Cat: Virgin

Childhood Memories

This is the story/listings of the times my older cousin(m) molested/raped me(f) throughout our childhood. Due to privacy reasons I’ll be changing our names. The way my family... # # # #

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Ambulance story

We had an ambulance transport from one hospital to another. A teen with cerebral palsy was going to a childrens hospital in Chicago. 2.5 hour trip. The parent decided to follow us in... # # #

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Kris Pt 3D

Kris’s first full day of sexual adventure wraps up here. She’s been through a lot. Down the road will be another adventure in Kris Pt 4 # #

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My Loving Stepdad #2

As I mentioned in last story my stepdad and I have always been close and had a wonderful sexual relationship. We would always pleasure each other when my mom was not home. I could not... # # #

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Kris Pt 3C

Kris accepts a new challenge in her young life, but just how far will she go? There will be a dirty little follow up in Kris Pt 3D for those inclined. # #

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Oh Lilly

I couldn’t resist fucking my sister 11 year old friend Lilly. I had to have her. So I did. # # #

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My loving stepdad

My real dad passed away when I was a young child. I really don’t have any memories of my dad. My Mom married again and my stepdad quickly became my real dad. We were very close.... # # #

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Kris Pt 3A

Kris Pt 3 will be in 3 parts. 3A has no sex , but lots of fun play and build up to the hot 3B & 3C. It makes best sense to read all 3 in order. # #

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Sudden Urge

Before anything else, I am Mark and I am 33 years old. My wife and I got married 13 years now. We’re blessed with a beautiful daughter and she happens to be our only child. Her... # # #

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Never say never #3

With both of us in the bathroom,I never noticed how small it was until now.The tub took up half the bathroom.Tyler started the water and sat on the tub edge undressing.I. Pulled off... # # # #

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Kris Pt 2

Kris sneaks off for some more kissing fun. Will she get more? To thank you all for the positive response I did an all nighter + for the Kris story. # #

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My lil cousin sister

So my name is Devin and I am 17 year old . And I have 4 cousins on my mom side , and 2 cousins on my dad side . My cousins from my dad side are boy (Kevin) and girl (Betty). Both of... # # # #

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