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The nude village post girl

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In my village that I moved to with my horny wife to stay with her mom is a nude village where everyone is free use just no gays only straight lesbians or bi only if ur a girl and u need to be over ten the village had sex parties monthly where they is different rooms for different sex fun as my other stories go over

The post girl called Lilly is a small brown haired white girl she is 10 I had seen her before as she is the party organisers daughter she was in the pool as she couldn’t get fucked so had everyone cum shit piss squirt and puke over her and a other time where she delivered a package to my wife which was a vibrating dildo for double penetration she came covered in mud with her tight body covered in mud she went into the shed to give the parcel to my wife she came out after 15 minutes with diarrhoea running down her face and body I had known that my wife had diarrhoea anytime she has a vibrator in her ass so I knew she did it so that next Tuesday I ordered a tub of slime powder that makes a sort of lube as my family was wanting to try it so Lilly made her was across the mud I meet her half way so I could “ help her along ” so I held her ass as we belly slid across the mud she fell into a mud puddle where her body face and hair got covered so I lifted her back to the house where while carrying her I stuck my finger in her tight ass she let out a little moan very big step I took we made it to the house where I got her to go to the barn she went and jumped in the pool of shit I then shouted to her can you come over here I need some help with something so she got out of the pool and came over I asked do u think u can fit on this it was a wall with shackles on it with a stained mattress on the floor so she lay down and I put the shackles on her wrists then then I asked are u on the pill she said no I asked have u even had sex before she said no only pleasured myself so I said u will lover this then a I stuck my hard 9” cock in her virgin pussy and fucked her she tried to kick me off her screaming for me to stop I keep going even fucker her harder then she screamed as I put a fat load in her I took my cock out as the cum came running down into her ass I then said do u need to pee or shit she said both so I lay down and started to eat her pussy out first as she started to piss in my face after she was done I flipped her over and started to eat her ass she started to shit so I cock my cock and started rubbing it between her ass smearing it over her and my cock I untied her as I did she came and gave me a hug and said thank you and kissed my shit covered cock she walked away with cum hanging out pussy clinging on to her thighs she then turns around and scoops the cum and smears it on her face and smiles as she was then making her way through the mud my family went past her my wife seen me watching them so she knew it was my cum so she licked it off her face and pussy

I just love my new life I will tell you about the slime next time

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  • Reply durrrr ID:5m9tb98m

    lul afraid of teh gays but totally into shit eating

    • iloveyou144 ID:1e2hr3ajt8i2

      me too