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Force at the collage pool

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One fall day in October I go for a walk it’s a little bit cold around 42 degree’s. I walk by the college pool. There a car in the parking lot I’m trying to remember that day and how it happened. Let see, I see a car in the parking lot, I think to myself.thats so strange it’s 42 degree’s out side, wind is blowing there a car in the parking lot by the pool. So strange.

OMFG, I spot her, can’t be more than 16 or 17, cute, short blonde hair, wearing a black and.purple bathing suit, nice body mabee B cup tits, nice ass.i look around again,1 car her noone else around, lucky fy me, unlucky for her, like I said lucky for me, she the only one here.

I go to wait in the girls bathroom for her.Im thinking to myself,it won’t be to long it’s too cold to stay in that pool t the good thing is that her pussy will be good and wet from the pool. after waiting for about 20 mins, she.comes in, thinking once again to my self this is going to be to easy, I slap the shin pump of her. She starts to cry, I see the fear in her eyes.

She asked me, what do you want with me? I tell her to take off her bathing suit. She said, NO! I slapped the shit out of her again hard,

She crying bad as she unties the top. Of her bathing suit top and let it fall down. She said, please don’t hurt me, please don’t rape me, I’m a virgin.
I see her tits maybe a C cup not bad for a 16 to 17 teenage girl, she keeps taking her bathing suit off as she keeps crying, she lets it drop, she buck ass naked. Naked as a Jay bird.

I tell her, to lay flat on her back on the floor. Crying, she does,I look at her and I see fear again, I take of my jeans, I let my cock out she sees it and started to cry really bad.

As she is crying bad, I grab her legs and pull them apart and take my cock and force it into her virgin pussy, her pussy is so wet from the pool. She cry out OUCH! As I push my cock all the way in her, she cry’s as I force her to sex, after some hard forcing I rip through her Hyman.

She, keep crying out as I keep forcing her, after awhile of forcing her, she starts moaning and close her eyes, and her body starts to orgasm all over my dick.

I force her some more and I cum. If you like this let me know if there’s some one out.thers or family member ou
There and you don’t know what to do drop.me a email [email protected]

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    Lmao sooo lame

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    Absolute crap