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Never told, I woke up with another man naked in bed with me

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It was a gay party, I was probably the only straight one there. Cum all over the bed, between my cheeks, down my legs, with a naked man

It was a party a bunch of guys I know invited me. They were gay but I didn’t realize it was a gay party. Everyone there was either naked, half naked, some even fucking, some had tits and cocks, some were fucking in front of anyone who watched. I was wandering between the pool and the living room, still looking at a couple of really thin effeminate young guys and thinking that I might have a go if one of them wanted to fuck. I’d not been laid in over two months due to working, and I’d never done it with a guy at all. I started talking with one of the young guys and he was definitely affecting a femme vibe and soon he and I were naked in a bedroom him sucking my cock hard, then rolling over and me buttfucking him for all it was worth. I blasted a load, he thanked me and asked me to suck him off, I told him I’m normally straight and didn’t do that. He was a bit huffy about it. We went downstairs and were still talking and he brought back a special drink that was really great, tasted like lemonade and it was a hot evening. It was thirst quenching for sure. Going upstairs to the bathroom I was getting foggy a bit. My femme friend took me into the same bedroom where I fucked him. It was a blur but I remember him helping me take off my clothes, and then blank, then coming back with his cock in my mouth, bland, coming back and the last time I remember he was saying that he got what he wanted anyway and I should care about the other guy instead of just fucking and leaving. I was out.

When I woke up it was daylight coming through the windows, and as I was coming to, I turned over there was another man under the covers with me, he and I both naked. As I raised the covers I saw and felt a huge wet spot. It was cum, semen spilled covering a spot of a couple of square feet on the bed, I moved my leg to get out of it and I felt something funny. First, my ass was sore, it was hurting, and I reached back and there was more semen all over my ass crack and my butthole was very loose and a little open. I drew my finger back and there was some blood on it. I sat up, moved the covers and there was some blood mixed in with the semen. The other guy woke up and said “Hey baby, how are you this morning? How about another blowjob or fuck to get the day started huh?”

I got the whole story, I was letting anyone who wanted fuck me and get BJs from me. It was then I noticed the filmy taste in my mouth too. He said he took a turn around midnight, then the line kept going, and he was tired and didn’t want to drive so he came in bed and fucked me again and we went to sleep. I kept rubbing my ass and took some tissues out of the box to wipe up my butt. It wasn’t enough, I had to hold tissues against my hole while I walked into the toilet. It just poured out of me. He said I’d had to have taken at least 20 loads up my ass. I was being a cumdump from about 10pm till after 2am. Everyone wanted to get a piece of the straight mans pussy and mouth.

I got up gingerly putting on my jeans, my underwear was torn up on the floor. I wadded up some tissues to put between my cheeks for any further leakage. I didn’t bother with sox, and my tee had some tears in it. I had to walk down the stairs, I heard a bunch of people having breakfast.

“Hey, here’s the star of the night” one yelled.

They all applauded and started telling me I was one helluva faggot and a great fuck and suck. My head down I headed for the door. The femme I fucked that first time, the one who slipped something in my drink met me at the door. “How do you feel baby? Like a cumdump pussy? Just someone to get fucked and let someone please themselves without pleasing you too?” I looked at him and just walked to my car, very very slowly with my ass hurting all the way. He told me as i was making my way down the outside stairs holding onto the railing. “You’re gay now baby, as many cocks as have fucked you, you’re gay!!!!” He stood there laughing and the others were laughing inside the house.

I went home soaked in a tub, and to be honest my insides weren’t the same for a couple of weeks. I honestly was thinking I may have to go to a doctor, but didn’t want to with my asshole ripped and bleeding. He’d know I was a gay man, no a gay bottom man. I didn’t want anyone to know that. I married my girlfriend within two months, it’s been 3 years now we have a baby, and she’s great, but she’ll never know what motivated me to ask her to marry me. She’s not the best looking I’ve ever fucked, she’s not the best fuck I’ve ever had, and for a long time I would have anal with her. When I finally did I was super gentle, and she appreciated it, even saying “You wouldn’t know now uncomfortable it is taking it in the butt, but if you don’t go so slow and gentle it can really hurt!”

I know

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    If your now bottom I Beth love being gang fucked. I know I do