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Sex experiences

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I was 17 years old boy and student of 12 class..I used to read sex stories book given by my. Friends .stories regarding sex with sisters .brothers . dogs etc. I used to get erectiion when I Read books ..I have one sister two years younger..we have two rooms one is for parents and one for us . I used to sleep in one bed and sister in another bed ..it was winter we used to sleep for çlosed..one night i was reading sex stories about sister . I got erection . it was difficult to control . I got up and went to my sisters bed and lay there I put my hand on her breast she was sleeping.. I started pressing her breasts ..she still sleeping. So I lifters her top .she was not using bra that time her breasts were size of lemons ..now I started rubbing her breasts . she moved a little. I removed my hand .after some time I started again I felt her heart beat increased Ind breathing faster .I realizes that she is awake and pretending to sleep.. That makes me mad .that means she is not minding it so I got signal to proceed now I removed my underwear .and my cock was erect about 6 in ches I started. Playing with her breasts . I sucked them I was taking in my mouth whole breast. .now she starts moaning. I did not say a word . I removed her lower and panty.she did not resist . now I
. Stated crassing her cunt it has small hairs . I put my hand on her cunt .it was smooth my cock was erect now I asked her in low tone .are you enjoying it . she did not say a word . I asked to hold my cock . she put her hand on my cock . she said it is so big and hot . now I asked her can I lick your vagina.. She again kept mum. I stared licking her cunt she was moaning ah ah ah .and she was playing with my cock .after 10 minute I spread her legs and I put my cock on her vagina . I pressed and head went she cried. I put my lips on her lips and started. Kissing her after some time I pushed further it went fully inside her .she cried and said take it out. It is paining . but I held her tight and said please wait. You will like it .. I waited for two minute and asked her how you feel now she said. O k now I started fucking her full .she was holding me tight. I fucked her and ejaculated in her ..it was my first time . when I withdrew I saw blood on my cock ..I cleaned it and I asked her how you feel now she said I enjoyed ..
We had sex that night three times. .and regularly..

After is months my cousin brother. Came to stay with us .he was 19 years old . when he came. My sister. Slept with parents ..one night I was reading story about gay sex .I taught why not try with my cousin… So I asked him to sleep in my bed he slept with me .in night we had talk about sex.and cocks. I asked him to show his cock his cock was bigger than me . we removed our cloths .and playing with cocks. I hold his cock. And he held my cock we were playing and stroking we had erections . he asked me to let him fuck .I said o k .I turned around and he put his cock on my ass. It did not go. I asked to put saliva .he put saliva on his cock and. On my asshole now he pushed it went inside .now he was fucking me my cock was erect so he Started stroking my cock also .he fucked me and ejaculated in me .I also fucked him we had good fucking for one months.
My dad brought a dog .his name was kalu black in colour ..he urd to sleep in my room..when he was one years old he stated humping .his cock used to come out.one night I was fucking my sister .Kalu came and started sniffing and. Licking . when I finished he started licking her cunt which he cleansed by licking . his cock wes erect and big . I asked my sis .see his cock is big and thick . let him try to fuck you she said no I can’t but I insisted her try once . she agreed I asked he be on hands like bitch. She became bitch kalu immediately jumped on her holding her tight and started humping. He was missing target. I helped him and guided him he immediately pushed his cock in one go and humming in full ol speed .my sister cried and said it is growing in me and throbbing I cat take it more but dog held her tight and his knot stareted swelling inside. Now she wes. Tied with Kalu she came twice after 30 minunts kalu separated she said Kalu fucks better than you.

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  • Reply Tyrone

    You can’t even fucking use English property this is so fake

  • Reply Anonymous

    Stupid made up bullshit again,end of story.

  • Reply Lk

    Simple and false

  • Reply Shitty Buttocks

    Haha, your sister prefers the dog to you! I bet his fucking breath smells better! What a fucking bell end!!

  • Reply Czodias

    Similar thing happened with me and my little sister (12 yo) when I was about 19. I used to feel her budding boobs and finger her pussy when, I thought, sleeping she was in sleep. Gradually I got bold and when I was able to insert my lubed two fingers into her pussy, I though I could put my hard cock into her. Yes, I did and she spread wide her thighs to receive me. Initially we both were clumsy and finished off early but within 6 months we used to enjoy a lot. We had a dog and whenever we fucked, he somehow could smell the scent of cum. Once he was nuzzling her crotch area soon after we had fucked. I encouraged her to see what happened with the dog if she open her thighs. Yes, he eagerly started lapping her pussy giving her strong orgasms.

    • Czodias

      Can you elaborate further?