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The husband who got fist fuckes

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Story about how a husband got fist fucked in a threesome with his wife

Remembering my life before i left everything behind is always a lot to think about. It all happened because of my wife. It wasn’t a happy marriage, maybe i should have waited to see who see really was.
After we got married, the flame burned out. We stopped having sex for a while, then i found out that it was just me who stopped having sex, she made some new friends.
I noticed something isn’t right when she wanted to have sex with me. I was never good at sex, maybe because i never had a chance to explore this side. After ejaculating, my wife asked me if i wanted to try something new. I had no idea what bethany was talking about, then she told me that she wanted a threesome.
Luckily she wanted to invite a friend for her for the threesome. I was exicted as i though that i would get to fuck two girls at the same time.
At the night of our threesome, i met becca, she and bethany were friends for a long time. For a while it looked like both of them were married and i was some stranger. As i got to fuck bethany that night, becca started fingering me in the ass, i didn’t mind that but soon she started using more fingers.
Before i could have known it i had her fist in my ass. As i was being fist fucked, i lost my erection and bethany lost her interested in me.
Bethany got up and started pouring lube on my ass. I was on another level with the level of pleasure i was getting from being fisted. I started losing control of my body, i was on all fours, screaming and moaning.
Bethany and becca were having fun of their own. Soon they started making out and becca stopped moving her hands. I tried to take her hand out of my ass, but becca didn’t let me. I was in a very uncomfortable position, in the end i gave up.
As i was waiting for all this to end, becca told me, “you are never fucking anyone again, from now on you are gonna get fucked”.
She told bethany to suck my dick. As becca was fisting me harder and harder, bethany was sucking my dick. Between all that i couldn’t get an erection. Then both of them stopped and becca put her hand out of my ass.
Both of them started making out aggressively. With nothing to do, i left the bedroom and went to bathroom to hide.
I didn’t know what was gonna happen again, but i knew that i enjoyed the fistfuck by becca and somewhere i was waiting to see what would happen next.
More in part 2

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