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Dads debt

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My mum passed away when I was young and I grew up with a dad who gambled and I then ended up being the one to pay his debt off for him the hard way .

I was only 10 when my mum passed away . So it was just me and my dad . He had always had a gambling problem but as the years went on it just got worse . By 16 I was trying to finish school and had a job after school . As I was always busy I never got the chance to have a bf or date . Well so you all know at 16 I was way behind the other girls. I was only 5ft tall and weighed like 35kg Max. My titts were tiny I had to buy my bras from the kids area . My pussy well I had trouble during my periods as could not put a tampon in as it hurt me to much as my hole was to small . When I was 15 I was scared so saw a doctor who said I was just a tiny person in that area . Well it was only a few weeks after my 16th birthday and I arrived home from work . I unlocked the door and saw my dad on the couch with three large black men . One of the black men said ” oh just who we have been waiting for ” . I asked my dad ” who are these men ” . The same one said ” well you see your dad came to our poker game and thought he was Mr big and well he has lost big and does not have the Money to pay us . So we went through his wallet and saw a picture of you in it . So here is the deal we either take what he owes us out on him and that means lots of broken bones or well you can pay it for him ” . I looked at my dad in shock ” what do they mean dad ” I asked . He said ” I’m sorry it’s either you let them have sex with you or they badly hurt me ” . I couldn’t stop crying. One of the other men pulled out a baseball bat and said ” so what will it be ” . I couldn’t see my dad get hurt . I said ” what do you want me to do ” . The biggest one said ” come here little girl ” . I slowly walked towards him . He looked me up and down then without warming ripped off my dress I had for work and I was left standing in my undies as well never really wore a bra as nothing to really hide . He said ” wow they are so cute and tiny ” . Then he pulled out a knife and I felt it cut off my undies and they feel to the ground . He stood up and undone his pants and took them off . I really had not seen one before. He said ” well so you know I’m 12 inch long and 6 inch thick and my two friends here are the same so yes you will love this ” . He said ” get on your knees ” . I think I took to long as I heard my dad yell and saw one hit him in the face . So I got down. ” open that mouth ” and was to scared not to . I then felt his hands grip my head and his dick start trying to go into my mouth . It was hurting so bad as it was so big stretching my north open . I could see only just past the head was in . ” fuck this bitch even has a tiny mouth can only imagine what the rest is like ” . I could feel him trying to fuck more into my mouth . I had tears flowing down my face . Saliva was running out of my mouth . I could barley breath . Next thing I felt a finger moving at my pussy . The voice said ” shit I can’t even get my little finger in her ” . I could feel the pressure of his finger pushing against my tiny hole . The one in my mouth said ” ok let’s start this ” . ” move to the couch now ” he took his dick out of my mouth and I crawled to the couch . He then positioned me with my top half over the couch and my legs dangling off spead open . He then said ” get here dad so you can see ” . The guy who just was in my mouth was now behind me . I could feel the tip of his dick pushing at my hole . I screamed as I felt my pussy lips widen . Then I screamed even louder as I felt the tip just enter my hole ” fuck I’ve hardly got the tip in and I’ve split the bitch ” I heard him say . I knew it was bad I could feel cold running down my thigh and now knew it was blood . I then felt my whole body tense and shake as I felt him push and I felt my pussy finally give in and his tip go in . I could feel my vaginal muscles stretching and nearly snapping . He ” look at this guys ” then heard another one say ” fuck it’s gripping that head so tight . He started moving his hips and the more and more he did I could feel the tiniest bit more going in . Hurting me more and more . Then I felt it he found my hymen . He says ” well bitch time to tear you really open . No more nice guy ” I feel him pull back and with one hard thrust I feel the most intense and burning pain ever as I feel my hymen break . ” fuck she really is a bleeder ” he says as I feel even more running down my legs . He starts to fuck me more and more . I can feel every vein on his cock . My pussy is now in so much pain . It had been torn and ripped . Bleeding badly . I pass out as my body can’t handle it . I come to as being slapped to wake up . I feel the dick hitting deep inside my pussy with each thrust . Then I feel it this hot sticky liquid hitting the insides of my pussy . Knowing he had just cum inside me . I hear a bad popping sound as he pulls out . ” who’s next ” he says . Then I see the next guy come already undressed . He says ” fuck that you messes that pussy up to much the cunt ain’t even closing up you fully broke her ” . I think I’m free of anymore pain. But I was wrong . I scream ” please no please don’t do it to me I’ll do anything ” as I feel the second guys dick resting at my ass . ” fuck you will do anything and your ass is what you will do he says “. I feel it pushing and pushing him getting angry as my bud just won’t give in . He says to the other guy ” go search the kitchen and get me some oil ” . He comes back and I see our cooking oil . I feel his finger running around my bub with it . I’m crying so much and so scared . Then I feel it pushing at me again . Then it happened I hear this pop sound and I yell and scream as the head of his dick goes in . I could never of believed I could ever feel so much pain in my life . My rectum burning . I can feel something is wrong . I feel him force more in . ” dad we have broken your little girl for you her ass is split nice and good . Look at the blood on my dick . She will need a good stitching after this ” . I do not remember much after hearing that as must have passed out at the next push. The next thing I remember is coming back to this massive pain in my ass as he is still fucking it . Then I get the shock of my life I see my dad there stroking his cock watching me getting raped . I feel this guy cum in my ass . Then the worst sound as he pulls out . The last guy then comes up and he starts fucking my pussy then moves to my ass . He just keeps swapping all the time . Both my holes are numb I just stayed there crying and screaming as I felt him hurt me so much more . Did not take long and he cum in my ass . When he was finished I tried to move but the main guy said” no your not going yet ” . ” get here dad ” . I didn’t expect what was next . I see my dad going behind me and next his is fucking my pussy . He was so tiny compared to them . He only lasted a few minutes . He finished and they left . My dad sat in the corner crying . I tried to get up but my body would not let me . After abit he helped me to the car . We went to the hospital . I ended up having to have stitches in both my holes to repair damage that they did to me . I was told I was going to be badly bruised for awhile and yes there was going to be permanent damage . It took days before I could walk properly again . Weeks to sit without being in pain . Over the next few years as I felt the damage was done I let my dad use me to pay his bills . Some weeks it would be one guy having me . Other weeks two or three . Even one week he lost really bad and I had to let seven guys use me and not just once all seven took me at least 3 times that night . By the end of doing this so much I had turned from a girl who couldn’t use a tampon to a girl who’s hole was open all the time . I had let these guys fully break me . My life was never the same

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    Your story idea is a good one but you over did it with a 12″ dick that is 6″ thick! Also, your entire story is told in one paragraph when it should have been broken up into smaller bites.\

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    I’m sorry to hear about what happened to your life

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    very good! i like it. wanna share?

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    Wow..such a good story. Message me on kik yourhornydaddy2 we have similar interests that you might want to talk about 😉

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      Loved the story we need more parts

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      Even i like such stories

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