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The Car Washer – Part two

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This is a continuing story of a young teen boy and girl, getting sexually educated by an older guy. I would be happy to receive feedback………

Part 2

Several weeks passed until I arranged for Danny to come round again. Partly because I had to go away for a couple of weeks for work, and partly because I wanted to give Danny sometime to think about what had happened. Part of me knew that whilst what we did was not illegal, it would certainly, by many, be frowned upon. He had text me a couple of times, and I had replied, letting him know I was away with work, but we both avoided the bringing up what happened between us. I was also desperate to find out what happened with Lise, who he was due to meet the evening we last met up.

I was just getting out the shower, after returning from Madrid earlier that day, and my phone rang. It was Danny. I picked up the phone and took the call. He asked me how my work had gone, and would I need the car cleaned this weekend. I instantly agreed, and while we were chatting, I realised I was gently stroking my penis, which was rapidly becoming hard.
Just the sound of his voice was enough to turn me on, and as he laughed and joked, unbeknownst to Danny, I was slowly pulling my foreskin back and forth. I didn’t bring Lise up in the conversation. To be honest, I could feel my cum rising, and wanted to get off the phone so I could moan loudly as I came.

Punctual as usual, the door bell rang at 2.30. There was Danny in a pair of cut off denims, an old looking T Shirt, baseball cap which was back to front (why to the kids do that?), and a pair of Nike trainers. He was beautiful. He had obviously been taking advantage of the sun and had a lovely tan, which contrasted with his blonde flowing hair. This time it was not in a pony tail, and flowed gently over his shoulders. From behind, he could easily have been mistaken for a teen girl. We smiled awkwardly, as probably both our minds went back to the last time we met. I reached to shake his hand…..stupid really, but felt I needed to break the ice. I told him it was great to see him, and asked if he wanted a drink before he started. He declined but asked if I could bring one out to him while he got on with the clean.

I let him get the clean underway, and then took an ice cold beer out to him. I stood watching him for a while before he noticed me. He came over and I handed him the bottle. Danny took a couple of swigs and placed the bottle on the garage bench. I sat down on a chair in the garage and started up a conversation, purposely avoiding the subject of me sucking him off.

“So how did the date with go?”

“Mmmm….OK” replied Danny “We went to the cinema, but she had to be home by 10pm”

“I suppose the cinema gave you an opportunity for bit of fun in the back row” I laughed. “Not really” replied Danny “She was wearing tight jeans and also the cinema was quite busy”

“So nothing at all?” I asked….. “Well I did get my hand up her T Shirt and under her bra, but that was it”

“Does she have nice tits” I somewhat crudely enquired. Danny laughed…”They are nice but small…..but she she did have really hard little nipples”

“Mmmmm….I like nibbling on hard nipples………I remember how hard your nipples were when you let me suck your cock…….” I suddenly realised I had mentioned THE subject we had both been avoiding. I thought to myself, this can go one of two ways……

There was a minutes silence, then Danny said “I enjoyed that…Oh, and I am sorry that I cummed in your mouth” I laughed…”Don’t be…It was lovely….it was an honour you letting me touch your penis and letting me suck it……did you really like it?”

Danny smiled…. “It was so horny, I have only wanked myself before, and having someone touch me was so exciting. I have relived it over and over again since we did it”

I altered my position on the chair and realised that my hand had dropped to my lap, and was gently massaging my cock through my jeans. Following his eyes, it was apparent that Danny had noticed.

“I’m sorry, but all this talk of a teenage cock has started to get me a bit hard” Danny moved and pressed the button to shut the garage door. Without speaking he slowly undid the fly buttons on his jeans, put his hand in, and pulled out his semi hard penis.

“Is this the teenage cock you like to look at?” With that Danny started gently rubbing his penis, using his finger and thumb. Slowly it grew to its magnificent erect 5.5 inches, with bulging head, and urethra staring at me.

I licked my lips and as I watched him, rubbing my cock through my jeans.

“Get it out” Danny spurted out…. “Are you sure” I replied…..Do you really want to see my cock”

“Mmmm yes….let me see your penis…I have not seen another man’s cock before……other than a few of the guys at school, but they were not hard…….but if you would rather not that is OK”

I didn’t need asking twice. I stood up and undid my jeans and pushed them to the floor. My penis was tenting the front of my boxers, and there was a small damp patch of pre cum soaking through. I pulled the waistband forward and lowered it over my cock. My cock was rock hard and pointing upwards. The foreskin was pulled slightly back showing the tip of the head. I took hold of my penis and slowly pulled back the foreskin exposing the glans.

“Wow” Danny spluttered…..”it looks different to mine. And you have no hair….”

“Yes, you are circumcised. If I pull the skin back it looks like yours. And yes, I like to keep my bits shaved….I think it looks better, and to be honest, I am not that big, so it makes it look bigger”

Danny smiled….”it looks really sexy…..can I……can I…….touch it?”

I moved towards Danny with my cock bobbing up as I walked. I stopped as our cocks were almost touching. Danny slowly reached out and gently grasped my cock. His hand was warm and soft as he gently moved his hand exploring my penis. As he moved his hand, he was pulling the foreskin back and forth over my glans, completely fascinated. Without asking, I reached out and wrapped my hand around his hard penis, causing him to moan gently.

I slowly started to masturbate Danny, switching from rubbing his cock, to fondling his hanging balls in their hairy sack. By now now Danny was rubbing me with a regular movement, and knowing a 16 year old boy was rubbing my 50 year old penis, was going to cause me to cum very quickly.

“If you carry on like that, I am going to shoot my cum” I blurted out… Danny moved closer and started rubbing my cock against his. From above they both looked similar in size, and the 34 year age gap was not obvious when looking at both solid cocks.

The feeling of that young teen cock against my own was just too much. I let out a guttural moan, and released my hot cum all over Danny’s cock and balls. Almost instantly Danny reciprocated, and his hot teen cum soaked my cock, balls, and stomach.

We just stood and didn’t speak as both our cocks slowly softened. I broke the silence…

“Thank you Danny that was wonderful. I haven’t cum for a few days and it had built up” Danny smiled and went back to fondling my soft penis.

“It looks strange with its head all covered by the skin” Danny commented….’’Can I pull it back?’’ Without me answering, Danny dropped to his knees and with both hands on my cock, he pulled back my foreskin, letting the fresh air rush to my glans. He leaned forward and put his lips around the head of my cock. Once his lips formed a seal, his tongue was running over my glans, and he was pushing the tip of his tongue into my urethra. The sensations were unreal, and my cock was becoming hard once again. To get another erection so shortly after having recently cum, was a first for years. Normally I need a good couple of hours in between orgasms.

I reached down and gently indicated for Danny to stand.

“Would you like to come to my bedroom? If you like I can give you a massage while we get our breath back”

I didn’t give him time to answer. I took his hand, and we walked naked, with our cocks swaying, through the house and up the stairs to my bedroom. Luckily it was tidy and the double bed was made. I told Danny to wait whilst I went to the bathroom and retrieved a large towel, which I laid over the duvet, and a bottle of massage oil. I indicated to Danny to lay face down on the bed, which he did without objection, and without speaking. I moved a pillow so he could lay flat, and moved his arms to his side.

I moved to the bottom of the bed and stared. Laying face down, naked on my bed was a young teen boy. His wonderful body tanned, with the exception of his buttocks which were white. Both legs were covered with a light golden downy hair. His thighs were tight together, not showing any indication he was a boy. The cheeks of his taught buttocks were tightly closed, not through choice, but just because of his muscular frame. My mind was going crazy, I was desperate to see his virginal anal opening, but was afraid it may be off limits, and didn’t want to frighten him, or worse, be accused of assaulting him. Anything we did, he had to agree to and want.

I picked up the bottle of oil, got onto the bed and moved up to one side of Danny.

‘’Are you ok?” Danny said nothing but just moved his head in a brief nod to confirm it was ok to proceed.

I undid the bottle, and dripped oil onto his back. I put the bottle down and using both hands worked it into his muscular back. Gradually over the next 20 minutes or so, I massaged his arms one at a time, his hands, his feet, and his lower legs. Danny had his eyes closed, and at one point thought he was asleep. It was now time to work on his i didnt understandupper legs and thighs. His legs naturally moved apart a few inches, which was enough for me to kneel with one knee between his legs and the other to the left of his left leg.

I poured on more oil, and alternating between left and right thighs, I was running my hands from the back of his knees up to his buttocks. I worked on his thighs for a few minutes, and with each ‘sweep’ upwards, my hands worked further onto his inner thigh area. As I had hoped, this movement caused Danny to slightly move his legs apart, to the point I could see his sack and balls, squeezed between them. From this point on, on all the upward strokes, I ‘accidentally’ ran my finger over his tight hairy scrotum.

After a few of these ‘accidental touches’ Danny let out a small pleasure moan, and his legs moved further apart.

“Is everything ok Danny?” I asked quietly…..’’Mmmmmmm” was my reply. This time, on my upward stroke, I lingered a little on gently touching his scrotum. As I hoped would happen, Danny lifted his buttocks slightly, giving me full access to his balls and penis. I instantly slid my oiled hand under his scrotum, and took hold of his rock hard penis…..

“Someone is enjoying the massage” I joked…… Danny just nodded a little.

I took my hand off his cock, and opened the oil bottle, and poured some oil on his buttocks. I started massaging both buttocks, one with each hand. After a few minutes, I started rubbing each buttock in opposite circular motions, so that once in every motion his buttocks parted, and I was treated to a view of his brown muscular puckered anal opening. It was magnificent, a few stray hairs around the light brown ring. It looked so so tight……

I picked up the oil and dropped some between his buttocks. The oil ran down his anal crack and onto his scrotum. I wiped the running oil off of his scrotum and ran my finger up his crack, and over his anal opening. At this point, my own cock was so hard it could have exploded.

Every time my finger ran over his puckered ring, Danny moaned and slightly wriggled his buttocks, and I noticed his muscular anal opening flexed. Once again I checked if he was ok and he confirmed it was ok.

On the next upward stroke, I stopped when I reached his anal opening, and gently rubbed it with my left index finger. With my right hand, I slid it under his scrotum, and grasped his hard cock. I started gently rubbing his penis. Danny started squirming and it was clearly very enjoyable. As I could hear him making little noises indicating he was fully turned on, I decided to go for it, and gently eased my index finger into his anus up to the first knuckle. His anus was so so tight and I could feel his muscle squeezing my finger. I pushed in a bit deeper and soon my entire finger was inside his arse. I moved it around and his bum was squirming, and I could feel his hard cock start to move in my hand.

I removed my hand from his penis as I didn’t want Danny to shoot…..I was having too much fun, and we all know that once you cum, reality sets in… I started talking to Danny……

“You like this don’t you?…….You like my finger in your bum……..rubbing you inside…..stretching your tight virgin bum hole….” Danny let out a long “Yessssssss’’

I got up on my knees, and knelt over Danny’s thighs, my stiff 5” hairless cock standing rock hard. I picked up the oil and thoroughly coated my penis…….I withdrew my finger from Danny’s arse and leaned forward supporting myself with my left arm. With my right hand I grasped my oil covered cock and moved it towards Danny’s tight puckered ring. I dripped some more oil on his anal opening, and proceeded to rub my glans along his arse crack and tight ring.

I think Danny knew what was going to happen. I know I should have checked, but I didn’t, which was stupid and dangerous, but lust had built up so much I couldn’t stop myself. I leaned forward once my urethra was kissing his puckered hole and gently pushed……..

“What are you doing” moaned Danny…….. Without any warning, I shoved my cock into his virgin arsehole. Once the glans had pushed into his tight ring, the rest followed, and his arse swallowed all 5 inches of my hard penis…..Danny winced, and I saw both his hands tightly grasp the pillow, as he bravely took the initial pain of having my short but thick penis rammed into his back passage, as I buggered him.

“Please stop” whispered Danny as I withdrew and re entered him……. “Ssshhh” I whispered in his ear “once your arse gets used to being stretched you will love it”

For the next minute or so I just left my cock plugged in his arse. Then it was time to fuck him. I told Danny to reach back and pull his cheeks apart, which he obediently did. I dropped some more oil on his stretched ring and started fucking him hard. I knew I wouldn’t last long as he was so tight. I think I managed about a minute, before I screamed out, shot my warm sperm deep inside his bowels………

Before he could really take stock of the situation, I pulled my deflating cock from his arse, and rolled him over. His penis was still rock hard. I lifted his penis between my finger and thumb, and dropped my mouth over his hot cock, and started sucking him hard. I felt Danny put his hand between my legs and start to wank my cum covered cock. Within seconds he started to moan, and blew his teen boy juice into my mouth. I moved up the bed, with a mouthful of Danny’s hot cum, dripped it over his six pack stomach, and then collapsed on the bed next to Danny………..

“I’m not Gay”

“Sorry? what was that” I replied

“I’m not Gay” said Danny again…….

“Why do you say that” I said

“Well you just fucked my arse……….and I don’t want you to think I am Gay”

“I don’t Danny, and I am sorry. I should have asked permission before I did it, but your bum was so perfect, I got carried away.

I have been with a couple of men before, and they have also fucked me, but I do not consider myself Gay. I like women as well, and to be honest, when I am with a woman, I like to fuck them in the arse as well”

We laid for a while, and I could see Danny’s mind whirring away. I also noticed he was gently touching his penis which was coming back to life. I lent over and popped it in my mouth to bring him to full hardness. Once he was stiff, I took the oil and coated his cock. I then laid on my back, lifted my knees to my chest, spreading them apart, and poured some oil over my puckered opening…..

“It’s only fair Danny, you let me fuck your arse, so you can have mine. If it makes you feel better, close your eyes and imagine you are sticking it in Lise’s tight little slit……..”

With that, Danny mounted me, and pushed his helmet against my ring, and slowly inserted his hard boy cock into my arse……… He was a natural…..he fucked me hard with only the energy a teen boy has, his golden blonde hair swishing over my face, the sheer animal noises coming from him as he fucked me, his face contorted as he let out a guttural moan, and shot his hot boy seed deep into my arse………

What a way to spend a couple of hours. He never did finish cleaning my car that day……….

To be continued…….

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