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raping marissa

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I was online talking to random people when this young girl started talking to me she sent very provocative pics yet not showing anything .
She didn’t look very old and was trying to find some weed we chatted about it and I told her I could get her some so we arranged a meeting place..
I got to the abandoned park at the outskirts of town and broke into the bathroom and got things ready silk rope various restraints along with a riding crop spreader bars nipple clamps etc ..
I watched with anticipation and say her walking up the path she was tiny didn’t look over 10 bet she swore she was 13 I came out and walked towards her she said hi and asked if I had what she wanted.
I replied yes it’s in here pointing to the bathroom I followed her inside and grabbed her as soon as we were in she was scared and I asked her how old she really was she said 11 I produced a joint and her face lit up as I handed it to her along with a lighter.
She lit the joint and took a few long drags totally unaware what I had in store for her after we finished smoking I asked her if she had a boyfriend she said kinda I asked what she meant she responded that a boy she liked kissed her and maybe it’s her boyfriend..
I asked her if she gives him head she looked dumbfounded and asked what that was I told her I could show her and I pulled up a video she watched intently and said she could never do that.
I pulled out my cock and she backed up I told her to touch it and she refused saying she had to go.
I grabbed her and tore her shirt shorts and panties off her as she started crying I grabbed the rope and tied her spread eagle I got on top of her and pinched her nose causing her to open her mouth I quickly shoved my cock inside I told her if she bit me id knock her teeth out so she couldn’t.. I pushed until I felt her throat opening she gagged as I pushed into her throat I took my time feeling her gulp for air I told her to breathe through her nose.. I continued raping her throat it felt amazing as she tried to swallow I couldn’t hold back for long it was like she was milking me until I shoved deep and spewed my milk down her throat and into her gullet.
I pulled out and got down looking at her tiny sex it looked so small along with her tiny rosebud I grabbed her panties and shoved them into her mouth and went back to her sex I started licking her pussy and ass trying to decide which one I was going to take first I pushed my tongue into her opening barely making it in at all I decided to open her up with my cock instead of fingers I..
I grabbed my lube and squeezed a generous amount on and in her tiny opening then coated the head and shaft of my cock telling her i was going to put my cock inside her..
Her eyes watered as i put the head against her it looked so big compared to her little vagina i turned on my camera and panned from her face down her body to her cunt i put my cock near the opening to show the difference in size i was about to force my half dollars around cock inside a less than dime size opening..
She began sobbing and muffled cries from me to stop as i lined up pulled her legs and ass high in the air till her opening was straight up i got over top of her putting my cock against her virginal opening i then leaned towards holding myself with my arms and lifting my legs and feet off the ground my body weight resting on my cock it started bending and I watched as it slowly started to open her up she started crying loudly pleading for me to stop..
All of a sudden the head popped into her along with 2 inches of the shaft her breathing was erratic and she started to hyperventilate I lifted myself up and pulled back until just the head was inside of her the lifted my legs ag driving deep into her velvet vice like tunnel I repeated raping her in this manner until I had 8 inches of my cock imbeded into her I layed her back down and started pulling all the way out and ramming it back in over and over.
Her eyes glazed over as I raped her as hard fast and deep as I possibly could pistoning in and out filming my blood coated cock popping out and disappearing back into her tiny body.
I couldn’t hold back any longer as I let go a torrent of seed deep into her belly I kept raping her till I started going soft I watched the pink goo run out and down her ass I started getting hard insanely I grabbed the lube and squeezed another generous amount on my cock before she knew what was happening I thrust over half my cock into her bowels..
I kept forcing more of my cock deep into her rectum watching my cock getting coated with a little more blood I bottomed out and relentlessly raped her asshole with no regard or regret I came hard and deep I pulled out wiping myself off with her tattered shirt.
I untied her and left ..
I returned a few hours later to find her curled up on the floor she drug herself into the corner cowering when she saw me I decided her little pussy needed to be fucked again I removed my pants and pulled her legs apart shoving deep into her once more raping her for over an hour until depositing another dose of seed deep inside her..
I got up lit another joint and passed it to her she took long draws and ask me why I did that to her I chuckled and told her little girls that come to abandon places by themselves are just asking to be raped…
I had picked up a shirt and shorts from a clothes line while I was gone hopefully she fits in them..
She asked me if I had ever done anything like this before I laughed and told her many times before..
A I helped her up telling her I know where she lived and she better not say anything to anyone..
She asked if I’d be here tomorrow cuz she wanted to smoke again I told her I’d find her and we could smoke a fuck again she said I’d have to take it again if I wanted it..

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