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Two neighborhood wives taught me sex, at 16

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1st the heavy set one next door. She only gave me anal, not her pussy. Her best friend finally gave me pussy, and they both gave it up ass/pussy.

They were rivals but yet friends. At 15 I started getting bjs from the heavier set Charlotte next door. I’d sneak over before and after school. Her husband was a trucker and gone for a couple weeks at a time. Eventually I was eating her pussy out, she blowing me, and I wanted more. She told me her pussy was for her husband and she offered her butt. I was 16 now and honestly thought only gays did buttsex but once inside and fucking a warm body, it was amazing. I loved fucking and her butt was tight and warm. Eventually the woman across the alley from Char knew about it and she wanted me to come by to her too. Char at 33, was heavier, with a big chest, nice butt though and a natural blonde on top and below. I loved eating a natural blonde pussy. Elaine the other, was taller, black hair, great body, 38, and had small A cup tits, and a shaved pussy. She had a perfect body though when naked. That was the way I found her when she asked me to come over to help with a cabinet door. Elaine’s husband left her, they weren’t divorced but separated. She was naked, and just told me she knew I was screwing Char and she wanted me to do it to her too.

We stripped and went into the bedroom, I was wondering if I had to fuck her in her butt or if she’d let me have her pussy. She sucked me hard and laid on her back opened her legs, pulled them up and inserted me into her juicy, hot, bald pussy. I told her it was my first time with a pussy and she didn’t believe me. I told her about Chars rule about her butt and mouth only. “That’s ridiculous, You can have all of me, anywhere we want and how we want. I can’t believe Charlotte would not give up her pussy, being loyal to the son of a bitch husband of hers.” I asked and she told me the he fucked around on the road, had given her std’s twice (she was clean now) and sometimes got drunk and smacked her around. When Char heard that Elaine let me use her pussy and her butt, I eventually fucked Char in her pussy too.

So for the next two years I had sex with two older women, they taught me all I knew. I used it to great results with other women my age and some older too. It ended though when Char got pregnant and didn’t have a clue if I or her husband was the father, most likely me she thought since I did it with her a lot more than he ever did. Elaine I still see occasionally, sometimes she calls and just wants fucked and I am glad to oblige. After all she is one of my first teachers.

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  • Reply Michelle B ID:5wwo800lfia

    Sounds like a nice time,did they lick your asshole?

  • Reply Cute Lucas 11 ID:45xxun2vt0j

    Oh wow all young should be tought by older!