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Marina Payroll Manager pt1

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Abuse, rape and blackmail of the office MILF

Marina the Payroll MILF
I work a a small company with about 80 people at the Head Office. A few years ago we hired a new payroll manager. Marina was in her early 30s, about 5’9”, light brown hair, great ass and no boobs. She was nice to look at. She had 3 children, the oldest was a 13-year-old girl. Marina worked out in the company gym and did yoga. Her tummy was flat, her legs and ass were toned. I would get a little hard when I would see her going to the ladies yoga class. One day I overheard her saying her husband was going away for a few days and taking the youngest 2 kids. I decided this was my change for a little fun.

I knew Maria lived out in the country near an old hotel. There were only a few houses in the area and her house was easy to find as the car was parked outside. I waited until 10pm when I knew her daughter would be sleeping. I put on a mask walked down the long driveway. I waited by the back door thinking of best way to get in when she opened the door to let the dog out. I rushed the door pushing my way in and knocked Marina down. She tried to struggle but I was too strong. I told her if she wanted to keep her daughter safe she would do as she was told. Told her to take me to her bedroom, She was wearing a t shirt, shorts, which highlighted her great ass. Once in her room I made her take off the shorts, which revealed a satin thong, and take off her t shirt. She was braless so I finally go to see her flat chest with long hard nipple. Time for some fun.
I ordered Marina onto her knees as I undid my pants and took out my semi hard cock. I told her to suck it. As she started to suck me I pulled and twisted her nipple, turning them bright red This caused her pain but I didn’t care. Soon my cock was fully hard, I grabbed the back of her head and forced the full length down her throat. Her eyes began to water as she gagged on my cock. I pulled out ½ way and she gasped for air. I repeated this over and over. Her spit and drool that had coated my cock ran down chin and dripped into her red sore tits. After a good ten minutes of a brutal face fuck I shot my load. Some down her throat, some on her face and hair and some over her hard red nipples

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  • Reply Piti ID:oymqa57zra

    Oh ja lass uns mehr hören wie du die Schlampe benutzt du solltest auch ihre Töchter mit ein beziehen mach eine Serie daraus

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz49j

    Need more on this hot story

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:153jwgw820d

    Absolutely keep writing this is going to be fantastic

  • Reply RH2398 ID:esoxamtv3

    The story in a fantasy but Marina is a lady I work with

  • Reply Mega sus ID:bqg3ej44

    Good start needs more you kind of petered out

    • RH2398 ID:esoxamtv3

      There is more, will post it if someone wasn’t to read it