Cat: Virgin

Sex with my virgin hot cousin Priya

My name is rakesh (not real). My age is 19. Today I am going to tell you about my cousin whose name was (Priya). I live in ** Now Let me describe her. she is slighty brown in colour,... # #

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I was fifteen at the time and all my friends were talking about how there boyfriend fingered them and they gave them blow jobs. My name’s Julia and I had 32B cup boobs and a nice... # #

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My first sleep over

When I turned 12 my parents finally let me go to a sleep over at my best friend Anna’s house. Anna was the same age as me and had a 17 year old sister. She and her sister with both... # # #

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Blackmailing Mom

I think they left the blinds open, so they could keep a lookout. I did that, sometimes when I had the house to myself. So, I could look up dirty stuff on the computer, and [x] out the... # # #

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I became a family slut

My name is Leslie. I was 12 year old. She 45 year old. We are mexican. I was the only daugther, my dad died in a shooting in Mexico. My mom met a guy in his 65 a black guy. He has a... # # #

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