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Britney the bikini beauty gets forcefully banged at the beach

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It was a hot day in July and just recently my girlfriend broke up with me because she says that I’m to rough and abusive to her ,so I told her to fucking go .So I decided to go and jerk off to some porn videos ,then I changed my mind and decided to head out to the beach and find some eye candy .

I just arrived and found a nice spot to watch most of the girls on the beach ,for the most part there were some decent looking girls and I felt my cock starting to stir seeing all the cleavage and sexy asses hanging out ,and I haven’t blown my load since my girlfriend broke up with me and that’s been two weeks ago .

After scanning the entire beach , I saw this brown haired beauty wearing a French two piece white bikini with nicely tanned skin and a gold ankle bracelet around her ankle, sitting and talking to her friends .
All that I could focus on is what looked like the nicest DD tits that I had ever seen so far ,and I wanted them .

I couldn’t think straight , my cock was hard as a rock so I shifted positions on my towel but there’s no hiding it . My cock was throbbing hard for her and there was only one cure for me . I’m going to fuck her whether she likes it or not .An hour must have gone by and I kept checking her out and I think she noticed me checking her out .

When she walked her tits bounced which made my cock throb harder and harder .She was with two of her friends ,how can I get her alone ? and how can I get my throbbing cock inside her ?

Then the perfect thing happened ,her two friends left .I overheard them exchanging good byes and one of them said good bye Britney ,and she was going to stay a little longer at the beach .

So this beauty’s name is Britney .I decided to see if she would leave before me , after about twenty minutes she started packing up her things .

She slipped into her 3 inch white heels and walked to the private showers to rinse off the sand ,there are small wooden enclosures with a bench .I also started to walk pretending to leave and not follow her .Once she was in I ran and dropped my stuff in my car ,all that I could think about was being inside her and making her my bitch .

I walked quietly up to the shower hoping she left it unlocked and hoping she’s alone .I was a few feet away and I could hear the sound of the shower .I pulled unzipped and pulled out my 7 inch fully erect cock out of my cargo shorts and approached the door slowly I could see under the shower her feet with her pretty ankle bracelet around her ankle facing the other way .

This is my chance ,I swung the door open fast and saw her wearing her bikini as she turned quickly ,she looked terrified as I pushed her up against the wall then I put my arm around her and put my hand over her mouth to keep her from screaming out .

She tried to push back against me with her hips but it was no use I pushed the back of her head with my weight so her head was between the wall and my upper body .

I took my free hand and spit on it and rubbed it on my cock ,her hair is wet and it ran down the middle of her back .I can see her big tits are pressed against the wall and the side of her face as well .

My cock is pressed up against her back just above her sexy pouty ass ,I rubbed my spit on my cock quickly and reached back and pulled her bikini bottom down ,I stepped back for a moment and I asked her if she knew who was in control and she just whimpered so I put my hand around her throat and squeezed , then she quickly replied ,”You are sir”!!

I pulled her back so my mouth was next to her ear and told her she was gong to do exactly what I tell her , she nodded her head up and down .I loosened my grip from her throat and told her to bend over and grab and hold onto to her ankles. I thrusted my hard cock into her wet pussy as she screamed out ,


I could tell that my cock hurt her because she’s gritting her teeth ,but I had control over her as I slid my cock deeper until I couldn’t push it no further .I grabbed her hair with one hand and firmly pulled it back but she didn’t seem to fight or cry out this time .

I pulled my cock back and pushed it back in at least 12 times . I could feel her pussy getting wetter as she’s starting to moan ,I pulled her hair back harder again so she was forced to look up as I can feel a warm gush around my cock .

Britney yelled out for me to stop. so I open handed slapped her bare ass cheeks as she yelped out ,

“Owwhhhh”!!!! Just hard enough so she knew she’s my bitch .

I shoved my big cock into her now popped pussy, with hard thrusting motions while her tits dangled and swung back and fourth as I violated this young beauty . I can feel her pussy squeezing and cumming all over my cock while her pussy cum and juices mixed with her popped hymen blood leak down her leg as she’s squealing out , “Ohhhhhh”!!!! “Ohh my god please don’t cum in me sir”!! “Ohhh”!!

I wiped her cum with my finger and thrusted my finger into Britney’s asshole . She yelled and shrieked ,


I told her to shut the fuck up as I continued fucking her hard and fingering her virgin ass .As I loosened her ass up I stuck another finger in .I have the entire length of my cock buried deep into her pussy as I am now focusing on her ass .Britney’s ass was just right ,not to big and not to small .

I have her ass pretty stretched out at this point ,so I pulled my fingers out and shoved my cock into her ass while she screamed out , “OWWWHHHHH”!!!!!!! “OH GOD IT HURTS YOU DIRTY BASTARD”!!


I slapped her ass really hard again as she yelped out again , her ass was really tight but very wet from me spitting on my cock and my precum all over it .

I can see Britney wincing as I pushed it in further ,it took me ten good hard thrusts to loosen up her asshole while she cried in pain .As I continued to fuck her ass I could feel my cock about to explode ,

I fucked her ass harder and harder until her asshole was good and stretched . Finally I couldn’t hold back anymore and my cock exploded inside her ass , my hot sperm flooded her inner bowels as she screamed out it , “OH GOD IT BURNS”!!! “PLEASE SIR TAKE IT OUT”!! “OH GOD YOUR HURTING ME”!!

After I was done raping both her pussy and ass I told her if she told anyone that I’ll find her and do it again .I walked out quickly and got into my car and drove away with a smile .


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  • Reply Max ID:7z897a9hrc

    Hey Britney Do you have Instagram?

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfxij

    No girl in her right mind gives up a rough and abusive guy. It’s what good sex is all about, surely?! Love your story, Britney!

  • Reply Grammer Patrol ID:13t7apz6ib

    Spaces before the periods.

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      I like periods first !!! it lets me know that I’m not pregnant !!!! Britney

  • Reply Perv Mechanic ID:e79w9sjphxa

    Very hot story Britany. It was deserved. Showing off your sexy body.

  • Reply A. ID:1d05rigdwlif

    As usual a good story, but is miss tagged, cumming ina ass does not produce a pregnancy

    • Big Bad John ID:2muspuh6i9

      Nit picking! Why even mention it?

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Sorry and thanks for pointing that out !! Britney

  • Reply Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

    Great story Britney, as usual you make it read like it is actually happening to you and I know how much you love a good rape fantasy

  • Reply AlabamaSlamma ID:d7yn16s44

    Very HOT!

  • Reply Big Bad John ID:2muspuh6i9

    Oh fucking YES!!! That was an awesome story that made me shoot my wad all over the screen!!! If I had been there I would have joined in and raped all your holes. You are without doubt one of the five best writers on this site Britney. Please don’t stop writing!! BBJ

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Thank you BBJ !! But on one condition , that you look out for me and be my so called bodyguard ! on this sight ! (HUGS & KISSES) Britney

    • Big Bad John ID:2muspuh6i9

      You got it Britney! I would love you sitting on my lap in just your garter belt, stocking and heels with my hard cock buried in your pussy while sucking on your big juicy tits. My cock’s throbbing at the thought of it!!! BBJ

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Thanks baby !! in the near future I will do a story of us together with all my sexy undergarments on for my BBJ !! love your Britney

    • Big Bad John ID:2muspuh6i9

      I look forward to. Make it a rape story, they are my favourite. Your horny fan BBJ