Cat: Virgin

Little girls

One thing I’ve never been proud of in life is my obsession with little girls, first, it was just watching petite girl porn you know extraxxx small stuff then I began reading hentia... # # #

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Losing my virginity

I was 17 when I lost my virginity to a girl I was hopelessly in love with. She was also 17 and in my class. It was probably the best day of my life. # #

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My little beach boy

This happened a about a year ago and honestly I have always had a bit of a shotacon fetish, something about a little boy clinging to your body as he tries his hardest to fuck you silly... # #

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Hot summer night

I never noticed how beautiful Alice was until I became sexually aroused one summer day while playing water games in the garden. # # #

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Best birthday ever

(Disclaimer this story is entirely fictional. It’s just a fantasy that I have been cooking up for a while) # # #

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My good deed

My step-sister got a vibrator stuck up her pussy, I helped her remove it, then I replaced it with my cock. She even thanked me for doing it. # # #

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