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Cat: Virgin

Saving Grace Pt 1

So this is more a confession over many parts and years… Real names are mentioned, mine is not i’m holding a pretty dark secret!… i’m 36 now, my girlfriend is... # # #

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First lick

my mom is an alcoholic and gets drunk every weekend some weekends are worse then others. One night when I was 12 years old I was watching tv in the living room when I heard a loud bang... # # # #

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Eric and Gabby: Part 1

The sun was setting on the lake as Eric (12) was about to sit down with his Mom and Dad for dinner. They were eating outside on this beautiful warm evening. They heard the car pull... # #

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my first time on a webcam

what a webcam model is. I was introduced to it by a friend I met online, an avid webcam model. She told me all about this profession and its benefits # # #

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In the park

Hey I’m riyah 16 . This happened a while ago lol . I was in the park alone after I left the basketball game . It was quiet and dark . So I sat on a bench . A man came behind me... # # #

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Home with my Landlord

Fiona, I’m Indonesia Chinese shifted to Singapore to study, and my mum brought me to Singapore when I was 12-year-old that time I don’t know what happen why I need to leave my country.... # # #

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Something clicked between my twin brother and I, something we couldn’t fight, something we couldn’t control. It was amazing. # # # #

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Me and my cousin

Im a 15 year old male, attractive, tall, brown fluffy hair and my cousin is 13 a bit chubbier, short and cute faced with nice tits and a fat ass. I have always had a good relationship... # # #

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