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Cat: Virgin

Introduced to Dog Love

Growing up on a farm has a lot of things to do. One of my favorites was walking in the woods with my friend, Jenny (we are both girls) along with our dogs. Both our dogs were males.... # # #

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Saw her, raped her

I saw a young girl, age unknown I’m guessing 14ish. Her skirt blew up and she was pantiless. I pulled over and grabbed her, and raped her # # #

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Play time with my cousins

I’ve read a lot of stories here about cousins, and I wanted to share mine as well. I was an 11 year old prepubescent. I have a slim and hairless body at that time. My cock has... # # #

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Taking my fiancé’s virginity

Hi my name is Dmac, this story is about me and my fiance first time. We both were in our mid 20s and had been dating for a few years in a long distance relationship. Over the period... #

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A twelve year-old girl fostered with a family, a student photographer with more than photos on his mind….Both have fantasies and plans…. # #

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New Neighbours

Peter Golt pulled the cord of the banker’s lamp that came with the apartment and stood up from the desk, closing down his new laptop. Another half finished paper getting the better... # # # #

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