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Getting my friend’s dog to pop our cherries

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Hi I am new here, don’t judge me please but 16 years old and looking for advice.
I am a virgin so I have not had much luck but that does not mean I am not horny, I am very much so. We have been watching a lot of porn while masturbating and came across dogsex accidentally and I was hooked and it has made me have very nice orgasms but I still really want to have real sex and I do not mind it being with a dog for my first partner. Well I may finally have my chance. My friend Stacy’s parents asked me to dogsit this week coming up for this weekend while they are on vacation. They have a nice big German Shepard and he has a full set of balls and everything seems to work because I caught him humping Stacy’s leg and she had to keep pushing him off . But we have decided that we want him to take our virginity’s but we are scared and although we have watched a bunch of vids we are not sure what to do. I know I want us to do oral on each other and I hope to give him a handjob but what I really want is for him to fuck and if all goes well to tie us with his knot. But we are scared and want to know will it hurt, how much will he cum, how long does a knot last, how many times can he have sex in one day? Should I bring lubricant? Reading the experiences here of people really turn me on but I hope someone here can offer advice for us. I know we can’t get pregnant but beyond that I have no idea what will happen but since we will have a full weekend together, we want it to go well. I never thought about socks but have seen some girls wear them in the videos I watch but makes sense to keep him from scratching. What we are trying to find out more about is his knot and what to expect. How big will it be and how bad will it hurt? How long will he knot me and Stacy and how much cum will he have. Obviously I know he can not get me pregnant, but is there a such thing as too much of his sperm inside me or if I swallow it can there be too much in my stomach? Do you think we should try putting peanut butter on our pussies or will he just start licking?

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  • Reply I'd love it ID:1eojxkeznm6i

    I am 41 and would love to help you help me cum.

  • Reply Doc Nicolas ID:330wxvj9fi9

    First of all make sure the dog has had all the required vaccinations.

    Secondly slowly ease the dog with just a little tease here and there let him sniff you pussy then maybe let him lick you pussy and with

    the texture of his tongue you will have many orgasams.could even put a bit of peanut butter near your pussy and he will go there first then he find you juices.
    Then if you feel you ready lay on you back or get on all fours and just let him find his way around he might even want to lick you arse hole

    As for giving him a hand job nothing wrong with that but giving him oral and swallowing his sperm thats something you have to be really comfortable with


  • Reply Brent ID:1ftmz4qd9i

    My 15 year old cousin Kathy she showed me how her dog licks her little pussy then the other day I said let him give you one she asked me to help she layed on the sofa he licked her out she started to cum so I pulled him of he jumped on her I guide it in her he pumping away for a minute or two then I could see her stomach start to swell he knotted her I had to hold his tail he knotted her for a bout 10 minutes she was in heaven she cum quite a few times could see cum running down her legs when he finished her little pussy was swollen she layed there for 5 minutes pussy still throbbing we couldn’t help our self’s she wanted to know how it feels when I put my monster 10 inch cock in her after him I filled her up as well best feeling ever

  • Reply TED ID:2t454fxzl

    You will not needany lube, the dog will provide that as well as your own juices should be flowing for the event.

  • Reply Lauren's dad ID:1eqdznychy31

    lucky damn dog. please record it no matter what happens!

  • Reply Srt_Dijo10 ID:1deyz9ixelix

    Hi Emely and Stacy. I like that you both are curios and so far one of you got fucked by the dog. I hope to read more of how you girls been having fun and getting fucked god and hard. My session 0552912b261159bcb975dbd893b9b5377ef7601b4a20dcb403b0e794819fd08835

  • Reply @Zooboy752 on insta ID:jwf9orlv9d

    I’ve had some experiences I’m 18m maybe we can talk about them? Feel free to message me on insta

  • Reply Gonzo ID:3tabfb9rk09

    Coming from someone that has been in quite a few knottings I can offer you a lot of advice and the fact my young GF wants to get knotted also.
    [email protected]

  • Reply Stacy ID:1emo4681el0w

    Hey I’m Stacy the one that is mentioned my friend Emily gave me the link to this website so I could share my experience. We started around 12:00 today and we called my German Shepard whose name is Zeus over to the couch and I fondled his balls until he became rock hard. Once his cock was ready I had decided to go first and I kissed his tip and licked the shaft of his cock I decided to take it all the way and I gave him a blowjob. It was so fucking good for both him and me but I made sure he didn’t cum just yet and once he was wet enough I got into doggystyle and had him lick my pussy a bit until Emily guided his cock into my pussy. After that he rode me for about 20 minutes until he came inside my pussy and that was the best fucking part because it felt so good but that didn’t satisfy me enough and I rode him for another hour and a half until I decided to dismount. My doggie took my virginity and made me feel like the good fucking slut that I am I know he will treat Emily just as well as she’s about to lose her virginity to him soon anyways.

    • Charles ID:5sowhxud1

      How big was Zeus? And have you had sex with a man before? If you have had, would you choose a man or a dog who is good at sex on the bed? What is the difference between their cocks? And thank you!

    • Horny 69 ID:1ck6yj0ut7q9

      Did you lick his cum out of each other? If you want him to have easy access to his bitches, wear skirts without underwear. Show him he owns you.

  • Reply Stacy ID:5mynul7dgbg

    This is Emily’s friend Stacy who is mentioned in this. Emily gave me the link to this website so that I could post my part of the experience. We started around 12:00 today and I went first obviously since it’s my dog that we’re fucking. I started by calling my dog whose name is Zeus over to the couch and I started stroking his dick very softly while kissing his nose. Once his cock got hard I put my lips on the tip and started giving his cock very sloppy kisses and a little bit after that I gave him a very nice and loving blowjob. While I was sucking him off I tried to not make him cum just yet and I succeeded. Afterwards I took my mouth off his cock and I got into doggystyle position and then Emily led him to my pussy and slowly put it in my soaking wet pussy. At first I screamed a bit but once he started bucking his hips I slowly started to moan and OMG it was amazing after 20 minutes of fucking Zeus he cummed inside my pussy and it was fantastic but I wasn’t satisfied yet so I kept going for another hour and a half until I orgasmed. My Zeusie is a good boy and he knows how to make me his bitch I’m so blessed that he took my virginity and later tonight it will be Emily’s turn I know he will make her first time very special like he made mine.

    • snapish ID:1zg1t9lxi9

      Heey stacy if you need help/ wanna talk about ideas let me know or drop snap

  • Reply Stan ID:bra71xwqrk

    WOW! Sounds like a Kodak Moment! 😉

  • Reply [email protected] Australia ID:1cn60hrk7z4d

    If you are still a virgin, I would try and open your pussy up with a hairbrush, cucumber or some other items first because the dog will fuck you really hard and won’t take it lightly

  • Reply Da Grandude ID:zpx1ybvv9a

    I get that your horny and frustrated, but dogs are not gentle, and you could get bit. I would suggest getting a toy and playing together if that something you are into.

    How about approaching a older family member.

    Some people might think incest is wrong, but an experience, patience, lover will be way safer than an animal.

  • Reply Nessa ID:cmeienr8rd

    Dogs don’t like “handjobs” very much, nor should you suck them, but if you just let him in your mouth and hold his cock just behind his knot, he will cum in your mouth (it’s delish!). Let him lick your pussy. He will want to fuck you, either on your knees or in missionary, but if you’re a virgin for real, his knot is likely to make you ache a lot afterwards if he does knot you.

    Have your friend hold his cock just behind the knot and let his cock in you. The knot swells to keep in him in his bitch, so it will feel like he is already knotted with you. Dog cum is hotter than human cum. When you are comfortable, once you get used to him fuck you, let him knot you for real, it’s the most amazing feeling, and he may stay tied with you for twenty minutes! He’ll keep cumming all that time. They don’t cum like men.

    • Emily ID:1ep8d7boxqa4

      Thanks Nessa for the advice me and Stacy are planning to do it this afternoon and we have to decide who will go first hopefully me but I might let Stacy go first just to prepare my pussy a bit more I will come back afterwards to tell you guys how it went. OMG I’m so excited for this I hope I’ll be a good little slut for my friend’s cute doggie

    • Aj06corvette ID:1ent02yxxqh7

      Sound like you have experience and you actually know what your talking about,

  • Reply Arael ID:5vb1t9p20d

    If you need any advice or just want to sext comment back and i’ll give you a way to contact me

  • Reply Lordhaunter ID:srco15chr9

    If you ever need legit advice I’d love to answer any questions you have, comment me back sometime and we can chat

    • Emily ID:1ep8d7boxqa4

      Thx Lordhaunter for the offer I will definitely take you up on that I’ll text you later cutie 💋🤭

    • ddinamight ID:1ftmucew8m

      Hey Emily. If you would like to chat a bit more private school ddinamighte2019