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Grand Daughters

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Funny little kids start growing up! It happens so fast.

My grand daughters, 11 and 12, were always so cute. They used to run around the house, doing what I called their “naked dance” after they’d get out of the tub…
It was accepted as normal, and we’d all laugh.
At the ripe old age of 11, my younger granddaughter came running out of the tub, to do her naked dance, and I was the only one in the living room. She shook her body, boobs barely budding, with a hairless little slit…and she jumped around, then, something new… She turned away from me, bent over, spread her legs, grabbed her butt cheeks and spread everything open for me to see.
I don’t know what she thought she was doing, but my dick was completely hard…which was also new…
About then, her 12 year old sister comes out of the bathroom to do her naked dance, and sees her sister and starts laughing.
I’m lost to what is happening, but I watch my older granddaughter dance around the living room, she slaps her sister’s ass and I really notice her tits, maybe an a cup, and she’s started to get hair on her pussy… then she bends over, and mimics her sister’s pose, and I almost came, right there, in my lounge pants…
Two young girls, bent over, spreading their girly parts for me to see…
They were giggling and the younger one adjusts her hands to spread her pussy more… And I’m dying. I slide my hand down my lounge pants and start masturbating… I couldn’t help it!
These girls were watching me from their inverted position, and they giggled louder…
They stood up, and came over to me and the 11 year old asked, “what are you doing?”, and the 12 year old said, “he’s beating off!” And they giggled again! The older one said, “it means he liked our naked dance!”
The younger one asked, “can we see?” And, I said, “um”… Like, you know, not having been in this situation before… What was I supposed to say?
She then grabbed my waistband and pulled it down, exposing my super rock hard dick, with my hand wrapped around it.
My older granddaughter put her hand around it, and I let go. She then started jacking me off, and I put my hand on her butt. As she masturbated me, I slid my fingers between her legs, and she spread her legs. I rubbed her pussy, and found her wet and lubed… I was surprised, not thinking a 12 year old would be “turned on”.
She was pumping my dick, so I slid my finger up her cunt, and heard her gasp and she rolled her eyes back, and arched her back slightly…
I couldn’t hold it any longer and shot cum all over her sister. On her face, her tits, her stomach, everywhere.
They both broke out laughing. And I continued fingering the 12 year old, and she was totally enjoying it, and she still had my dick in her hand, and she came on my finger…
Her sister asked, “what’s happening?” And didn’t notice I was finger fucking her older sister.
She was shuddering and gasping, her sister was covered with my cum, and I’m thinking “holy shit, that’s awesome!”
So… I told the younger one to go wipe up and get ready for bed, and the older one to get her nightgown on.
They left, and I put my dick away.
When they came back, we put on a movie and just sat there until it was over. It “wasn’t a big deal” I guess, because they didn’t say or do anything… Just acted normal…
I thought that was the weirdest thing about the whole situation.
But I couldn’t stop thinking about it… And my dick was hard again.
Just wait until you hear part 2 and then part 3.

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  • Reply Bob ID:1deo5fh0gu86

    I enjoyed reading your hot story. It’s so arousing to have young girls dancing around naked in front of you!!! I’m anxious to read more about your fun with them. Seems that they do their things together, so I imagine you’ll get 2 for the price of one!! Please write many parts for me and probably many more. You know we love to masturbate while reading. My cock will be hard again. Thanks. I’d enjoy chatting with you about our sexual experiences.
    Love, sucks and fucks,

    [email protected]


  • Reply Daddy ID:1ck7hjbcopi0

    I’m glad you got to cum on your granddaughter. They start to get horny at that age. My 11 year old is the same way.

  • Reply Peter from Australia ID:1cn96ee27z4f

    [email protected] Definitely a lucky guy to have both of them. At least now you have got something to play with something to look forward too

  • Reply Durumxx ID:1dni3sdp27rl

    Such great story! I’d really love to read more!

    Kik & Snap @ durumxx

  • Reply Fat Bastard ID:1367pw4m9k

    Looking forward to the next chapter!

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Great story got me excited and wet, thank you, Emma from Aus.

  • Reply Noone ID:1de15q4cpumt

    Can’t wait

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1ct6xbbkhz9p

    Looking forward to part 2

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9a

    Can’t wait to read the next parts

  • Reply BayratPirate ID:1ck86uvoxpsi

    Looking forward to parts 2, 3 and more.

    Just for context, and because im curious, are they your son or your Daughter’s girls….