Cat: Virgin

Story i made up whilst masturbaiting

My parents were gone for 2 months and left me with food and other things to do for that 2 months time span. After about two days i got bored. I thought it would be fun to experiment.... # # #

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Foreplay with Amy

My step sister Amy was getting at that age where she is getting curious about male anatomy. I was 13 and she was 10. I would take a shower and she would walk in on me while I’m... # # # #

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Growing up with “Dr. Jenny”

I grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. My sister, my girlfriend, and I were always hanging out together. My girlfriend Jenny was a genius. She was the daughter of a doctor and... # #

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My retarded morning

A student nurse comes to the rescue of her retarded teen neighbour, helping him out in more ways than you’d imagine to a full recovery # #

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Special needs therapy

After college I wanted to work with special needs children helping them as best I could. I got into this program where they work with animals. Especially goats, dogs and horses. It... # #

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Slow and steady part 2

I did not see her the next day. Maybe she did not feel the same way? I felt horrible. I wanted to talk so bad to her. It was the next day that I saw her. We met again in the barn that... # #

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Sibling Secrets

I (male 16) turned my 9 year old sis hannah into a my horny little sex slave and take advantage of my alcoholic mother while she’s passed out # # # #

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