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My dad’s friend Mark was fit, and skinny. He always biked everywhere, and I guess I got a big crush on him, but I never thought it would go nowhere.

Then, one day he came over in the rain, and he said he got caught in it. It was a nice day, but then it started raining without warning. Suffice it to say he was soaked when he came in from the garage, and mom yelled at him. “Mark!” She pushed him back out of the kitchen, “You’re dripping everywhere. Cindy, go get him a towel.”

I ran back to the bathroom to grab it for him, but by the time I got back, he was stripped down to his biker shorts. You know, tight spandex? These were white with a racing stripe down the legs, and a thick pad on the crotch. He wrung his socks out, and hung them over the side of a work-bench, in the garage.

Dad parks out on the drive-way, so he can bring lumber in out of the rain, and work on it out in the yard when it’s sunny, and nice. He added the garage in the first place, or at least put walls up around the car-port, and garage doors so Mark and me can bring in our bikes. I never got to go on bike rides with him, but I really wanted to.

I thought that would be romantic, even though he’s engaged to his fiancé, and sometimes she comes over with him, but not today. She drives a car, but it’s got a bike rack, so she can pick him up on his bike, or drop him off, and let him bike home.

So anyway, mom finally thought he was dry enough to come in, and drop the towel on the floor. To mop the rain water up with his feet, but he did this neat trick where he picked it up with his toes, like a monkey. I wasn’t looking really, but I sat down in the living room, and I looked up when he walked bye with dad.

“Let me get you something dry to wear.” Mom went out to the garage, and started up the washer, but I couldn’t help seeing Mark’s shriveled up junk. He wasn’t shivering any more, but I guess it was still cold, because it was really tucked in. Even more then usual, not that I looked on purpose.

I mean, I knew I shouldn’t, but he wears them all the time. Because he rides his bike all the time, and his leg muscles are huge. Tight, and flexy, with corners, and edges in the ones under the backs of his knees, especially. I liked to look at those, especially when he walked, and even his butt if I could sneak a look up under the back of his bike shirt.

Okay, I looked. A lot lately, but it was just recently I started thinking about him, you know. Naked? His private parts, and his butt. The whole rest of his body, because he’s not really hunky up top. I’d seen hunky guys, he even had some crossfit friends he went biking with, for cardio, but that’s all he did.

So, from the waist up, he was kinda skinny, but his legs, and behind. Especially the boxy muscles on the backs of his legs, under his knees, but I’d never seen him stripped down to the shorts, so he was practically naked. So then dad came out, and shut the door quick.

“Cindy, honey. Don’t look.” Dad turned my shoulder, and pushed me back down the hall, but it was too late. I already saw him on the bed, his shorts off, and pulling on one of dad’s shirts, but his legs spread wide enough to see his crotch, and everything. His dingle dangle, and even his balls sticking out either side around it.

“Hm, okay.” I grabbed my door knob. “I was just going to. Study, in my room.” I left my phone in the living room, because I dropped it as soon as I heard that dad was loaning him some dry clothes. Which ment he’d be taking off the wet shorts, and I’d get to see him stark naked.

Shriveled up from the cold, and he’s not hairy at all. I mean, even under the arms, and I came to find out that he shaves, everything. From the eyes down, even his arms, and legs. That’s a lot of skin to cover, but since he was on the bed, I got on mine, and lay back. Imagining him laying back, with his legs spread wide open, and growing.

Longer, stiffer, and fatter. Taking off my clothes since he was naked, and I had to be naked too for him to have sex with me. Again, I thought it would never happen, because he’s engaged, and she’s his age. All grown up, and not fit at all. Not fat either, but nice and generous up front, and the way he patted her ass when she kissed him goodbye.

Out on the driveway, in yoga pants. Not always, but that’s how I remembered her, because they matched. Also, since I never thought for a minute I’d get with him, I imagined I was her, or I looked more like her. So, I was old enough to get a man like that. Not a boy, a man, with a nice hard butt, and muscular legs, but skinny on top.

Turning over, and kicking off my underwear, I imagined him giving me a massage, but I couldn’t even reach my back anyway. That’s okay, because his hands got all over my butt, and rubbed it. Squeezed my cheeks together like tits, and then spread them apart to feel between them. Deeper, and deeper, until he touched me between the legs, and brushed the little curls out of the way with his fingertips.

Oh, I wasn’t that young. I don’t know, middle school so 11, or 12. Maybe even thirteen, because my birthday is at the end of the year, which puts it in the middle of the school year, but I can’t remember whether it was spring, or fall. It doesn’t really matter, I was almost a teenager, I had pubes, and hormones to make me horny.

Especially when Mark was around, and his strong hands were rough from the handlebars. The grip shifter, and he even had callouses on 2 fingers from holding the brakes. I know, fixed gear track bikes were all the rage, but he liked mountain bikes, he told me. He even helped me pick one out for my birthday every year, but mom, and dad bought them for me.

I kept hoping he’d take me out for a ride, and pull over some place nice. Private, and romantic where we could be alone together, and he’d make love to me, but that was just a fantasy. It never happened that way, but I had to turn over to get my fingers inside me, from the front. “Oh, oh Mark! Yeah, you feel so good, nghm!” My knees came up all on their own, and squeezed my fingers between my thighs.

Up against my twitching pussy, and I slipped out to feel the muscle pull tight. I really like muscle, and biking really gave me great legs, for a girl. I mean, the boys like them, when I get to show them off, but not me. I like his, Mark’s calf muscles, thick smooth looking thighs, and tight butt flexing when he walks around in his tight lycra biker shorts.

“Huh!” I caught my breath. Picking up my panties, and sniffing them, before I put them back on. They were dry, but really sexy smelling, from getting hot before I took them off, and got juicy. I was really getting juicy, once I had enough time to feel myself up. Imagining my soft little hands were his long strong rough fingers, which was a real stretch.

Once I got going, it felt too good to care, but finally I got dressed, and wen out to the living room. They were talking, but then it got quiet, as soon as I opened the door. They were looking at the end of the hall when I came out, and then they all looked away, but mom’s neck, and cheek were red hot.

“Uh,” dad got up. “I better take you home, buddy. Don’t worry about the clothes, you can bring them back later.” He grabbed the handle bag off the kitchen counter, and went out to back up the truck. They loaded up his bike, and drove off with the garage door open, but then mom had a serious talk with me, when we’re left alone.

It turns out that I was moaning loudly. Loud enough to hear me say “Oh Mark!” Clear as day, all the way out in the living room. So, I told her “It’s just a crush, but a girl can dream, right?”

Mom blushed, and nodded, but she couldn’t hide her dirty grin, and I’d never seen her like that before. I mean, in pictures from their wedding, but about another man? “Mom, you like him too?”

“Huh yeah, okay. He looks yummy, but it’s okay to look. Right?”

“I’m so glad you said that, because I felt so bad, just for looking.” Especially peeping in their room on him while he was changing.

“Well, you’re starting to grow up, and having sexual feelings?”

“Mostly romantic, but yeah. Today, they got really very sexual.” So, we girl-talked, about my fantasies. Which was nice, in a way, but also pretty much guaranteed I would never. Ever get a chance to go on a bike ride, with Mark. It’s okay to think about, but actually let me go off alone with him, in a sports bra, and tight lycra?

She knew damned well that I’d try to seduce him, and she didn’t believe for a second I could either, but that didn’t stop me trying.

First, I cut myself shaving. Not just my legs, but it took a while to figure out how to get around my wrinkles. The bush up front, that I could see, and I scraped my arm-pits pretty bad, but the real trick was which way you go, shaving in a mirror. Set up on the toilet, or the side of the bath-tub so I could put a leg up.

Honestly, I don’t know how men do it, shaving their face in the mirror. I mean, I guess I get the mustache thing now. it must be hard not to cut your lips, with your hand in the way, and you can’t just turn the razor over, because then your nose is in the way, and I bet you’d cut it in the middle. Unless your nostrils hang down enough to get those too, but dad’s got this Wahl thingy for his nose hair.

I watched him shaving, a couple times, but he just did it. Like it was easy, so I guessed it took practice. I got razor rash, a lot up front, and more around the tops of my thighs. Between my legs, but then he tapped the hair out, and put the cap on the Wahl. He had a Norelco with a pop out trimmer for his face, and these 4 bladed ones for the stubble. Mom and me use the same ones, since they fit the same handle, and there’s no use getting special ones just for us, when you can order them 36 at a time.

It turned out, that was part of the problem. The blade heads were too big, and I was too small between my legs. I mean, okay. Gross anatomical details here, so feel free to skip ahead a paragraph: I wasn’t real meaty yet, I mean we’re not talking about a ham sandwich here. I had a clit, hood, and attached inner labia, of course, but the outer ones covered them up, so I had to dig for them. That was the problem, I got a good look at my crotch in the mirror “Ew,” but I’m straight, so it just looks like a gross piss pot I have to wipe out, and clean.

Then shave, “Ow,” because the creases on the sides were just deep enough to catch on the razor blades, but not enough to hold out of the way with my fingers, without them slipping, and catching the blade.

I’m limber though, and athletic. Okay, I know you want bra sizes, and stuff, but honestly, I only really wore sports bras, because I had to. To keep my nipples warm, and so they didn’t poke out the front of my tops, because there isn’t much more than a couple flat circles around them to hide my ribs. I play soccer when the weather’s nice, and spin at home when it’s raining. Mom used to take Spinning classes, but she quit after her 1 month free trial, because honestly, it was cheaper to just get an exercise bike. You can look up motivational videos, if you need a trainer to tell you to spin faster, but come on.

It’s a crank, your feet do this, keep going until you get tired. That was about 45 minutes, and 50 miles for mom. I could do it all day, especially once I discovered that I could do it naked, and get off on it. When I had the house to myself, mom was a housewife, and dad made enough money for the 3 of us, so she didn’t have to work. She had to go shopping though, so I stripped off, and headed out to the garage to follow Mark.

That’s what I imagined, I’d seen him ride off enough times that I could just close my eyes, and remember the way his ass flexes in a loop. “Huh!” The seat up as high as I could have it with my toes still on the pedals, and all the way back. So, the rough plastic horn spread me wide open, and I could lean over with my elbows on the handlebars. Pedaling faster, and faster to keep up, but flashes of his clean shaven crotch.

Even shrunken, and shriveled up from the cold rain, but he shaved everything, so I started to too. I finally got to the point that I could without cutting myself, and the scrapes healed so they didn’t hurt when my thighs rubbed my lips with every stroke, but it didn’t take long. The console told me how long I rode, and how many miles it would be, I barely even checked out of breath, and glowing with orgasmic pleasure, but I had to shower quick before mom came back, and fix the seat. Give it a wipe to dry off the juices, before she came back with groceries. So, I could help her carry them in through the garage with my clothes on. If I opened it up naked, the neighbors would get an eyefull, but it didn’t take long to like my body.

It doesn’t look manly, at all. I tried to get those boxy calf muscles, but I just can’t. They just get slimmer, and more defined in the thighs, but I’ve got quite a gap to be proud of. Broad hips, and a narrow waist, with firm abs, and obliques pointing down the lean flat clean shaven triangle of my puss. Split with a little crumb of clit hood visible, even with my knees together, but the inner folds still tucked into the crease.

I’m going to say pronounced ribs, but if you feel them, there’s even a thin layer of muscle over the bone. Long lean hairless arms, which I shave, even though those hairs are so tiny, I barely need to bother. It’s just so easy, because they’re right there, and it turned out later that Mark just shaved his balls to prevent chafing. Then, between his legs, and he thought it looked stupid to have hairy legs, with hairless thighs, like a tan-line?

Okay, he has a tan line, and maybe it’s a little vain, but I never saw him before he started shaving everything, and he didn’t take pictures, because he hated how it looked. I took his word for it, but after that awkward afternoon. Where he heard me calling out his name in orgasmic moans, right there with mom, and dad in the living room, he tried to stay away.

He managed to for like a month, but then he showed up when mom, and dad were out on their anniversary. I know I had my 13th birthday by then, because he wasn’t invited, and I pouted because I just wanted to see him again. His nice clean shaven face, even fully clothed, and hear his deep baritone talking to my folks in the other room.

I had it bad for him by then. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but my school girl crush was full blown hots for him, and he knew it. Just like he knew damned well about mom, and dad’s anniversary timeshare. They owned it, for 2 days a year, one night to celebrate their anniversary. They had their honeymoon there, and they kept going back year after year, because it was romantic, and very private.

So, he came right over, and knocked on the door. It was a school night, because chances are on any given year, their honeymoon doesn’t fall perfectly on a weekend. He had on a jacket, and pants, it wasn’t raining, but it was a little chilly, and I said “Oh. Hi Mark.”

“Can you unlock the garage for me?”

“Okay,” I squealed with glee, and giggled. Running around through the kitchen to the garage, and managed a straight face when he rolled it up to bring his bike it. It’s a nice neighborhood, but there’s bike lanes, and trails. So, the neighborhood boys steal bikes, and just leave them wherever they end up. Quite often down under the smoking bridge, which is in a gully, but they go down there to drink underage, and smoke weed.

I’m an athlete, so I’m not even interested in any of that. Not even drinking, let alone destroying my lungs with cancer, and stoner cough. “Uhm, my dad’s not home.”


I bit my lip, and he just pulled the garage door down, turned around, and took me in his arms. Picked me up, and turned his head to kiss me.

“Huh!” I couldn’t believe this was happening. I even pinched myself when he put me down, but I wasn’t dreaming. (I’d been doing that a lot lately, too.) “Come on,” I took his hand, and led him off to mom, and dad’s room.

“Uhm, I have to tell you.” He was nervous, for me? It was so sweet. “Not to say anything to your dad, about this.”

“Oh, no. He’d lock me up in my room, and put bars on the windows if he even thought I was sexually active.” I turned around, and sat down, but his shirt came right off. “Mh, come here.” I felt his waist, and hooked my fingers in his belt loops to pull him closer. Lean over, and run my nose down the middle of his abs.

He’s got an 8 pack. So, they’re more like rectangles than squares, until you get down to the trapezoids. Revealed when he got his pants open, and dropped them. I kissed his belly button, sucked it like a giant nipple, and swirled my tongue around it when it slipped back out. He’s got an outie, but it’s curled up in a neat knot of skin, and “I’ve wanted to do that forever.”

He played with it, with his finger. “Well, some might consider it a Navel assault.”

“Uph!” I just shook my head, and even smacked it. “Guh! That was horrible.”


“Huh!” I didn’t care, he had his unpadded undershorts on, and it turns out there was a pocket inside. For an athletic cup, but it was empty, I saw it when I pulled them down, but then his cock popped up, and pointed almost straight out. It bounced a little, and I let it slip through my palm first. Down my fingers, and then turned my hand to hold it up.

“Huhl!” Licked down his flat shaved pelvis, and let it run down my chin, so it popped up where I could smell it. Lick the sweat off the top, and run it down my neck again. To kiss his pubic bone, his abs, belly button. Rubbing his thighs, and feeling up his butt, then standing up to hug him.

He picked me up, and I fell back on the bed, but he practically jumped on with me. Naked, his cock bobbing, and shaking back and forth when he knee walked up the front of my top. I pulled it up, and said “Help me with this.”

We got me stripped down to the sports bra, and I felt goose bumps prickle out on my shoulders, when the sweat hit the relatively cool air, but I was so hot, and breathless. He was almost pointed straight up now, so I lay back, and felt up between his legs. Pulling his bare stubbly butt, so I could feel it flex, and lifting my head to kiss his hanging nuts.

“Oomhn!” I closed my eyes, and just sucked them back and forth. Shaking my head, and rubbing the boner side to side with my nose. Kissing, and licking his thighs. I wanted to kiss, and lick every inch of his body, but speaking of which?

About half a foot, he didn’t let me up to go get a tape measure, but more than enough, and thick. Too thick, it started going really fast. I was in heat, so I pushed him off, rolled over, and got up on my knees. So, he could throw my skirt up over my back, and practically yank down my shorts.

Biker shorts, of course. Padded crotch, mom just stopped buying me regular underwear, but I wasn’t going out, so I didn’t need to rear tights. “Oh, ow!”

He went right for it, and I lay down on my stomach. “Sorry. It’s a little tight.”

“Huh, no. You’re too big.” It broke my heart to say it, but I could barely get my pinkies in, and pull them apart. I already started stretching myself, and I scraped what little skin there was in the way out with my nails. I didn’t really have a cherry, that I know of. Maybe it broke, while I was riding a bike, but there were a few little bits to pick out, and I filed my nails sharp to cut them off.

Yeah, it hurt like hell, but not any worse than cutting myself shaving. A long story short, he tried everything, but I knew right away. As soon as his head mashed flat against my pelvic hole, it wasn’t going to go in. It’s bone, it’s not going to stretch, and yeah that means I’m tight, but also, he’s got this thick hard chunk of cock, that’s just never going to fit.

“Huh!” So, he went down, and tried to loosen me up with his mouth. “Oh, Mark. Oh god, that feels so good.” Better than my fingers, at least on the outside. He could do things with his tongue, like flick the point of it. Sticking out to a firm point, to slip up, and flatten out my little wrinkles. Dig it in the top, so the hood spread open to expose my tiny sensitive clit, and flick up and down so fast.

“Uh fuck uhuhuh fugh geah yeah yeah yeah yeah!”


“Uh uhn ngh neah neah Yeah! YEAH!” I have never, ever gotten off that quick before. I had to stop, when my fingers started getting tired, but then I stopped humping, and arched my back. I kneed his arms, and then his armpits caught my thighs, but he licked pulled my skirt down. My training bra up, and sucked my nipples. Back and forth, pounding a finger into me, so hard he practically punched me in the crotch with his knuckles, and then his fingers slipped down. He started shaking it up and down, with it hooked up inside me, and slapping the top with his palm.

“AUGH FUCK STOP I ahn!” He let me go, so I fell over. Curled up, and clutching my knees so they didn’t knock together. “Ngh!” Trying to breathe, but my abs just spasmed, and cramped up so I had to stretch out. Trying to dig my fingers in, and breathe at the same time, but finally, he got the idea, and said “Here.” Gently. He moved my hands, and found the tense spots with his thumbs, rubbed them away, until I could catch my breath.

“Huh, thanks.” I looked down, “Are you okay?”

“Are you?”

“Yeah, but.” I felt up his leg, and lifted his limp chubby. “You couldn’t keep it up?”

“I thought I hurt you.” He brushed my hair out of my face, and held it. Leaning over to kiss me, and I kept pulling his chubby hard again. “Smooth, huh. I have to go.”

“No, stay.”

“I mean, I’m getting married, and we’re moving. She got this job in. Another city.” He looked away, but he wouldn’t even tell me where. “I just wanted to say goodbye.”

“Well,” I laughed, “You’ve got a great way to say it, but at least stay long enough to let me suck you off.”

“Oh, kay!” He played hard to get, but we switched places again. So this time, he was laying down on his back, and I could straddle him. I know, I said I wanted to suck him off, but first, I humped the fuck out of him. Almost, even though it wouldn’t go in, I knew that I’d never get the chance to get this close again.

It didn’t occur to me until he left. Me alone, super satisfied, but heartbroken. That he didn’t even bring a condom. I mean, he said he just came to say goodbye, but he barely waited for the garage door to roll down to grab me. Pick me up, and kiss me.

He came to fuck me, and get me pregnant? In retrospect, I guess I was lucky that he was too big, but it was hard to feel that at the time. We switched it around a lot, tried lots of different positions, and frotted. Straddling his hips, so I could feel his arms, and he held me under mine. Humping up and down the whole length, but too slow to get off. Either of us off, but then he took over again.

He was really, forceful. Gentle, but rough as soon as we got going. I liked it, but he pushed me around, and held me down. He was heavy, on my back. Squeezing his thick man meat in my thigh gap, and humping me brutally into the bed. He might have raped me, if I wasn’t so willing, and I have to say, pretty submissive.

Looking back, yeah I wanted to please him too, and I thought I wanted his jizz. Until I finally pumped him off in my mouth, but I spit out the tip as soon as I tasted it, and gagged. “Ugh, yech!” I didn’t know what it would taste like, but I wanted to like it. Then, I smelled it, and ran for the shower to wash it off.

It even stank, unlike anything else I ever smelled before, which is weird. Because I’m straight, I didn’t just think that I was straight, I don’t even like looking at my own twat except for when I have to. To shave it, but the smell is so sexy. Just my cunt, or the dirty crotch of my biker shorts. The ones with the gusset, especially when I work up a sweat, and get horny on my bike.

Also, boy’s sweat, especially hairy armpits, and pubes. I guess, I’m going off on a tangent here, but I never saw him again. I barely rinsed off my body in the shower, before I got out, and just grabbed a towel to dry off in the hall. He was gone, and he left the garage door open. He just took off, and never called, my dad.

It was stupid, I was young, and so horny with hormones, that if he could have fucked me, I would have let him knock me up. I don’t know if he’s a rapist, a child molester or both, but let’s face facts: I was thirteen, but with my active lifestyle, I knew that I could pass for a 9th grader. A skinny 9 year old, because I was so exercise bulimic, (I wasn’t conscious of that being Bulimic if I burned off everything, instead of puking it up, but it didn’t surprise me when I found out, that was a thing.) I barely even got periods. Let alone adolescent growth, it all went into my muscles.

I’m strong, for my size, but tiny. Mostly in the legs, my thighs, butt, I kick ass at soccer, and I’m built like an Olympic gymnast, but I never took gymnastics. Also, he told me why he shaved off all his body hair, and kept such a stringent diet, but I think he was a pedo all along.

“Huh!” And I fell for him, hard, but he also helped me love my body. Get in a shape that I could appreciate for me, and surprise the boys when I pick up something heavy. For me, I lift with my legs, but that’s where all the strength it.

Don’t get me wrong, it was amazing, and I would have done it again and again, but when I think about what could have happened. If he could have fucked me, I would have gotten pregnant, and if I had said no, I doubt he would have taken that for an answer. It scares me, he could have raped me, and my hips would never take it. Maybe I wouldn’t have gotten pregnant, I don’t know. I wasn’t ovulating often enough to keep track, I just grabbed a tampon whenever I needed it, but we’re not talking about every other month here.

It just took a long long time, to find a boy my age that liked my body as much as I do. Instead of over twice my age, and old enough to be my dad. My baby daddy, but he doesn’t want kids, and I support that decision. I don’t think I’d like what it would do to my body either, and we’re probably talking about a C section, anyway.

He never could fuck me like that though. Nobody ever could make me cum double like Mark did, so that’s another way he ruined my sex life.

“Huh!” I guess I’ll get over it. Eventually…

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