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Mommy’s Little Lezzy

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She woke us up, in the middle of the night… #Anonymous #Covert

“Mommy?” Her voice was real low, but she shook my shoulder, and whispered by my ear. ‘I think my kitty is sick.’

Her father rolled over, so I got up to play Dr. Mom: Gynecologist. At first, I was a little worried about an Urinary Tract, or Yeast Infection, but then she pulled down her underwear, and held up the front of her night shirt.

“Snh?” It wasn’t the rotten beer smell of a yeast infection, but in the hall light, she looked red, and inflamed. “You’re just hot. Go back to bed, and we’ll see if you’re any better in the morning.”

I knew exactly what the “Problem” was. She had a wet dream, I could smell it as soon as her underpants came down, but you know that movie, Inception? I don’t suppose that I believed that you could plant a thought in someone’s head, but then the obvious bullshit science like hacking people’s dreams.

It was Science Fiction, and kind of a Horror story, if you think about it, but then I went back to bed, and I suppose the image of her legs, got stuck in my head. Her panties slipping down them, and her knobby knees shaking. Her hands gripping the hem of her night-shirt, and shyly pulling it up, to reveal…

Most of all, the smell of my 10 year old daughter, turned on for the first time, and for the life of me, I can’t remember. When I was that young, I don’t suppose we had all these subliminal sexual messages in Advertising, or I wasn’t aware of it. Her father usually took her to school, on his way to work, but after breakfast, I said “I’ll take her.”

Probably a poor choice of words, but before we left, I asked her. “You remember what you’re dreaming last night, when you woke up, and thought your kitty must be sick?”

“Oh, yeah!” She thought, “You’re right, I feel all better now.”

“Well, how did you feel, last night besides sick?”

“Hm.” She chewed some toast, thoughtfully, and then she washed it down with some milk. “You know how you used to kiss boo-boos, to make them better?”

“Hmn.” I don’t want to think about kissing her, down there, and making her feel better. At least she was dressed for school, and they had a dress code, so her skirt was long enough to cover her bony knees, with her legs crossed, but she rubbed her leg on top.

“Beth.” She nodded.

“Your friend, Elizabeth?”

“Mhm?” She nodded, smiled, and took a deep breath. “Huh, after I went back to bed, I couldn’t sleep, but.” She giggled, “She’s really ticklish.” Her fingers plucked at her skirt, “Especially right here.”

“She hasn’t been. Trying to tickle you. Between the legs.”

“No, she’s not a stranger.”

“Now, I. Suppose you might have gotten the wrong idea, at school.” I looked at the clock. “Come on, you better grab your books and things. We can talk in the car.” Where I can’t.

Why am I even having this urge, to touch her leg, and rub the skirt up her lap? Say things “Like this? Do you like this? It feels good, but you know what would feel even better.” Things that a mother should never say to her daughter, or desire doing to her.

“Huh, it’s not only strangers you have to worry about.”

Of course, I didn’t say any of those things. I didn’t even touch her skirt, and slip it up her lap so I could spread her skinny poreless thighs, and see what underwear she’d put on this morning after her bath. Now, why did I have to go think of that? Her taking off her stinky panties, and night shirt. Stepping into the tub naked, and getting wet, between her legs…

I’m not a child molester, I’m not even gay, and here she is struggling with her sexual awakening, while all I can think about is trying to take advantage of it. I should be thinking about how to stop her, friend. Beth, taking advantage of her.

“It doesn’t work.”

“Sorry, what? What doesn’t work?”

“Huh!” She rolled her eyes, and I signaled for a turn. Slowed down when the sign flashed that I was still doing 38.

“Rubbing it. Like when I banged my knee, and I rubbed it.” She felt down to her knees, to demonstrate with both hands. Holding her knees together, but at least she wasn’t scissoring right in front of me. “It didn’t help, but you know how you can’t tickle yourself.”

“You weren’t, touching yourself. Last night, in bed. You’re not in trouble, I’m sorry, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea, but. I just don’t want that life for you.”

“Mom, do you think I might be a lesbian, for Beth?”

“I don’t know,” but I felt a stab of jealousy, right for my heart, and she’s my daughter. My 10 year old daughter, and I’m not homophobic, at all. I never had any problem with gay, and lesbian friends, “But you’re too young to start worrying about these things, and how old is Elizabeth?”

“Eleven, don’t you remember? I told you on her birthday.”

“Yes, of course. It’s just that, homosexuals have a hard time in life, and there’s nothing wrong with, having a crush when you’re young, and you’re starting to have all these confusing feelings…”

I should have driven around the block, but I pulled up on the sidewalk, and tried to take a deep breath.

“Okay, bye mom.” She just got out, and I didn’t want to let her go, but I held my hand back from reaching for her, and the last thing I wanted to do was tell her to come back, kiss me goodbye, but now my lips are swollen, and hot.


Honk! I put it in gear, and drove off, but confused, and fighting these feelings didn’t help. I must have driven her to school on autopilot, but then I looked up at a light, over at the road signs, and. “Fifth, and Norman road?” I shook my head, lost, but at least I had this satellite navigation, thing that I never learned to use. I had to pull over in a parking lot to figure it out, which distracted me enough to forget my worries, and then, I wanted a drink.

“Where can I guide you to?”

“Huh, gay and lesbian bars. I need a drink.” It’s not even 9am, but I went to college. I experimented, and I had thought that I had satisfied my curiosity, but I also thought that I was straight. Happily married, and I never once even considered cheating on my husband, let alone.

Molesting my daughter, and probably smothering her friend with a pillow so she couldn’t touch her, and then. “Oh god.” Stripping the body naked, and seeing what she had in the training bra.

“Are you all right?” The bar-tender minced up, “Another glass?” Pulling the cork from the wine bottle.

“Huh, yeah. All right.” I need to sober up, before I drive back home, but. “Pretty slow.” I looked around the otherwise empty bar, pulling another $5.00 out of my purse.

“It’s 10 AM.” He said seriously, and corked the wine bottle. “We won’t get any business until the liquid lunch rush.”

“Of course, but can we talk?”

“Of course, I can’t help noticing that you seem upset.” At least he didn’t lisp, but he’s safe. A man, a gay man, and honestly girly enough to talk to.

“Huh, my daughter, well.” Girl talk, “She didn’t come right out to me, but she as much as admitted that she’s starting to have feelings for her best friend. Romantic feelings, a crush really. Like she wants to kiss her, but she hasn’t acted on them yet, and.”

“Hang on a sec.” He picked up the phone.

“Who you calling?”

He rolled his eyes, “I don’t know if it’s any different for lesbians, but we all go through that.”

“Of course,” I just never expected to go through that with my own daughter. “But what do I do?”

“Hang on. Agnes? Well, wake her up, we have a little.” He looked me up and down, like a Mean Girl. “Situation here.”


Beth (gG Talk Anon)

“Beth, do you ever. Play with yourself?”

“Huh, sometimes?” I shrugged, but she’s talking like, all these extra commas. And Periods. When she doesn’t know what to say, or she’s afraid to say the wrong thing, she doesn’t throw in ums. She just, hesitates. She doesn’t even bite her lip, but that’s how you can tell she’s worried about something.

“Huh, well. I had this dream about you, and your tickle spots.” She looked down, and I crossed my legs.

“Look, I.” Now I’m biting my lip, shaking my head. “I guess, it’s like dreaming, in a way. Sometimes random things pop into your head, but they don’t mean anything.”

“Like what?”

“Huh, this one time, I was just looking at a tire.”

“Like a car tire?”

“Yeah, only without the car, or the wheel, or anything. It was just this dirty old tire, leaned up against a fence, and then I thought. Huh!” I rolled my eyes, “Well, a man would have to be huge, like a giant to fit his.” I made the Okay sign, and stuck my finger in it.

She giggled, “That was weird, and did you? Play with yourself?”

“Huh, well I was already feeling randy, and ovulating, so I opened my eyes, to look around.” I nodded. “Then, I saw it and got this weird thought in my head, of a giant picking up a car tire to screw it. That’s it, so I wouldn’t be too worried about it. If I were you.”

“What’s it feel like, Ovulating?”

“Uh! Crampy, and sick, and disgusting inside, but also. Sometimes, you get real horny, too.”

“Huh, yeah. That must be it, I was just ovulating, and just randomly thought about your legs.”

“That was it? Just my legs.”

“Well, you’ve got great legs. Didn’t anyone ever tell you that?”

“Huh, well. I better get going.”

“There’s plenty of time before lunch.”

“I just have to do something, alone.”

“Oh, okay.” She was kinda creeping me out! “Huh, huh huh!” I started hyperventilating, so I had to get out my inhaler. PSH! “Huh!” Catch my breath. “Huh!” Or try to, but I almost had a panic attack, for a minute there. So, I went to find a water fountain, but I kept looking back to see if she was following me.


Dr. Mom (Fg)

She hopped in the front seat with me, and sniffed. “Are you drunk?”

“Huh, no. It was only a couple glasses of wine, hours ago, and I took a nap. I should be fine.”

She buckled up anyway, but it would probably be better if she got in the back. In her car seat, with the strap pulled tight between her logs. I shook my head, she’s 10. She hasn’t had to sit in a booster seat in a couple of years, I just don’t want to get pulled over because she wasn’t wearing her seatbelt, if there’s enough wino breath in the car to smell it.

“How was school?”

She crossed her arms, “I broke up with Beth.”

“Oh?” Good, “I didn’t know you’re going out.”

“We weren’t, that’s the problem. She’s straight, and it’s just heartbreaking. Seeing her, and knowing that she doesn’t feel the same way about me.”

“Oh, that reminds me.” I pulled up the arm rest, and got out a pamphlet. “I talked to a therapist, and I slept with a woman, or 2.”

She took the pamphlet, and read. In the uncomfortable silence. “P-flag. Is that how you say it, or like, Phflag?”

“Well, it used to stand for Parents, and Friends of Lesbians, and Gays, but.” Apparently, they just keep adding letters… “I don’t know, they didn’t say it out loud, I just grabbed the pamphlets on the way out, but you might want to talk to them.”

“Uhm. Mom, when you said that. You slept with a woman or 2. You’re talking about just now, when you had your nap?”

“Huh, don’t tell your father, but. Well, one of them is in college, and her girlfriend is already a sexual therapist, but they’re experimenting with this special kind of treatment.”

“Sex treatment.”

“Huh,” I smiled, “Yeah.” I shook my head, “Lately, they. By they, I mean the psychiatric industry, well they have been struggling with.” Child molesters, rapists, and. Incest. “Certain inappropriate urges.”

“Sexual urges.”

“The theory is that if they can be satisfied, in a more appropriate way, then it might take the edge off.”

“What kind of urges, are we talking about?”

“Huh!” I pulled up, on the side of the road, so I could hold my head.


Shake it. “Well, you know Elizabeth.”


“Well, it’s all your fault! You’re the one that was talking about her legs, and. I didn’t even want to think about it, but it’s been driving me nuts all day, and I tried drinking, but that didn’t help, and I tried. Huh! I cheated on your father. With them.”

“Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me, but. How was that?”

“Huh, well. They’re very gentle, patient, and loving. With each other.”

She giggled, “You had a threesome, with 2 lesbians?”

“It was just therapy. I think, they kind of took advantage of me. Being drunk, and.” Horny, and hungry for some pussy, but not their pussies, and. “Emotionally compromised.”

“Huh, well. You should probably report them to the police, or somebody. You trust.”

She touched my leg, and I jumped, so my foot slipped off the brake, and I slammed on them a little hard when we started rolling, but we both had our seatbelts on, and it’s not as if I hit the gas, and took off at a dangerous speed, but I’m not drunk.

I’m sober, and she only patted my knee, but I’m over-reacting. “No, it’s all right, I wanted it.” I wanted something, I just hoped that a few orgasms would get the smell of my daughters wet hot swollen cunt out of my head, and I got some practice, too. I was a little rusty, since the last time I tried it, in college, but I thought that I was straight.

It never really did anything for me, before. I certainly never felt such lust for another woman, another girl even when I was one. “Well, maybe they can help you come to terms with being a lesbian.”

“Oh, I’m not a lesbian.” She giggled. “I think I’m probably going to be bisexual, when I grow up. You’re right, I’m way way too young to even start thinking about this stuff.”

Too late for me, though. “I better get you home.” Before I do something stupid.

Just seeing her, she said. Was heartbreaking, so they broke up.

Too bad, I can’t break up with my daughter, because I started getting sexual thoughts, and feelings for her, but I can’t look at her any more. It’s too tempting.

I hope she’ll understand some day. “Snh?”

At least I can’t smell her pussy juice.

“Are you crying?”

“Snh, a little?”


“Huh, they just. You know how mothers always say, they grow up so fast?” Don’t touch her. Don’t hug me! “Not while I’m driving. Sit back.”


“Huh, I just never felt that before. I’m happy, for you. I am, snh! I just, a little part of me is sad that you’re not going to be my little girl, for much longer…”


^I can go on, but this part is running a little long, anyhow.

Again, #CovertIncest isn’t physical abuse. It’s emotional abuse, and sexual harassment, but of course, it can always escalate to Overt physical Incest.

Usually after a few years of grooming…

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