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Chuck old husband

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True story,. My wife and I were in bed one night we just got done having sex. We were talking about stuff as I was rubbing her Creampied pussy I just gave her. She thought I was just saying things when I said that I would love to watch and see her fucking another man. She thought I was just joking with her and started talking about it and I was instantly hard again and fucked her again.
Well the next morning after we got up we were drinking coffee and eating breakfast. She mentioned what happened last night. She said that she couldn’t believe how fast I got hard when we were talking about it and how great the sex was. Then she said that it made her hot also. She said that she knew I was joking and just fooling around. I said yeah kinda of disappointed. She took my coffee cup to refill it and when she came back she reached over the back of me to set it down on the table. She asked me if I was really serious about wanting her to be fucked by another man as I watched. I said yes I do. Then I asked her if she would like to. She said that she might but she didn’t know anyone. I said what about Mike a very good friend of mine and hers. She said you have two friends named Mike. I said the black one. She didn’t hesitate an said that she would like that. I said that I would talk to him since I was taking him to get new refrigerator with my pickup. She said ok.
Well we have been very good friend’s for many years and I knew that he liked her. Well on the way to and from the store we talked . I said be honest with me I bet you would like to fuck my wife in front of me. He said fuck yeah I would like to giggling. Then he said why did you ask me that anyway. I said honestly would you like to tonight. He asked me if I was serious. I said yes I was that her and I wanted him to. We talked more about it and after we unloaded the refrigerator at his house. He said that he had one question for me was it ok if he kissed her to. I told what ever he wants to do he can. I told him that I would call him later and left.
I got home and she asked me if I talked to him. I said yes I did she said so what did he say. I told her what I said to him and I told her that he said that he would love to. She instantly lite up and asked me if she kissed and is romantic with him if I was going to be upset. I said no I won’t be. Then I asked her when she wanted to do it. She said well when do you think. I said let me call him and see when he wants to. So I called him and he said anytime. I said ok be here about 8 pm. He said great and said that he could believe it was going to happen. After I hung up with him I told my wife that he was going to be here at 8 pm . Well the rest of the day I keep getting her horny by telling her that she was going to have his BBC in her hot pussy.
Later on she took a bath and got ready she put on a garter belt and thigh high stockings then a sheer blue mini dress and high heels. She was very very sexy. It was about 8 pm when he knocked on the door. I told her to answer it. When she did he was very surprised to see her wearing what she had on she after she shut the door she put her hands around his neck and kissed him passionately his hands cupping her bare ass and feeling her tits. Then she unzipped his pants and put her hand inside of them and told him she has been waiting an wanting this all day since I told her that he would. He felt her pussy and said how wet she was. Then she stepped back and took her sheer dress off. Then kissed him passionately again and took his hand and mine and lead us to the bedroom.
She told me to sit down in the chair . She helped him get undressed. I couldn’t believe how big he was had to be at nine inches and beer can thick. She could barely get it in her mouth to suck him. It was such a turn on watching her sucking his black cock. Then she got up and laid down on the bed. She opened her legs telling him that she wanted to feel his cock in her now. He went to put rubber on she said no she needs and wants bare . He got on top of her his cock filled her pussy up and she went crazy moan loudly and kissing him as he fucked her. His cock looking good in her. He fucked her for a good hour. Then he shot his hot load deep inside of her cunt. They fucked a couple of more times before he left. I never got involved.
After he left I fucked her her pussy was very loose and sloppy and full of his seed. She told me how much she loved it how she loved his big black cock in her. She said that she had never had multiple orgasms and cum so much and hard. I told her that it was such a turn on and hot. Then I asked her if she wanted to fuck him more. She said yes she does when ever she can. I said okay she can even if I am not here.

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  • Reply Joe ID:e8g2kr2nh

    I love watching white women take bare big black cock

  • Reply X.x ID:3q4fpapx49a

    Why always bring a black man into it. So stupid.

    • Cracksniffer ID:2e0667yzra

      Because black men are so sexy? Not so stupid really!

  • Reply Golden ID:bhr2s9499

    Great story

  • Reply Enomax001 ID:mzgdgcd0

    You should have been more descriptive. I feel that you rushed the whole story. Otherwise, it is a good one.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1de1pyz37tgw

    Should have double penetration on her