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The LAFA Chronicles – Part 2 – the examination

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After the rapists moved on, a new order emerged. This story relates how virginity came to be examined.

“You know why you’ve been brought here to me, MeadowFlower?”

“So you can examine me to find out if I’m telling the truth??”

He stared at the young girl-woman standing nervously in front of him. She was wearing a typical peasant’s “Sunday best” dress – although she was undoubtedly naked underneath the outward show. Her mother knew what to expect. The top was tied with ribbons which would allow a strong farmhand easy access to her growing bubbies. The skirts fell down from just below the curve of her breasts to ankle length. The farmhand could easily toss them up and get to her cunny. One thrust and her most valued asset would be gone.

“Yes child, you will be thoroughly examined for virginity before being allowed a vigil, but first I must explain some things to you and give you the last chance to withdraw. Then you will be able to go back to your village and live whatever life is left to you. If we proceed, you will have a different sort of life.

“Your mother came with you? And told you something of what will happen?

“Yes, your Eminence”

“I’m not His Eminence, I’m his Chamberlain, your priestly Father.”

“Yes Father”

“First you must take the holy vow of secrecy. You know what the penalty for breaking it is?”

“My soul will burn for all eternity?”

“Yes, but before you leave this life, you would be sodomised with a wooden cockstand and raped by the whole of the palace guard, whipped naked back to your village, your tongue would be cut out, then your eyes, your hands and feet cut off and you would be staked out in the forest for the wild boars to eat what’s left of you alive. Your husband to be will suffer a similar fate first, except his cock and balls will also be cut off and hung round your neck while you watch his suffering. Anyone you have told will dig your grave and will be thrown into it alive, without their hands or tongue. So you realise what a serious vow this is?”

“Yes Your Eminence”, she said sobbing.

“It will not happen if you maintain the sacred vow you are about to make.

“Now put your hand on these holy relics and say after me – I swear by these holy relics that nothing heard or said or done in this Palace will ever be revealed by me, on the pain of eternal tortures in this life and the next. When I accept a Vigil for a Virgin, my body and life, and those of my unborn children, will be devoted to the service of the Bishop and successors and the Kynmeld that I am about to join.”

The vow was repeated one phrase at a time. When it was done, the Chamberlain said :

“You have no father?”

“He died,” she sniffed.

“So now while we are here alone you must call me Daddy instead of Father, and you must obey me in everything, like your father and your priest. Do you understand?”

“Yes Daddy”

“Open your mouth.” As MeadowFlower did, the eunuch took hold of a handful of her hair, tilted her head and put his tongue into her mouth. Startled, she tried to shy away, but was held firm. “Remember, you must always do what I wish.”

“Yes Daddy” she gasped, her tears staunched.

“Now come and sit by me while I ask you some questions which you must answer truthfully. I will then ask you if you want to continue. You can walk out and go back to your village, remembering your vow, but once you accept there’s no going back. You understand?”

“Yes Daddy”

“Have you had your first course?”

“Three so far Daddy”

“And you’re a virgin? Do you know what that means?”

“I think so Daddy”

“You think you’re a virgin or you know what it means?”

“I think I do”

“I need to check”

“My other Daddy checked me almost every day before he died.”

“Do you know the difference between men and women?”

“Oh yes, women have boobies and cunnies, men have cockstands”

“And where babies come from?”

“Men plant their seeds in women’s bellies through their cunnies”

“Has any man put his cockstand, his fingers or his tongue in your cunny?”

She shuffled with her eyes cast down.

“You can tell me baby, your new Daddy will look after you”

“Well…..I know now what he has been doing. I have for a couple of months, maybe longer. I’m not really stupid, you know, but I was only 5 when he started the examinations. And I really like them later, too, so I don’t want him to stop or get in trouble. I got tingly and all wet between my legs and he made me feel good all the time. But I wish he would just tup me and get it over with. I loved my first Daddy, but I want a man of my own ” She paused, and sighed.

“This is your last chance to withdraw. I have to give you an examination now. Shall we go on?”

“Yes Daddy”

“Why don’t you get us both a drink from over there?”

When she returned with the goblets, he had her sit beside him and put his arm around her.

As the herbal potion did its work, he pulled her gently closer so his left hand could caress her breast under her kirtle.

“It was strange. Sometimes when he was stroking my aers he would call me GuMar and moan,” she confided.

Later, recounting events to her mother, having been assured that from her own past she was also covered by the vow..

“He bent me over the back of the couch, lifted my kirtle up over my head and pushed my shift up to my waist, as you told me would happen. He said he had to thoroughly examine me down there, checking for what he called ‘hot spots’ with his lips and tongue. He said those are the most sensitive areas of skin and that he could tell if I have been playing wicked games with myself or boys.”

“I could feel him rubbing his hands all over my tuchis, from my aers through to me cunny, real gently. He drew circles and traces the shape of my parts and up over my aers. It kind of tickled and it made me itch down there in my cunny. He says that that’s supposed to show if anyone has touched me back there. I think he just liked to play with my aers. I wasn’t supposed to look back at him, but keep my eyes closed, but I didn’t

“He was standing just behind me off to the side, rubbing me with one hand. His other hand was inside his robe, and it was moving really fast. The robe fell open and I saw his hand wrapped around his cock. It was limp but all red and purple. However much he rubbed himself, it didn’t get hard

“After he gets done inside his robe, he grasped my breast from behind, pulling me up. He turned me round and laid me onto the couch. He brought his face down next to my bottom and feels it all over with his lips. By now I’m really wet between my legs from his tongue and my own juices, some of which went into his mouth. He used his fingers to spread it around my upper thighs and over my rear. Daddy said he could sense where the nasty boys have touched me better with his lips. But he can’t really, because my first Daddy really liked my aers, too, and did the same things but new Daddy couldn’t tell.”

“He licked up all the juice, sticking his tongue all the way up inside my cunny. His licking me down there really made me even more excited. He touched my virgin cockling down there, then started putting one and then two fingers inside my cunny. He rubbed them in and out of me, and I got so excited something happened. I got a really big light in my head and my body just tensed up.

“Daddy kept licking and fingering for a long time, groaned as if he was in pain. Daddy paid a lot of attention to my cockling so I got the light and the spasm again. It seemed to make him really excited when this happened, because he groaned in a different way at the same time. I knew when that happened he was done with the examination.”

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