Cat: Virgin

Little sister the wingman

My half sister is 6 years younger than I am. This story was when I was 17. Her and I never did anything sexual besides talking about sex acts or seeing each other naked. My parents... # #

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Creaming my lil sis

Lana laid on her brother’s bed reading while he showered she was 14 so she could Wear her pink little panties and a small shirt and not worry seeing as her parents were at a dinner... # #

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Raped by friends little brother

Me and my friend Morgan were going to hang out after school. But Morgan had lacrosse practice for a few hours after school. She told me I could just hang out at her house until she... # # #

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The vicar’s daughter

At midday on 6 March 1986, Jill Saward and her boyfriend, David Kerr, both 21, were watching a video recording of an episode of ‘Dallas’ at the Saward’s vicarage home... # #

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