“Mh mhn?” I shook my head, with my mouth full, and sucked more in to feel it swelling again.

“Huh, too bad. I found that the best way to learn is by watching a woman play with herself.” I wouldn’t even know where to start, but I better learn soon…

“Snh, huh!” I wiped my mouth, and got up. Put my knee over his head, and settled down, to shut him up. That was enough talking, more than enough, but I had to scoot back up to lick his dickhead. He picked his head up, and stuffed the pillows under it to kiss me, lick me, and stick his tongue deep inside me to loosen up.

“Shlurp! Huh, uh! Yeah, that feels so good, huhlgh! Kuh!” I went too far, and gagged, but I just had to back up. Pull the skin tight over the tips again, and stick it in my mouth to pull it back. “Smuip smup!” Bunch it up against my lips to kiss me back, and rub the spongey tip.

That surprised me, a little. I was expecting it to get hard all over, but I liked it. The wrinkles on top too. Rubbing back and forth on my taste buds, switching side to side, and his tongue wiggling in deeper. So wet, and hot, and slippery. I stopped thinking about what I was doing, and just held it. Sucking on the tip, to feel his wonderful tongue lick pleasure right out of my juicy virgin hole.

“Smooch! Huh, where’s the rubber. I’m ready, I want you inside me, more than anything I’ve ever wanted before. I want you to fuck me now.” I rolled over next to him, and felt my wet snatch for the first time.

I mean, sexually of course. I’ve washed myself, and wiped myself before, but it was just something to piss out of. Bleed out of, and that was so unsexy, I don’t even want to think about it, but my nails got in the way.

“Huh!” I remember when Chelsea broke her nails. She told me she’d done it, picking up a bucket or something. I don’t remember if I even asked, a 5 gallon bucket of what? It doesn’t really matter, of course, but I got the idea that she was making it up. Of course, it was just an excuse to bring her nail case over, and do her nails. On both hands, she had me do her right, and polish them back from the quick the way she’d done the left.

So short that they didn’t have an edge, at all. She even asked me how I felt about certain women. Gay women, that we knew from gossip. Mostly, you know Ellen, and Portia. Celebrities like that, but it was just like girl talk. I thought, at the time, I certainly didn’t think that she came over to seduce me, and cut her nails so she could get them inside me without scratching.

“Huh, you know what you’re saying about your first time. Dad nailed you, and how it hurt at first, but then it didn’t feel too bad?”

“I know you’re nervous.”

“No, I told you I want it more than anything now, I just want you to talk me through it.”

“Well, just get on top of me, and if you do it, then you can control the penetration.” He rubbed up my legs, gripped my hips, and rubbed the bones with his thumbs.

“Uh!” I tried to go slowly, but as soon as the head squished, my head gave out with a wet rubbery squeak. “Ahfuck huh!”

“You all right?”

I shook my head, “It didn’t even hurt, uhn!” I hunched, sliding it back out, and sank down hard again. “Uhfuck. Huh!” Again, and again, but then he pulled me. Dug his fingers into my butt cheeks, and pushed me back. “Ufufufufgh!” I started humping, so he let go, but that felt even better. Instead of slipping in and out, it swung back and forth, and I humped him harder until it hit something inside me. “Nghm!” I bit my lip, and felt his hips. They got warm, and slippery, but it wasn’t sweat. “Nghm! HN!” I kept humping, so it spread around between my legs, and squirted out. I don’t know how many times before I realized that I was peeing.

Every time I slipped back up, so it batted my bladder, and squirted another hot wet splash on his pubes until that set me off. “UH! NGHM!”

“Huh!” He sighed, and arched his back. “Uh fuck, you’re so hot, and tight, angh!” He started shaking, and blasting me full of his load. “Nhm! Huh! Huh!” His belly bulged, and flexed, with his breath. He went soft, and shriveled up inside me. Still spasming, and rippling, I realized that was me twitching, and not him. “Snh!” He blinked, and pulled me down by the ribs. Held me up by the tits, but I kissed him, and remembered that.

All the wonderful hardening, and softening most of all. You know, it’s not always hard, or sometimes you have to get him hard again, and again, but unexpectedly, I liked that. Most of all, honestly, it felt so alive.

“Huh, you mind taking a picture?” I curled up with him, still out of breath, but he had to roll over, and get his phone off the charger.

“For Chelsea?”

“Yeah, this is the exact way I want her to find out.” I picked it up, still limp, but held it out so the quite nipple was perfectly visible.

Pic! He sent it. “Huh, we’re lucky you’re annular?”

“Huh, you want to take my ass cherry when you get it up again?”

“No, Annular, like a ring?” He touched me, and slipped a finger inside. Easily, I’d really loosened up. “That’s why it didn’t hurt.” He felt around inside me. “All you’ve got is these bumps around the inside.”

“Oh, huh! I better cut my nails, so I can feel them myself, but later.” I got up, and stretched. “Huh, Jesus it still feels incredible.”

“Yeah, you look incredible too.”

“Thanks,” I found my underwear, and turned them right side out. “Hey, Glenn?”

“Yeah?” He just tossed the rubber in the trash can.

“You think Chelsea is Bisexual, too?”

“No, she’s gay.”

“Uh!” I shook my head, “But, she.” Wait a second, all I really saw her doing was standing in the bathroom mirror with her hand down my dad’s pants. “I guess I just assumed the rest.”

“She loves you, you know.”

“Huh, yeah but you must be pretty lonely now.”

“Not really.”

“Come on, and maybe you could save some rent if you came over to our house?”

“I own it, and the property taxes aren’t that bad. Besides, I don’t know how I could live with you after this.” Like his wife, and daughter left when they found out about his sexuality.

“Oh, don’t worry. I decided to move out, but I don’t want mom, and dad to be lonely either, and you know she’d fuck you too if you just asked?”

“Really, you think so?”

I pulled my dress on, and my hair out so I could shake my head. “I know so.” Especially once she finds out they’ve been sleeping together. “She loves gay porn too.”

“She never told me that.”

“Of course not, she didn’t even tell dad, but she told me.”

“Huh, of course.” He looked down, and saw his phone buzzing in his hand.

“What’s she say?” I came around to read it with him.

[OMG! What did you do, dad?]

I took it to type back. [Now, don’t be upset, it’s me Jill. I’m not a virgin any more, but now I know what all’s been going on around me.]

I sent it.

[So, this is your revenge?]

[No, I just wanted to get even, but then I got a whole lot more…]

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