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Five shades of Nike – Chapter 4

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part 4 of stories told about a group of typical UK estate chavs and their lives. See part 1 for any full intro

Drunk party

Steve decides to hold a house party while his mums are away visiting his mum’s sister. He has no intention of going with her unlike Paul, and with them out of the way he can organise some wild times. However, Tina has been unwell and on antibiotics, so she decides to stay at home in bed. Steve tries to persuade her otherwise, but then thinks, well she is going to be in her room out of the way so who cares. Mum reminds Steve to look after Tina and the two of them head off out. That evening the party starts and it is soon a house full of lads and birds, with drink flowing and loud music. Nick has had a couple of drinks but nothing too much, he sees Steve who says he’s going into the garden with Sue to have a smoke. Nick decides he needs a piss and heads up stairs. He goes into the bathroom and has a piss, then when he leaves, he sees the bedroom door of Steve’s sister and thinks he ought to say hi, and maybe speak about what had happened a few weeks between them two. It was a mix in his head of knowing how wrong it had been but also how hot and horny too, and with a muzzy head from the booze he stumbled into the door and opened it. Tina is sitting on the bed in her nightdress, and she had a book in her hand. Sorry Tina, just wanted to kind of say hi. She smiles at him and says that’s ok, it’s nice to see you again Nick. Nick smiles back and says, I wasn’t sure how you would react after the last time I enter your room. She says, I can’t think of a nicer visit and smiles even more. I wanted to sort say sorry for almost forcing me on you, I think I was a bit drunk. She smiles and says, I am glad, I wanted to lose my cherry and you did it, and Alex has gone off with another girl in any case, so that was never going to happen.

He smiles and climes on top of the bed while she removes her nightdress and then her panties without prompting. She obviously wants it again, and although it is wrong, maybe the booze is clouding his judgement again, but he wants it badly too. He kisses her and then works his way down her body kiss by kiss until he reaches her pussy. He starts to kiss it and then he is soon exploring it with his mouth and tongue. She is moaning and enjoying the attention and he slips a finger in her pussy. After a few minutes of this she grabs his arm and wants him to come up to her, she kisses him again, tasting herself on his lips, and then pushes her head down to take his cock into her mouth. She is now sucking on it, her mouth opened wide as she can to get round it. She cannot get anywhere near all of it in her mouth, but the sucking is having an effect and he is producing pre-cum. He pushes her face up and says, I think it’s time we fuck, she smiles and nods. He reaches into his chinos pocket and gets out a condom. Tina looks and says, you don’t need that I’m now on the pill, as I went to see a clinic some weeks ago. He grabs his cock and teases her pussy entrance with his cock. Each time he slides a little in and then pulls out or rubs it up the slit before pulling back. It is driving her mad and she says, ‘I want your cock’. He slides in, and this time he is in a few inches before he slides in again and again, each time deeper until he can feel the head of his cock pressing on her cervix. He is slowing building up speed and is ramming it home each time, fucking her faster and faster a bit each time. His cock is leaking pre cum, more than ever before.

He is going to cum at this point and he pulls out, maybe a little late, as a shot is likely to have been fired off inside her and shoots the rest over her body and face with a number of jets. He rolls to the side and recovers for a min. They look and smile at each other. I better wipe up the mess he says and goes over to her dressing table and takes some tissues and wipes off the mess as best he can. They smile again at each other and kiss. He realises it’s gone quiet, which means everyone’s gone home and the party’s over. They are laying there, half-asleep half in a sexual glow. I guess we ought to get cleaned up, yea she mumbles, why don’t we shower together he suggests. She is not sure, but he says come on and they go into the bathroom and lock the door. They are both in the shower with the water flowing, and at first, they are simply cleaning each other down but soon it gets more passionate, and his cock comes back to life. They continue to kiss and Nick fingers her pussy. She is moaning and wriggling with the effect it is having. She reaches down and start to stroke his cock. It is thick, long and hard.

His cock by this time is raging hard again, he turns her round grabs her legs and lifts her on top of his cock impaling her on his rod. Stepping forwards he presses her up against the shower wall and begins to thrust in and out with his rod. He pumps away with fast thrusts; a sense of urgency seems to be in the air. He knows he will cum again soon but wants to enjoy the tightest pussy he has fucked since he lost his virginity with his first girlfriend at 14. He feels her tense and he knows she is having an orgasm, this pushes him over the edge, and he pushes as deep as he can and shoots his first shot and then continues to pump in and out furiously. He is not simply going to hold it in place and let it do its thing without some fast-paced pumping to speed the load shooting. No pulling out this time though the cum is flowing inside, large jets of pure white cum shooting out of the throbbing cock. They shower again to clean up and wrap each other in towels and return to the room.

Her cunt is now full of his cum inside and contractions at her cervix feed the cum up into her impregnation area. Little did Nick realise that the two unprotected fucks, with large cum loads, where enough to deliver the needed sperm to fertilise an egg.

Nick kisses her for some time and then he says he better get out of her room; he doesn’t want Steve to find him in there. He gets dressed and goes into Pauls room waiting for Steve to wake up. He hears Steve coming up the stairs sometime later and he opens the door so that Steve sees him coming out of Pauls room. He bud, sorry I was wrecked last night so I crashed in your brothers room, hope that was ok? Sure, that’s fine says Steve, I was pretty wasted too. I shagged Sue, Jacks sister in the garden he jokes, and then I must have passed out on the sofa. I woke up with the spent rubber still on my cock under my trackies, he laughs. I came up stairs to dispose of the johnny and see if Sue was around. She’s not here either so I guess she got fed up and went home, with a sore pussy. Nick smiles and says yea, looks like it. Still, you got a shag, Nick jokes. Yea bruv, I better check on my sister, she has not been well. He opens her door, and asks if she’s, ok? Yes, I am feeling much better she says, I even had a shower this morning. So I see says Steve, and typical woman used about 4 towels. I guess I can do some toast for breakfast, mum will be home later with Paul, and I need to clean up. You want breakfast Nick, yes please he smiles, I am in need of something.

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  • Reply elggat123 ID:t2proro6ij

    @Cracksniffer glad you like it so far, most chapters to post soon, with how Tina and Nick is going to get out of all this mess.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfxij

    Oh, I just love these dirty, horny estate kids. Great fun too that Tina’s knocked up! Who could turn down a fuck from Nick, the randy sod?!