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Me and my sister

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I was 16 she was 8, and i stole her virginity

She was quite small and was pretty, she would annoy me a lot so I always got a bit pissed off. One time I was jacking off and she saw me, she asked what i was doing and I said it was nothing, after she told mom and I got into trouble. I wanted to get pay back but didn’t know what too do, mind you i was an idiot as a 16 year old, I then decided to take her virginity.

I didn’t want to completely force her but I did want to let out some steam, I got her too my room and locked the door, mom was out that night. She asked me what I wanted, I said,” the thing you saw me doing was something only big kids do, but you wouldn’t understand.” “I’m an big kid too!”, she screamed,” you sure ?” I said. She nodded and i then said she should fist take her pyjamas off, she immediately did and sat on the bed, i then took my pants off and stood in front of her. I then pushed her to lay back and said,”don’t tell mom about this ok, this is our little secret” she nervously accepted. I then had my penis, which was about 6 inches, lay on her stomach making her look nervous, I then rubbed up and down her clit making her gasp, I slowly put the head, then a bit more, then half and quickly thrusted the rest in she screamed and holding my arms, I stayed there so she could calm down.

She was quite for a bit and I slowly started thrusting into her, she was breathing heavily, seeing her like this got me harder than before, i was enjoying it. I just wanted to get back at her but now I didn’t want it to ever stop. I felt like i was gonna explode and well that was pretty much true cause then i came inside her and she gasped from the feeling, after a bit I pulled out and cum pour out, I wasn’t done yet.

I laid her on the bed with her butt in the air, and grabbed her ass tight, I then slowly put the tip in her asshole, she was moaning and eventually it was all in, and for an hour or so i was anal fucking my sister! I came finally and filled it as well, she was unconscious after and I slept with her that night.

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