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The LAFA Chronicles – Part 3. Fallen women find a role

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How women lure priest into being their sex slave – and their first nymphomaniac

Our order was founded to help women who had fallen outside of marriage.

But women in the country saw what was happening around them. They saw animals tupping and animals standing to be tupped. They had no guilt and the females never stopped the males doing what they wanted. So some women thought “why can’t I be like that too?”

So they would open their legs to men that appealed to them. But just as night followed day, their bellies swelled. The villages expelled them and their children. Once several came together and helped each other deliver their babies. They were joined by a few others, living off the fruits of the forest, vegetables they planted in clearing, traps. Sometimes two would walk several days to the nearest town where they would sell their bodies to men until they had money for as much food as they could carry back.

A local priest came upon them. He was shocked, and surprised, but he was a holy man and a caring man. He quickly realised that praying for them was not enough. He had to help them too. But the more he helped them the more his natural urges came upon him.

They had not changed. They saw a man, not a priest. A strong man. A man they desired. A man they saw with a cockstand. So each night one of them would be naked in his bed. For days he tried to sleep on the floor. Until the cold drove him under the blankets. Whichever woman was in his bed stroked his cockstand. His seed was spilled. Which he realised was another sin. So he asked them not to stroke him. Instead, they would take him in their mouths and swallow his seed.

One night a young one at the height of her fertility managed to get his cockstand into her wet cunny while another sat naked on his face. He was unable to move as she used his hard manhood inside her. She cried out with pleasure at the penetration. The other women and the oldest girl child hurried in to watch. His sobbing and groaning was cloaked by the warm wet hairy place that he had been licking before his hardness had been taken so suddenly.

After their juices had flowed together and his seed was inside her, the other licked up everything that was coming out. Within weeks she missed her course. Months later her belly swelled.

In the mean time, he had prayed for forgiveness. He felt at peace, not guilty as he knew he should. The women had talked about what had happened. Each night two of them would go to his bed and often managed to seduce him into fucking at least one of them. Then he was persuaded that it would only be fair for him to fuck them all in turn. But the more he fucked, the more urges he had to do it. Soon he was fucking each of them every day, often watched or helped by the other women. The girl child learned to hold his cock as it was growing, and stroke his balls when he was inside the women.

It was not long before all the women had missed their courses. A crop of children was on the way. The women had worries. The work when they were all giving birth. Money. What would the priest do with his seed? When should they let him have the girl child’s virginity?

Whenever they were able they would bend for him to enter them from behind. But this wasn’t comfortable and they knew that once labour started, they wouldn’t be able to let him inside them for a while. They sucked his cockstand regularly. One offered to let him fuck her in the aers. But he thought this to be another great sin.

In the early stages, especially as there was no danger of being impregnated by men in the town, they increased their visits to the town. The priest was concerned about their safety. So he visited the local tavern and agreed with the innkeeper that they could use a back room there and share the money with him – as well as their favours each morning. This proved to be a sensible arrangement.

One day they found a runaway girl sheltering at the rear of the tavern. They took her back to the safety of the woodland, washing her thoroughly in the cold stream. She had small, but formed, breasts, so they knew she was ripe. They explained that she would live with them, and help them, including ministering to the needs of the priest now so many of them had children growing in their bellies. When she said she was a virgin, they took her to their own beds and with tongues and fingers explored all of her cavities thoroughly. Then they guided her down onto the priest’s cockstand and encouraged her while she impaled her cunny and rid herself of her virginity. She was given a girl to clean her up – who she quickly turned into a cum slut, cleaning her cunt with her tongue. She was fucked up to six times a day by the priest after that, until the first of the women had given birth, been ritually cleansed, and then received seed again.

She had huge appetites. When she was not being fucked, she would beg the women to kiss her and stroke her tits and finger her cunny. She would shudder with pleasure many many times a day – and still wanted more. She put unripe vegetables inside her to give herself pleasure when she walked. She would creep under the straw with girls who were taught to lick and nibble her cunny and nipples while she put her fingers in their cunnies and aers.
When the women were unable to satisfy her, they tied her up so that she couldn’t run away to find other men. She liked that a lot – as well as their hands applied fully to her aers. She liked it best when she was on top of the priest with his cockstand deep inside her and they beat upon her. She would shudder again and again with excitement, pain, lust, desire. She came hard and often. She never refused any sex demands.

The new girl gave birth to her first child nine months after she was first deflowered. As well as feeding the child at her breast, anyone could suck on them, including boys who had been weaned but not yet reached puberty.

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