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I rape a pre-teen, fictional

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I have been watching the children for ages, then one day I took my chances and fucked one of them

I live alone in a house that back onto a park, during the summer months ( it’s England so more like summer week) it has a lot of children playing in the play park area, laughing and enjoying the good weather.

I especially enjoy it when the older children come and play aged between 10 and 12 years old, normally they all dress the same in thier black lycra very short shorts, and either a crop top or vest. I like watching thier arse’s when they run about, with some of them starting to develop nice little breasts.

So like I said I live alone I’m 45 and in ok shape, no gym bod but I do stay fit.

So there I was one evening relaxing in my garden observing the little girls who think they are adults playing in the park. And then I spot her a girl of about 10 years old little lumps which will soon form sweet breasts, inside her white crop top and her little rounded bum barely covered by her lycra shorts. She’s playing with her freinds throwing a rubber ball about, I get hard when she bends over to pick the ball up and then when she throws it her little lumps giggle slightly.

So there I was perving over this perfect little girl when all of a sudden a ball bounces right next to me and disappeared somewhere in my garden.

I hear some bickering going on in the park. A girl saying you have to come with me to get it, please come back. I hear giggling fading away and then I hear a girl shout ” you all wankers”.

I laught and carry on looking about the park when the perfect little girl appears at my gate. I adjust my erection in my jogging bottoms and go and ask her if that was her ball and does she want to come and find it?

Turns out it is hers, so in she comes, I point to where it went and she’s the bent over looking through my vegetable patch.

As she is looking I ask about her friends why they aren’t helping you find it. She says they didn’t want to get told off because it nearly hit you.

Ahh I say so they jacked on you and left you to it?
She replies yeah their all tossers.

So I start to help her find it, while we are looking I ask her name and how old she is? Her name is claire and she is 10 years old.

I ask why she was so bothered about the ball?
She says that her brother found it and gave it to her, they don’t have much money so they are careful with they stuff they own. She then says I wish I could find a way to earn some money!

I ask her what she would do for some money? And she screws her face up and replies “hmmm I do know probably anything, her sister who is 18 has just started an onlyfans account.

I say oh ok, and your wanting to do that?
Claire says I would but I can’t get an account, I did try but I needed proof of age.

I laught and say so want would you do on thus account? She stops looking for her ball and says mmmm I don’t know? I know my sister poises in her underwear I would probably do that.

It was then I thought my luck could be in so I say to her I will.pay you £50 to take some photos of you in your undies.

Claire has a look of shock on her face and outright says NO, but then she says £70.
Now ita my time to be shocked, but I quickly recover and say ok let’s start with undies and see how much I can give you.

I suggest we go in my house and I take her to my living room I have thick net curtains up so no-one can look in. I offer her a drink of lemonade which I put vodka into.
And say to her are you sure you want to do this ? She says for £70 yeah.

I sit on my armchair and she slowly removes her crop top and them pull ot back down and says I don’t have a bra on. To which I say that’s OK I’ll give you an extra tenner.
She lifts her top Iver her head revealing her little lumps not quite an A cup but soon getting there. She civer her titties with her hands, and I take some photos as I snap away she starts to relaxant move about a little.

She then says let’s see! So I show here the pics.
She look through then scrolling left saying nope, nope, nope, oh that’s a good one, nope, yep, and then the next pic is one of my cock she giggles and says don’t think I was supposed to see this one. I take my phone back and say no you wasn’t but if it makes you more comfortable I will strip down aswell? Ok claire says.

I strip down to my boxers and sit back on the chair, I tell claire she needs to remove her shorts and to do it dent over facing away form me, she dend over hooks her thumbs in he waist band and pulls her shorts down revealing a little pink thong. And her perfect little peach of a bum.

I take pics of her removing her shorts and of her bent over, she say that she needs to remove he trainers, I say I will help so I kneel in front of her and slide each on of her size 3 trainers off, her grion area is right in front of my face, I then stroke the back of her legs up to her perky little butt, she says hang on this wasn’t part of the deal.

I say anything I do to you I will.make it worth your while big time.
So she let’s me carry on feeling her butt and legs, I lift her up and place her on my sofa she giggles, as I then rub my hands down the font of her legs over her waist up to her little love lumps. I say to Claire you will enjoy it if you relax.

I massage her breasts and body rubbing her all over she says that’s nice, so I move to suck on her boobies flicking the tips of them with my tongue.
She goggles again as I am sucking on her little tits I reach down and fondle her arse getting right in her butt crack ,I move up to kiss her mouth but she says no. I say ok not the mouth yet ill kiss somewhere else, she looks at me confused so I lick down her belly her waist, I go to remove the thong she is wearing but sy stops me and says no not that.

I remind her that she is going to earn money for this and I’m going to do it. She say no I want to stop now and tries to get up. I grab hold of her clamping her arms and pick her up. I take her into my spare room, in there I have a love swing with restraints and lots of sex toys.

She is putting up a fight which is really turning me on more, I chuch her down on the wooden floor and she gets up quickly and makes a dash to the door grab her again, thus time she is facing me I bear hug her causing pain and carry her to the swing. It wasn’t easy but I managed to get her in it with her arms and legs strapped up I then place a strap around f her waist to stop her from bouncing around to much, and lastly I reach into my box of toys pull out a ball gag and force that on her face .

I move up in-between her legs and realise she is still wearing her thong. I look at her and say you are going to enjoy this next bit, I pull the thong over to the side revealing her little bold pussy, I bend down and give it a long sniff, mmmmmm it smells beautiful slight hint of wee but that adds to the aroma, she is saying something inside the gag, I think it’s thing like fuck you, don’t fucking touch me.
But it to late now she is in my sex room, I spead her pussy lips with my thumbs and then run my tongue up between then, she tries fighting but I’m to strong for her and continue to lick her I stick my tongue in her hole tasting a slight tangy flavour, and then like up to her clit, she is still fighting.
I start licking her clit flicking it with my tongue, after a couple of minutes doing this to her she stops fighting I carry on licking her clit for another 5 minutes when I feel her body teanse up and I hear a hhhhhmmmmhhmmmh come form her muffled mouth, I wait fir her to relax again and then I lick her hole knowing she had just cum, her cum fluid taste amazing slight metallic sweet sour taste to it, I stand up kissing the inside of her thighs then move my hand sto her breasts again, I look her in the face and I see the fear she also has tears running down the side of her face I lean forward and lick then, sweet salty taste as I am there I tell her I am going to fuck her and sh might as well enjoy it, or it will hurt.

I drop my boxers my 7inch cock is rock hard and coveredin percum, I line my cock up with her slit and rub in up and down. Her pussy. I locate her hole and push my cock into her, she tenses up trying to force me out so I rub her clit with finger, this startles her and she tenses then relaxes just enough for me to carry on sliding into her, I feel her hymen and slowly push harder, she scrams into the ballgame, Rrrrrrrggggg and then I’ve got my cock in her 4 inches of it I start fucking her she’s still crying, I speed up and then I look down and she is getting all 7 inches in her, I look at her face and I see her in pain. I up my pace ramming my cock into her, her pussy is so tight I am not going to last much longer couple more trustes and I feel my balls tighten, I keep fucking her to the point of I am about to cum, I pull out of her dick covered in blood I tug my cock and shot cum over her belly first stream lands on her belly second one shoots past her head and lands somewhere the the third forth fith land son her belly and tits.

I grab some baby wipes and clean her up, then I head into my study to grab some cash. I return to claire and start to undo her restraints just as she starts to fight I show here the £200 in £10 notes, her eyes light up a little, I untie her remover the ballgag she gets dress and I hand her the money.

She says I should probably pay her more, in which I say if I’d cum inside you I would have. I ask her for a kiss and offer £20 she let’s me kiss her full on tongues as I fondle her butt cheeks. I’m hard again.
She feels my hardon and moves back, saying that she is going now.

Just before she goes I say if you want to earn any more come see me and we can sort out a price list.

And then she limped of up the garden, as she got to my gate I called her and said Claire here’s you balls and throw it to her.

No apologise for any spelling or grammar mistakes if that is all your going to comment on then don’t bother.

I would very like like to fuck young girls.

Hope you enjoyed reading my made up story.

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  • Reply Martin ID:1e2zamzg7v7n

    I know you’re dyslexic but it’s a good story. Perhaps get someone to proof read it and send it back to you to post? Don’t give up though, the grandad and spelling aren’t that bad, despite the moaning.

  • Reply 13yroldslut ID:njtyxp20j

    anyon in Sheffield interested in a 13 year old? discord nico.12 im female will prove

    • Bigfat8incock ID:n0up4g3hk

      Where is Sheffield because I will come there for a good fucking and enjoyable playing and I will bring money and toys and lots of babyoil

    • Richard ID:1ej45az1vh1y

      13 ?

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfxij

    Fucking beautiful story! Next time make sure you cum inside the little cunt. And it’s well written, so Fuck you is the perfect name!

    • Sissyboibrother ID:20py5nbhrb

      Nice story. I was fucked by my older bro many times growing up. He taught me how to suck dick. He made me his little cherry. I felt like a girl for years, still jack off thinking about swallowing hiss sperm.

  • Reply Daddy ID:v8726c3jt7s

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  • Reply Mei lin ID:o6a6nhj

    rip rip tear tear thats what you do to a vagina with no hair

  • Reply Meilin ID:o6a6nhj

    you should of raped her destroying her cervix and ruining her then get rougher

  • Reply A. ID:1d05rigdwlif

    It’s too bad that this writer clearly doesn’t careabout his/her writing. The sheer number errors made what clearly is clearly a good story, bad

    • Fuck you ID:1e2kj44bdg35

      Dyslexic, I can’t see the mistakes

  • Reply Therealone ID:16d42xs9m9b

    Holy shit this is an amazing story and if you feel like doing this then tell me so I can come along and join you both

  • Reply Tt ID:bgggn0c43

    English is clearly not your first language. So many mistakes. Not using the correct their, they’re, there. Or you’re and your. It’s also laughed not laught. Please proof read your stories

    • Therealone ID:16d42xs9m9b

      Bro stfu it ain’t that deep and he clearly said don’t comment about his grammer. Like go get a fucking life mate

    • Tittlemouse ID:1cm5wldoa34l

      No one cares. Fuck off

    • naughty step ID:5vahvr2kv3

      Get a life

    • Fuck you ID:1e2kj44bdg35

      Well your wrong there, English is the only language I speak. You never heard of someone being dyslexic,

      How thus for grammar FUCK OFF YOU MUGGY CUNT