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The LAFA Chronicles 3 – How MeadowFlower lost her virginity

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Priest breeds young country girl – and nun has fun too

His Eminence stepped towards me towards me, to bless me again, so I thought. We were almost cheek to cheek. I could feel his breath on my skin. I bowed my head. It touched his shoulder. His nose nestled into my hair, smelling the tangy bouquet of perfume from the purification.

I shook my head as if to deny him. He moved his hand up along the silken panel of the gown on my back to my long black hair. He started to gently stroke it, as he talked to me of God’s love and what it might mean. How God’s love was not just words, it had physical embodiment, how it walked upon the earth then and now. That all would be well. How I would become a bride of the Church, which would care of me come what may. I began to relax, and breathe deeply of his manly smell.

He kissed me lightly on the cheek. I felt myself blushing as his lips touched my face. If I could pull away, if I’d been allowed to pull away, this I knew later was the last moment.

The virginity test was to make sure I no longer possessed it.

But all I could say as I looked up at him was “Y-you kissed me.”

“Yes. You are as sweet as your name, MeadowFlower. I am bringing God’s love to every corner of your body, as it is ordained I should.”

“I—I have never been kissed by a man before,” I lied as I’d been told to. “What are you going to do to me?”

“Wait, my pretty flower. I will pluck you oh so slowly that you will want it never to end.” I was to find out how truly he spoke.

Holding me close, his arm about my slender waist, he touched my chin with his other hand tilting my head so that I might meet his powerful mouth with mine. Gently he kissed me again as I became used to the sensation of my mouth on his.

“I never knew it could be like that,” I said softly, my cheeks glowing warmly.

As he kissed me again, my caution was now giving way to passion. He slowly stroked my long silken black hair. He held me close with both arms, my small firm breasts pressed against his bare chest, its hairs sending a first chill of ecstasy through me.

I was submissive as he continued to kiss me, stroking my hair, then slowly sliding his hand down towards my waist again, letting him choose the course he wanted. As he first moved down along my neck, my little rose bud nipples were erect and rigid, tenting the bodice; my nipples tingling from the attention that he was giving my hair.

I was surprised that just stroking my hair had affected me so. He moved his hand back to my shoulder, pulling the topmost bow loose and slipping under the front of the gown, opening it enough to see I wore a white chemise underneath. He could see my nipples were firm and erect with excitement. I looked down at the hand now fondling the underside of my small firm right breast. The sensation was beginning to have another effect on me. I was beginning to experience feelings deep between my legs I had never known before.

That was the point at which he stepped over the line and claimed my body and soul. Without touching the nipple, he gently caressed it, just rubbing little circles around the rose bud pink nipple, slowly widening the circle until the was crossing my chest to the other breast, which was still hidden by the panels of the satin gown.

As his fingertips slowly circled their way toward the nipple of my left breast, I sighed with my growing arousal, our tongues now entwined as he kept exploring my mouth. I felt a wetness growing between my legs. I shrugged my shoulders so that the gown began to fall off from that breast too.

He now had closer access to my whole upper body, tracing ever-smaller circles around each breast until he could just touch the nipple. Then he touched the whole breast with the flat of his hand before tracing widening circles to the base of my breast and then crossing my chest to the other one.

After a moment he pulled the rest of the bows and the silk gown fell in its four panels to the floor. He gathered me up and eased me down on the huge bed, our mouths parted for a brief moment as he gazed down on me, now clad only in the thinnest of chemises.

My eyes closed and lips slightly parted waiting for him to continue, quietly moaning with my desire.

“Don’t stop. This is what I want…” I said in a near whisper, my eyes opening gazing up at him, my eyes pleading that I wanted him to continue what he was doing to me.

From my breasts he moved upward back to my shoulders and down my arms as far as the chemise would let him go. Then back up to my shoulders and down my sides, lifting and ripping off the chemise which he threw off the bed in one masterful movement. He gazed at my aroused nakedness as I revelled in his power over me.

He leaned down to kiss and suck my breasts and their firm nipples in turn. I didn’t move to help his or stop him. I wanted him to control me, to force on me what my body was demanding. I started to gently move my hips responding to his touch. My fingers traced small circles to ruffle my scant busche hair : To draw his attentions, to make him want to take me right then, to rape my ready cherry, to take the gift I willingly gave him.

The movements of my hips were no longer so gentle, and my moans were getting more intense as he slid a finger between my legs to caress the outside of my cunny, pressing against its warm moistness. My dusky downy cunny hair, sparse and soft, was now very wet with the seeping of my virgin girl juices, my childhood pulsed with my arousal.

He could feel the little bump that is the beginning of my virgin clit’s hood. I gasped with the touch of his fingers on the virgin cherry of my innocence.

My eyes fluttered open as I felt his fingers caress the threshold. “Please be gentle with me,” I softly begged, looking up, pleading with my eyes for him to continue.

He kissed me on each nipple, slightly suckling each, and then on the mouth as he assured me I wouldn’t be hurt. I couldn’t stop wiggling my hips or moaning. Rather than trying to stop him, I lifted myself up a little so he could slip his fingers in and out of me more easily. My virgin innocence was vulnerable to his and my desires and gratification.

Without the thick thatch of hair that my mother has, he could see my little cherry virgin cunny plainly; the hood with my cockling’s little head peeking out from under it. The outer lips of my cunny were swollen with the rush of blood to the sanctum, and the inner lips were open like petals of a meadow flower, demanding the attention of the bee.

I let his fingers roam in and around the soft inner lips. My virgin juices seeped out from between them and his fingers easily slipped along their warm wet path.

With each trip around my entrance to heaven, he would brush the hood of my cockling, never actually touching the little head, which was begging for attention too. I was gasping even more now, a steady stream of moans and cries coming from my unkissed mouth. He dipped his middle finger dip into the childhood innocence of my innermost sanctum.

I cried out with a shuddering moan, thrusting my hips hard against his hand. Then I started moving my hips so that his finger was forced in and out of me at an ever-increasing pace. My cunny was still nice and small and tight, his finger was like a hard thick cockstand inside me, fucking my virgin innocence.

“Please daddy. What are you doing to me, daddy? Yes, yes, please…!” I cried, as I thrust my hips with the release of my first multiple climax. “Ah, ah, ah! Ah! Daddy, daddy, love me!” My face was flushed with my exertions, my breasts heaved with each breath. If I had had any resolve to resist, to deny him, it crumbled. I would let him have his way with me, and any way he pleased. If for his greater pleasure he had wrapped his strong hands around my throat and throttled the life out of me, I would have stood at the gates of heaven pleading for him to be let in, and willingly spent the rest of Eternity in Hell.

He withdrew and carelessly licked his finger and kissed me along my stomach and waist down to my cunny. He knelt between my legs to suck and kiss and lick my tender young opening, his tongue touching my swollen clit. As my head thrashed around, I noticed the nun Sister Virtue who had led me to this room from the purification sitting in the corner, her habit pushed up around her waist, her fingers deep in her own cunny, her head thrown back but not a sound passing her lips.

I cried and gasped as he probed my innocence, my rapid motion moving his tongue back and forth on the sensitive organ spread before him. He pushed and twisted two fingers inside me. His thumb pushed against my anus. I was struck as if by a branch. My body arched and went rigid. For several seconds I did not move or make a single sound. Then I cried like he had just stabbed me with a dagger. He must have felt my strong contractions squeezing at his fingers as if my cunny was trying to milk something from them. My body started to shake, my climax went on for what seemed like forever. Then it was over.

My cunny eased its vice like grip on his fingers, and my body started to relax. My arms around him, I held him close and started to quietly cry. Neither one of us said anything. He lowered his lips to mine again and we shared a long deep kiss.

My face was flushed with the again now with the new excitement of losing my virgin innocence. I was suddenly scared. “Are – are you going to…?”

“I’m going to make love to you, my sweet. I’m going to make a woman of you now.”

“Yes that’s what I want…I need you inside me” My young girlish body ached with the newness of the ecstasy that I felt as he squeezed my breasts. “Make love to me, deflower me, fuck me, do whatever pleases you.”

I pushed up his cassock, releasing his hard thick erect cock. I stroked it as he threw off his cassock and displayed the full power of his naked body. He began to move between my legs, spreading them, his engorged manliness, hard as a steel rod moving towards the penetration of my virgin innocence, the first forceful penetration of my previously unspoilt virtue, the rape and elimination of my virgin cherry.

I drew in my breath in a soft gasp as he moved onto me. “You’re – you’re so big. So much bigger than daddy, so much more than….” He put one finger on my lips, used the other to move it towards my small, tight, pulsing wetness. I held onto his hand as he guided it. “Take me,” I gasped, in the way that I’d heard my mother say it, with urgency and lust. He touched the purple head of his cock to my innocence and began to penetrate me, forcing his thickness into my warm, expectant tightness.

I moaned as he pushed into me. He penetrated me, his man rod finally slipping into me met the honey-sweet resistance of my virgin maidenhood. He held it there for a mere moment as I felt his pushing against my unbreached cherry. Now nothing would stop him. This was the moment for which I had been born. I didn’t want him to stop. Hard or soft, any way he wanted, I wanted him. As I grasped his tuchis to hold him inside me, we were joined together in that special way. Drawing back, ever so slightly, he thrust decisively into me, popping my virgin childhood cherry. I screamed softly at the sudden sharp pain of the loss of my innocence; with a cry of surprise I came again, another climax flowing from me in a warm creamy stream.

His hips thrust down hard and quick, he went deep into my innocence; I was no longer

a virgin. He had destroyed my maidenhood with one incredible thrust, but hardly pausing he began pounding my childhood love nest again. He was in charge, he controlled me as he fulfilled my desires and my dreams.

“Oh, oh! It hurts!” I cried as he thrust deeper into the pulsing tightness of my little cunny with each penetration. “Please! Keep doing it. Pollinate me.”

He slowed to short strokes. My first-used cunny was wet and velvet smooth with my childhood juices. Then he held back for a minute from the urge to thrust deeper.

With the first strokes of his cock, I had become used to the feel of him inside of me. Then as the pain subsided, I began to feel the first enjoyment and excitement of being fucked. I had not a single thought for the man who I was destined to marry. All that mattered was the here and now and what was inside me.

Suddenly I knew what it meant. I was no longer a child. He had made a woman of me for himself and for others. He had taken my virginity. He had physically destroyed my maidenhead and the idea of it was now his. I was his, to do with as he wished. This pain and ecstasy were necessary and right. Never again would it be quite like this first time.

My body was his vessel. He would plant his seed, he would cause my belly to swell. I would carry his child and that child would be part of him forever. Whatever anyone might say, it was right and it was good. Other men might take me and even plant their seeds in me, but this first willing ravishment of me would remain inside me and shape my life to his will. In that instant, he was a God and I was his Virgin sacrifice.

After a moment, I began to move my hips with him; then, as I began to get used to the feeling of his cock inside me, he thrust deeper taking me with long thrusts that carried him in and out of me; I thrusted my hips in time with him, giving in to my desire for the

lovemaking only a man so powerful could give me. I wanted, I needed, I must have, I desired with all my soul, his seed and his child.

The pain of losing my virginity had gone. I was enjoying the feeling of his cock thrusting hard and fast in and out of my tight little cunny as we copulated. I arched my back again and cried out “My God, my God” as I reached another intense climax.

My chest heaved with my exertions as I finally stopped my spasms. He continued thrusting into me until, as I thought I had reached my last climax and was too exhausted to go on, I felt another wave sweep over me. Reaching for the heights again, I moaned with the longing, releasing my female juices again as his flowed deep into my fertile young womb.

“Oh my God, oh my God, I’ve never felt anything like this before….I feel dizzy now,” I said weakly, lying back exhausted from the multiple peaks and fucking he had given me.

He lay there on me, his cock still deep inside me, hard and thick. He caught his breath and then slowly eased himself out of me; the two of us savouring the afterglow of crossing a threshold forever. He told me I was beautiful. He told me that God had brought me these feelings, and that I should rejoice in them. He said that the Holy Spirit was now within me, that God’s will would be done within my womb. He wanted to take me a second time but with the confidence of the woman I had become on that bed, I had to catch my breath a moment, even though I held onto his slippery man-rod.

As my fingers, with a life of their own, tickled the hairs under his balls, I half-dreamed of the journey to this man in this bed. Once was not enough. I must have more little deaths.

A short time later he fucked me again, amidst our mingled juices and the blood of what was no more, mingled in a pink stain. I wanted it again and again, I now knew what it was like to let a man have his way with me, to submit to his every desire and to mine, to be filled by him, for him perhaps to make my belly swell, and I had enjoyed the excitement of controlling and being controlled, of being fucked and inseminated for the first of the many times he took me that month that I served him and the nun, who had shed her habit and naked climbed onto the bed to clean his cock and my cunny with her tongue. As she did, I saw the same mark just above her bush as my mother had.

This drove me to ecstasy yet again, after which I fell into a deep sleep. I was awoken by his forcing his way into me again, using his morning wood. But he came quickly and there was less for me. He bit and sucked both my breasts, deliberately to create marks which in another time and place would be those of the sin and shame of a harlot. “With my absolution, God will forgive you, and the marks will quickly fade. But in this instant, I mark you as no longer a child but as a fully sexual woman, for all to see within the confessional.”

Afterwards, the nun’s tongue found its way to my clit again to pleasure us both while he watched and smiled and came in her bowels while she whispered in my ear “I want to fuck you too”. I was still shaking with the last ecstasy as His Eminence sent her for food, drink and the rest of the family for the final Confession. They arrived to see my wanton spreading on the bed, still naked, uncovered, with his juices seeping from me, marked as no longer a maid, as I broke my fast. I didn’t care.

My course did not come that month. I was with child. By the time my man got me to the altar, my belly was swelling. After the Confessions, nothing remained to be said.

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