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My Next Door Neighbor Ms. Roxanne

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I was a 12 year old girl and she was a 40 year old mom. Beginning of a life long Practice.

My Name is Lexy, 12 Years old, I was a shy little girl back then who spends time alone and reading.

Our Family had my Parents 1 younger sister and an Elder brother in our house and the next door neighbour was a Single mom and her 17 year old daughter.

I had known them since a little baby, but never had that much of a close relationship with them.

Ms. Roxanne divorced her husband six years ago and living with her daughter ever since. She has a son too but he had to go with his dad. Her husband left her a House and a company so they were handsomely wealthy.

Her daughter Sheni was a spoilt princess, she was beautiful and hot, wears all the best clothes and she even have BFs at school.

One day I was sitting in our Garden and I heard Ms. Roxy calling me from her house. I responded to her and she said that it’s nothing important she just wanted to check that I’m fine.

I was happy and we shared a few words with each other then she left our chat saying “To be continued, need to prepare lunch for my daughter”

Next day when I returned from school I saw Ms. Roxanne sitting inside our house chatting with my mom and they both looked surprised when they saw me.

“Huny we were just talking about you” mom said

“Hi Lexy”

“hi Ms. Roxanne”

I replied with a hi to Ms. Roxanne and thought of leaving but my mom continued saying,

“Huny Ms. Roxanne has a bunch of clothes at her place that might fit you, she wanted you to try a few on”

I asked “why?”

Ms. Roxanne replied “those are old clothes of Sheni and now she can’t wear them, she’s growing up fast, so I thought you might like a few or else I just have to give them to someone else or throw them”

My mom replied “sure she’ll follow you”

Then turned at me and said “huny go with Ms. Roxanne and do as she says, leave your school bag and go huny”

I said “OK mom” and started to walk behind Ms. Roxanne wearing my School uniform & shoes.

Her house was significantly huge and it even had a Pool. I had came into her house before with mom but this was the first time I’m going in alone.

“where is Sheni?” I asked her

“oh she said she’s going somewhere after classes, she’ll be back later” Ms. Roxanne replied while we were climbing the stairs.

Then we came into a big Bedroom. On the bed she had laid a bunch of clothes and she started to pick up a few out of it.

“I have some clothes for you here, I’m sure” She murmured.

Then she pulled out a little frock that looked nice and I took it in my hand.

She said “go on try it”

I was shy because she was standing there so I said “Ms. Roxanne can I use your bathroom to change?”

“why the bathroom? You have a big mirror here, go on I want to see how it fits”

“but I’m a little shy because you are here”

She started to laugh and said “you are girl I’m a girl & I raised a little girl Sheni so I’ve seen plenty. So don’t worry about anything huny”

I was so shy that I kept my eyes on the floor. Then she came near to me and asked “May I?” I nodded.

So she began to unbuttoned my School uniform. First she removed the shirt and then the Skirt. I was standing there with my Vest & my panties.

Then she removed my shoes and left me with the socks.

“there you go, good girl, look at me Lexy, don’t be shy, put that dress on”

I was blushed but I did as she instructed me and looked at myself in the mirror. It was really a cute frock and definitely an expensive one.

“it fits perfectly” she said. Then again started to find another dress from that pile.

I was squirming with the shyness and I whispered to her “Ms. Roxanne can I go now? I’m feeling shy to stay like this”

She looked at me and came closer to me asking “why Lexy don’t you stay in your Undies at home?”

“I do but I’m shy to stay in front of you”

“don’t be shy huny think that I’m your mom” and she smiled at me.

Ms. Roxanne was about 40 years old but she looked so hot & beautiful. Her body was fit with all the workouts she does and suddenly she started to remove her Shirt and her Leggings in front of me.

She stood there with her Purple colored Bra & Panties and said “OK now we are equal”

I was standing there speechless and I didn’t knew what to say. I was frozen like an ice cube.

Then she started to look for another dress in the pile of clothes and that’s when I started to feel the confidence she had to stay like that in front me. I admired that quality in her.

Then Ms. Roxanne turned to me and said “look at this one” and shown me another cute top and a skirt but both were short, similar to a micro style.

I said “it looks too little for me”

But she came closer to me and pulled my vest out from my head, leaving me topless and made me wear that Top. It was short upto my chest but it looked so nice on me.

Even Ms. Roxanne was looking at the mirror for a bit and asked me to remove my panties.

I was shocked but still my hands went out to remove it. While I was pulling them down I felt like I’m free and my body was full of hormones and feelings that I can’t explain.

I totally removed them and looked at myself on the huge wall mirror. All I saw was little 12 year old me standing there bottomless with my neighbour in her purple undies.

Ms. Roxanne just looked at me like she was absorbing me into her. I covered my Vagina with my hand.

She leaned down and pulled my hand away. And waved her head to the both sides gently saying no need for that.

After that she sat down near to me and took the skirt through my both legs and kept it on my hips. It was the shortest skirt I ever wore. It was about 3 to 4 inches longer and I was amazed at how hot it was on me.

Ms. Roxanne said “you look so cute Lexy, I don’t know why you never wear clothes like these always”

“I see you either in jeans or long skirts. Try something like these huny you are a beautiful girl” she continued

“also never get shy to show your body, every girl must stay free as much as they want to”

I was listening to her and admiring my new look on the mirror. The top and the skirt looked great on me but I know for sure I’m not going to wear this out.

“Ms. Roxanne I like this dress but I’m never going to be able to wear this outside”

“why?” she asked

“this looks too short, I’m not used to these”

“ok Lexy I can understand what you are saying, come here, sit down with me”

She took my hand and made me sit down on the bed near to her. And asked me,

“don’t you like how you look on it Lexy?”

“I do but I’m really shy and my parents will never let me wear these types of clothes”

“Lexy don’t worry about your parents, I can convince them, I want you to like them, understand?”

Her voice was soothing and I felt confident with her tone then I said “OK I like them, I’ll try to wear them”

She said “Good girl, you can come here anytime you like and wear all the shorter and hotter ones until you get used to them, ok.. Then we can wear matching dresses and go somewhere” she asked “do you like that?”

I nodded my head with so many questions.

“now let’s get you out of that skirt and let’s go in for something more sexy”

Then she asked me to remove them and went through the pile again and took out something that looked like a one piece dress.

“mmmm this is fine, I bought this when My daughter Sheni was around 13 or 14. It looked so nice on her. She was the prettiest girl when she wore it. Now go on lift your hands so I can put this on you”

Then she put that dress through my hands and my head upto my mid thighs.

It was a light blue colored dress with golden borders and two thin straps. It had a open upto my chest and the back was completely open upto my butt. Also it was so thin it easily revealed everything inside.

It showed my nipples and I looked at Ms. Roxanne.

“why huny don’t you like the see through dress?”

“I do like it but others can see my body”

She laughed and said “so let them see, it is for showing huny, specially girls. We have to learn how to show and use them.”

I smiled at her even though I was confused with what she said then looked at myself in the mirror. I looked pretty but felt nude wearing it. I liked how perfectly it fitted on me. Still it needed some adjusting to do but it was fine for now.

Then I turned to Ms. Roxanne to say thanks.

She again pulled me into the bed and made me lay down on my side. I smiled at her and she smiled at me too.

She asked me “you are 12 now right?”

I said “yes I’m 12”

“you look younger than your age” she said “Sheni looked more grown at 12 but she didn’t Bleed until she was almost 14”

I said “she is very beautiful”

“yes she is, but Lexy did you started to bleed already?”

I started to blush again but I said “yes few months ago”

“wow” she shouted “so you are a early bloomer, I like that, I was a Early bloomer too”

I smiled at her

Then she asked me “can I look at your body huny? If you don’t mind”

I said “it’s OK you can”

Then I sat on the bed and removed the Dress I was wearing and covered my face with my hands while sitting there naked.

Ms. Roxanne started to laugh and said “this girl is too shy to show herself.”

Then I removed my hands and kept them on my knees with my legs crossed. She came closer to me and spread my legs while pushing my back towards the bed.

Then sat close to me, started to look at my body while rubbing my hair. She was so beautiful when she was looking at me like that and her lips had a beautiful smile while her eyes were moving all over.

Finally she stopped and looked at my face. Smiled at me and gave me a tiny kiss on my lips.

To be continued

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