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Time I got fucked (fiction unfortunately)

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The time I got fucked by a older man in a store

This is a fiction story of how I got fucked by a older married man in a Walmart ( but if you want it my email is [email protected]) it was a Friday the day before spring break l went to the store with my mom and grandparents l was feeling brave so l decided to wear a purple thong to go along with my shaved 16year old ass and thighs l decided to go check out the toys in the dark back l wanted to get bending over my ass unguarded anyone could slap it music playing in my ear. When l feel a hard sting on my ass and then someone groping it roughly turning around l (see an older taller man l had to look up ) “ow what the fuck was that for” smirking he takes his phone out shoving it in my face, my eyes widen on the phone is my secret onlyfans (l obviously lied about being 18 ) it has multiple pictures and videos of me fucking myself with different types of dildos human, animal, mystic all types of dildos l pounded my femboy 16 ass over and over again till l came all over myself. “Thats not me” l studder out looking around making sure no one was listening ” sure it ain’t l recognize that ass anywhere your a sluty little boy that wants to be fucked by older daddies ain’t that right slut” while he talks, he starts taking off his belt l can notice his large boner through his dirty pants (its so large) my mouth starts watering l NEED his huge cock in my mouth right now. ” You like what you see slut does my sluty boy want to touch it” without looking away from his delicious boner l try my best to answer “N-no l don’t know what you are talking about s-sir” my hand starts shakly reaching out, he grabs it putting it on his cock (god its huge feels so good to touch) “you know you want to take my cock out puppy so l can give you a present” l listen to his order like a good dog taking his cock out l immediately get on my knees kissing his tip and licking it all over like one big lollipop till its covered in my saliva l start to suck his juicy cock when he grabs my head shoving his dick deeper in my mouth l start making chocking sounds my saliva falls to the thighs after a few minutes of him pounding my young mouth he tells me to get up and take off my pants my purple thong is the only thing I have on he moves it to the side saying he wants me to walk around with his cum. l start to feel his delicious cock pushing inside my tight ass he starts slow getting used to it while loudly saying how much he loves my young 16 ass around his delicious cock. He then starts to pound my ass like it belongs to him of course it does l could feel him try to impregnate me even though I can’t get pregnant his delicious cock going inside and out of my little ass over and over again finally he cums inside of me slapping my ass till its red and covered in his hand marks, he takes his phone out and takes a picture of my messy satisfied face and then a picture of his juicy cock in my cum filled ass and red hand mark ass. Taking his dick out he shoves it in my mouth one more time taking a video of me sucking him off telling me his going to make me famous among his friends (l can’t wait to be filled by more horny older men l can’t wait to feel their juicy cocks inside my ass) (my email is [email protected] text me daddies)


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  • Reply KC ID:1dp0y5a9yus9

    l had pictures on there now there gone https://ibb.co/3pfh7Rd https://ibb.co/5YHYnNN

  • Reply J ID:1cu0ww6l27wn

    I don’t know if my comment went out but my email is [email protected] very horny heh great story

  • Reply J ID:1cu0ww6l27wn

    Nice story ❤️

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    My email is [email protected] my other stories are in my account KC

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    Nice ass Kevin going to Cum looking at that..

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    amazing! i want to call you 😉

    • Kevin ID:1dpxfkah3cq7

      Give me your email daddy

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    just came