Cat: Virgin

fun at school camp

im 13 and my classmate is about the same. it was the first night at school camp and a group of us were playing cards in my friends tent (lets call him J) after 20 minutes or so everyone... # # #

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I know it was stupid, and immature, but we’re playing Truth or Dare. My dare was to go in the boy’s room, and write a dirty word on the wall. # # #

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Too Cute

I always had these urges, before I could remember. It was definitely disturbing, but they didn’t even do a study on it, until I was older. # # #

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Losing virginity to a BBC

Hi, I am ramya from South India. I come from a very conservative family. I am going to use all real names in this write down as all were my life experiences. I was 21 years old when... # #

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