Cat: Virgin

Losing my Virginity to my uncle

A little over a week ago my uncle Jim had me and I got.really horny while we watched a movie with a seX cene so I grinded on his lap I didn’t know what it was at the... # #

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I guess I’m kind of a mutant, but not the sort to join the Xmen. It’s not anything that would be useful for fighting crime. # # #

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Schoolyard slut

So many moons ago, there was a girl in middle school that would show whatever you wanted to see for $1. For $2 you could touch, $3 she would touch you and $5 you could hump naked. That... # #

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Mom turned me into a cum slut

I’m 29 now, engaged and have a daughter. My life is a good one. My biggest secret I carry is that my mom groomed me to be a cum slut since I was 10. She drank a lot more with my step... # # #

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Pocket Pussy

It wasn’t just embarrassing, but also, you can’t really get a feel for what you order online. # # #

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Best summer ever 2.0

I had lost my virginity to my cousin Dana and her friend Kelly yesterday. It was the most fantastic experience of my young life. I could barely get to sleep last night, I kept thinking... # # #

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Best summer ever

In the summer of ’73, I was 13 years old. I lived on a military base with my dad, my mom had left him about a year before for a much younger man. We hadn’t seen her for... # # #

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