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Sex with a 15-year-old was my girlfriend’s daughter she loved it and so did I

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Part two of my girlfriend’s daughter’s a bitch

Well after I jerked off on my girlfriend’s daughter’s tits she went to bed and I went to bed couple days later night time I was going to watch a p*** and see if she would open the door again and sure enough she did this time when I was jerking off I went right to her where the door was open I couldn’t see her because it was dark in her room but I knew Sam was watching me I was saying that I want to eat her vagina I want to come and use sand I’m going to come for you Sam as I shot my load I pointed my cock where I thought she might be watching and it shot through the crack of her door not knowing if it hit her but sure enough it was in her bedroom the next week when her mother was working late. She was laying on the floor watching TV like always for the pillow feet up in the air like spread little her ass to me started looking better and better I got the balls to get up ask her if she wanted another back rub she said sure I sat on her butt making my crotch and her ass crack my cock started getting hard as I was rubbing the inside of her shirt she had a training bra I unhooked it she didn’t say nothing this time when I went to rub her sides of her breast she didn’t clinch her arms so I reached for her breast and started massaging her tits she started moaning I said does this feel Good Sam she said yes it really does feel good as I started dry humping her butt she was bucking back I was rock hard and if I cut this up I was going to shoot my load in my shorts . I told her to stand up and she did and I took her top off and her bra I said we’re going to do things do you want to have some sex scene she just nodded her head telling me yes not looking at me I grabbed her chin went for her mouth and studied kissing her I know she never kissed a boy before but damn she was good finally in her breast I took her hand put it on my shorts where my rock hard cock was and told her to play with it she started squeezing it I then took my shorts and underwear off and let her into my girlfriend in my bed I got on my knees on buckled her shorts and pulled her shorts and underwear down I could smell her pussy immediately. It smelled great she had some pubic hair not a lot for a 15-year-old I thought she would I have more hair down there but I told her to lay on the bed and she was nervous she was shaking she kind of looked up and said were you going to do and I told her I was going to eat her out oh I don’t know she said she’s tightened her legs together I said just relax and I started rubbing her legs spreading them a little in a little until I could see her vagina was open it was a beautiful 15-year-old vagina with rather big pussy lips for a girl hurry I stuck my mouth on her vagina and started eating she tasted sweet and musty at the same time like no other vagina I’ve ever tasted but I’ve never ate a 15-year-old girl out she was tense at first but after a while she gave in just left the feeling take over her body I see started mowing I went to her clip and was sucking on that rather hard she let out a moan I know she was going to come and I went to town as hard as I could on her clit and she had an orgasm she’s squirmed like crazy f****** her hips saying how good it felt oh don’t stop it feels so good it must have lasted a minute or so before she started to subside she was wet she came real hard I crawled up to her and asked her how it felt she was shaking she said it felt wonderful do you want to have sex now saying I don’t think we should have sex on the virgin do you want to suck my cock I ask her and she’s agreed that she was curious she took my cock in her hands and I told her head towards it if she sucked on my cock and I blew a load in her mouth and down her throat not letting her pull her head away she was gagging down my c** I said eat it b**** eat my c** I’m really done we went back into the living room she went into the bathroom to wash out she said that was gross she didn’t swallow all of it but I know someone down her throat about an hour later I was drinking beer I went back to her and she was just in her underwear and bra and her bedroom I went to tell her that she can’t tell her mom anything she said she promised and I said you’re beautiful you’ve grown to be a nice looking teenage girl you have lots of boyfriends and then you can have sex I want to have sex she said but I’m scared I climbed in bed with her and started making out with her telling her it won’t hurt I’ll be gentle she said she agreed she wanted to feel how it felt to have a man’s cock in her vagina I stood her up took her panties off she took her bra off and I told her to get on her hands and knees on her bed as I knelt down and said I’m going to do something that you probably never think is normal but it is sexually what are you going to do she’s always going to lick your a****** oh no that’s nasty I stuck my tongue and mouth on her ass and started sucking and licking her ass it was a little pungent but I didn’t care tonguing her butthole her virgin butthole and she started moaning not hesitant no more and they rolled her over and left on her vagina some more to get it wet and she had another orgasm I got between her legs mounted her pointed my cock had her vagina and pushed in a little bit and I hit the Virgin wall I grabbed her behind her shoulders and started kissing her and I told her it was going to hurt a little bit if they ran my cock all the way deep into her vagina chill out on a screen I put my hand over her mouth and just held her there her whole body tensed and she was trembling I stayed there and just let her vagina walls get used to the new feeling of a cock rammed in her I started kissing her neck licking and sucking on her ears and she started loosening up I could feel her vagina walls throbbing on my cock it felt unbelievable I’ve never had a virgin before I started kissing her mouth tonguing her and tummy me sucking on her tongue swelling her saliva spitting him her mouth as she was following my saliva now I pulled out and pushed back in she was so damn tight and I asked her if it hurts she said no it feels rather good I started humping her slowly and she started moaning I knew I wouldn’t last long well it was only about a minute and a half or so and I could feel my balls tensing up and I knew I was going to come so I started writing her as hard as I could I told her I was going to come and she said she was going to come to and we both came together I never shot so much semen through my dick and my life I could feel it shooting out hard hitting the walls of her cervix not even caring if she could get pregnant or not I emptied my balls and just started keep pumping away she was sweating her face was beat red her lips were puffy she was on fire her nipples were rock hard as I kept pumping her I haven’t done this a long time I kept riding her for another five or six minutes when I felt the tingling feeling in my balls again May unloaded another load of c** inside her vagina and I will spent I was sweating she was sweating we’re both breathing hard and I just we had regular sex for almost a year every week until her mother and I broke up and every time I had sex with her I came in there must be 40 or so times not caring if she got pregnant I don’t know about the last month of sex with her because I haven’t seen her after that

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