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My teenage carer

I had been inhospital for 2 operations on my knees and was going home,I needed help around the home and since I had a bit of money had to pay for most of it myself, I was a 50 year... # # # #

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I remember the days of my youth living at my dad and stepmom’s lake house. I have a stepsister, Ming, who is almost the same age. She is about six months older than me. She was slowly... # # # #

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Adventures of one fat boy 2

Of course, at 4hour I go and meet him It wasn’t difficult some friends of my parents visit us and I found the opportunity to escape not that without their friends would notice... # # #

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Jenny and Jimmy Part 3

Part 3: “This has to be one of the dumbest idea ever!”, Jenny said “No it is not! You two will love it!”, I said. “Ok let me slam something the size of your dick up your butt!”,... # # # #

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Nero I love you

My dog Nero had taken my virginity (see my story – how I lost my virginity) while I was passed out and now was the next day. I woke up in the morning in pain and for a moment... # # #

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The girl I’ll never forget

We were sitting at the long table, awaiting the speaker to offer grace. A young woman, looking to be about 25 to 30 years old, came to our table and asked if all the seats were taken.... #

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Jenny and Jimmy

I was 13 and my twin step sisters Jenny and Jamie were 11. The twins always had each other and were always together but somehow or another I got included in on there adventures. They... # # # #

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