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Daughters dance friend stays the night

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My daughters dance season as ended for the time being and she still goes to school land stays in touch with most of them. Her friends finally.
On of your friends who is in 6th grade a year older than my daughter stayed the night( the one who did the splits for me if you read my previous story) she says things more mature then she normal kid her ages does
We spent the day going to an arcade type place and then getting pizza after.
Once we got home it was late. Her friend had been being kind as always and making sure I was included in everything they did.
It was late they were changing in there PJs as I was getting into my shorts and t shirt. her friends walked passed the door and Saw my cock for the first time. She just stared as I gripped it, pumped it a few times to adjust but also show off to her.
Then my daughter called her name which snapped her out of her trance, she smiled and then walked into her room.
I was so hard it took everything I had not to ask her to come back in. I went in and got them blankets made sure they had pillows and put them on them, I felt her little hand brush against my shorts and cock. She smiled against but my daughter wouldn’t leave her alone and get her attention. So I walked back into my room I lay down and start stroking as I hear them yell they want a snack. I angrily drag my self out of bed and asl them what they want my daughter says chips but her friend says a toaster strudel with lots of ice. . I thought to my self perfect chance. As soon as I hear the pop from the toaster. I bring it over and blast my load onto it and then put the icing on it and bring it over. She takes the first bite and her eyes open and looks at me. I ask how does it taste. She immediately said ” I want more”. I said that’s all for tonight, not wanting to push the boundaries so soon, I said next time you stay over she said ” you have to show me how you make these,” I said would you like to help and she smiled and said yes as fast as I could finish my words. . . . Would love to chat and any naughty girls or moms to build friendships and more. I have session or snap if interested let me know or leave a message with your user name. I’ll keep updating as things happen

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  • Reply Sam ID:h05rwumdt8d


    Would love to hear more and tell you my story

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    33 married m. Wife and I trying for a kid. I hope we have a daughter


    • Tom ID:1enb55p2j2vx

      Right will u play with if u do???

  • Reply Sluttymom ID:1e8409rfb7ug

    Got me so horny and wet

    • N4ughtyd4d ID:2aue1pdm9k

      I’m glad I could help. Would love to talk if you have session let me know

    • Anonymous ID:4bn00en3fia

      I’d fuck you and your daughters keeping you both pregnant

  • Reply Black ID:1cobqnon7ugc

    @gonzo you have snap

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    Here’s my Sessions ID. I’d be happy to chat with you.

    • N4ughtyd4d ID:33m7buqra

      Phone told me to finish my update and then reset all my apps so apologizes to that. . Sometimes I hate androids

  • Reply Jordan ID:1d5d1hhwubh1

    If you keep in touch my dicord is jaydthatbeme

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    Love it please continue

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    Very nice want to chat [email protected]

  • Reply Chucky ID:1cyr7kycfqbu

    Dang don’t tease lol

    • N4ughtyd4d ID:2aue1pdm9k

      I can only type what actually happened lol don’t mean to tease lol

  • Reply Noone ID:1de15q4cpumt

    Is there a part 2 and where r your previous stories

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1eof6oufs2xk

    6ty grade makes her what 11 or 12. Better hit that soon before she is too old.

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrjplk0j

      11 and rounding hips, lips getting fat n juicy and buds just a poppin……Yummy!