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Each morning my slut pig & I would drink each other’s fresh piss in deep mugs before coffee. Then burn my cock & balls & her tits in the hot coffee pot to begin our day. We looked forward to it! She was young with a perfect body to destroy. She was excited knowing her fate. She was also very good at torturing me. She was great gang bang material.

I had some rusty thick chain. I cut it in half. I forced one into her cunt. The other, she would beat my cock & balls with it to make them bleed. Then she would suck the blood off. She asked me to bloody her tits for me to suck blood after. A pleasure indeed, Her flesh fell off easily after the tits were boiled in coffee. The nipples bled great after the beating, I drank well. Next, I put nails in her nipples. I hammered them into the breastbone! It made her horny. I removed the cunt chain & fist fucked her as a reward. She needed to shit. I had her scoop it up & fill her cunt with shit. She liked what she had done.

I ordered her to bloody my cock with needles, pins, and razors. She was excited about impaling my balls & cock. She took hours torturing it all. I even got ass hole pins into the rim. She gouged chunks of fresh out & saved it for us to eat later. She poured salt over it. I decided to burn her with cigarettes if she would burn me. I got her tits & cunt lips as well as the clit all the way through…… the clit hood. I had her douch her cunt. Morning came again. She served shit on toast which was our regular favorite. We always saved shit for breakfast to have with our piss cocktails. And we boiled our flesh pre-coffee. We always looked forward to that. Cooked cock, balls, and tits to begin our day. We also ate the flesh chunks she took from me yesterday.

We decided to cut and stab each other’s ass & other meat today. We had sharp pocket knives & razors. I stabbed her ass deep & twisted the blade in her fully. I sliced her tits deep. She got me good after that. We saved the flesh for a snack later. I took her to the Adult Theater for a gang bang. She took many cocks & wore cum all over. We took a glory hole room to play a bit more. We left the door open so guys lined up to use her. Once home we ate our skin snacks with piss.
I removed the nails in her nipples before going out. I drilled screws down her nipples & into her breast bone. She had become used to it. I cut out one areola. We ate it fresh. Her tit(s) were a sight. I licked the blood. She asked to torture me, I agreed. She inserted a sound down my shaft then beat it until stripes formed. Then she burned the head with cigarettes black. I enjoyed it greatly. Then she rinsed the head with boiling coffee. I pissed in her hair daily & did so now. We always let it dry in. She smelled best on hot days. Then we drank her piss. I made a ball of barbed wire to place into her ass hole & cunt. I placed it just inside her ass. It hurts! Later I’ll stick it in her cunt opening. A good toy! The blood flows as the wire teeth cut into her flesh. I had many droplets to drink. After an hour, I moved the ball into her cunt mouth. Soon it bled. I removed it in an hour. She was a mess.

She offered to work me over, I agreed. She squeezed my balls with vice grips. Then she jammed a sound down my cock into the bladder so I pissed. She rebeat my cock hard with an iron pole. Soon the marks bled. She licked the blood & piss. Beat it more, I asked. It was black & blue. We took a break to drink piss. After, I knifed her tits deep. I got the blood. Next, I told my pig I was to hurt her badly to decorate her. She agreed. I began with slitting her clit hood all the way up the middle. Now it flapped side to side. Then the main fun was getting a wood screw & hand driving it into her clit then I hit bone. I went deeper into her mound bone. It was great! She said she liked how it felt now. She rubbed her sore clit. I poured salt over it all. I took out the nipple screws for a moment & poured salt into the holes. Then I replaced the screws deeper into the bone. I punched holes in her cunt lips & added weights. I had her vomit on my cock & left it to dry. She ate it clean later. Next, I filled her cunt with Brillo steel wool pads. They scratched her insides bloody. The soapy dry pads got wet fast.

She wanted to torture my cock with vice grip clamps, she did. Once clamped I poured hot coffee into an enema bag & boiled her guts. I had her take the whole cooking pot in the bag. She said she wanted to do it often as expelled. She liked it Said it felt good. I had her remove the cunt pads & force 3 in her ass hole. They were falling apart so it was easier to scrape into her ass. Blood began. I sucked it up.
I took the clamps off & squeezed her tits & nipples hard.
She crushed it in two places & left them on. They were heavy. Then she lit a cigarette to burn my cock. She covered it well. I like to have it burned. She also burnt my nipples. Aha…… What a bad girl! Next, she ass fucked me with a thick wooden dowel so it bled. She sucked it clean. She took off the clamps & beat my cock with the big stick so it was turned black & blue.

I decided to install a cedar/piss tap into her piss hole. I hammered it deep. And the backside of the tap had spikes on it. It kept her cut up. We used it each time she pissed. The spikes were effective. The area above the hole was raw. We enjoyed drinks from it. The spikes drew drops of blood we mixed with the piss from deep in her bladder. More to follow, [email protected]

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