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want my dog to fuck gf but she’s unaware

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Ever since a kid i’ve been turned on of watching big dogs fucking hot small girls, And last night it all become reality.

A little bit of background.. My gf (19) always LOVES dogs but in a family way, So she requested for us to adopt a doberman, We couldn’t look for a pup so we adopted a 1 year old doberman and named him bruno.

Bruno was a very horny dog, he would hump anything or anyone specially when we have guests which is kinda annoying. That’s when I’ve decided to let bruno cuck me and watch as he claimed my girlfriend, A man’s best friend will become the biggest dick my gf will have.

With all the thoughts in my mind, I’ve decided to make my gf drunk and after a couple of drinks she’s out, Don’t want her to wake up tho and catch me video taping her being fucked by the dog so I just let bruno lick her clit and pussy to have a taste of what he will own… Just the sight of that made me cum buckets

All help and advices are welcome for the story to continue.
I really want bruno to enjoy and claim my gf by cumming inside her tight cunt with his lots of dog sperm

? 2 1/2 yrs

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

    I like Bitch who Knows advice. I am going to try that fur sure.

  • Reply JP ID:w1zuvpqj

    This if you keep going and add mote detail aboit your events will be great, get her drunk again maybe not pass out drunk but so she knows she is been taken by the dog she will love it

  • Reply Bitch who knows. ID:ndoolecoib

    Use the following trick that my husband and his brother use on other woman.
    Take some small cottonwool balls and dip them into the pussy of a bitch on heat. Even just cotten tbreads soaked in their juice is fine. Keep them in a glass bottle with lid in fridge.
    Then get your gf a little drunk and fuck her. Afterwards rub one of the soaked cotton balls over her pussy and let the dog loose. He will pick up the scent of the pheromones and wont back off until hes had her.

    • JP ID:w1zuvpqj

      Great idea ill have to remeber that when i get a Gf 😂

    • Bitch who knows. ID:ndoolecoid

      Why dont you have a gf? Maybe get a female lab. Theyre enjoyable

    • JP ID:w1zuvpqj

      That is very much on the cards to happen soon ill have lots of fun with a female dog

    • [email protected] ID:1cwa70qxk7ss

      That i a trick that I didn’t realize people knew. I have trained many dogs and their mistresses. That’s how I got called Ameroq … the Inuit primal wolf who will hunt you at night and steal your soul.

  • Reply Mr C ID:6ewpy07b0d

    2 Mins of my life i wont get back reading this ……………………………26/12/22

  • Reply Kik way2sexy41 ID:88pzccfv9c

    just sharing my thoughts hehehe want some like minded individuals or experienced ones to give me advice or something to jerk off too while thinking about my gf and my dog

    • 7174 ID:1codff6z4geg

      Best option is probably sleeping pills, you could put then in a drink or something on those lines and have your way with her while she’s out

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    Too short of a story, didn’t even make 300 word this is basically a paragraph. You gave minimal details. Good start to a story though, for an introduction