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The stone hut

Later that same day back ate the house Collette was lounging around waiting for dinner when she saw a large dog she didn’t recognize sniffing around the boathouse. “Hi. What... # #

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The lake house

My names is Collette. My father was in the military so we traveled a lot and saw tons of awesome sights, like incest sex at the grand canyon. No matter where we moved, we always had... # #

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Piracy in deep space

Infamous outlaw, a Hondo Onaka attacks a Jedi transport carrying six Younglings, who just received their Kyber crystals (light saber crystals) so rare are these crystals Hondo knows... # # #

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As a child one of my favorite times was family vacations, especially road trips. The most memorable one took place when I was 15 years old, I was the middle child. Our family consisted... # # #

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Jeremy walked in the door, exhausted after a long day at work. All he wanted to do was put his feet up, drink a cold beer, and forget about his asshole boss. As he closed the door behind... # #

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The last day

It’s the last day my older sister and I will be staying ate our parents house before both of us leave and head back to our separate lives, and she has a special surprise for you “Hey,... # #

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A reluctant little brother Pt2

I thought I had broken my little brother’s resistant, but the next morning when I snuck in to his room, I found him asleep, his bed sheets tossed to the floor, and he was laying there... # #

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A reluctant little brother

I’m Amy live in a small town with my family my mother, father, little brother, and my two sisters. My father owns the only gas station in town and my mother works as a cashier in... # #

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That’s my asshole daddy

Chelsea is 17 years old and set to graduate from high school early, she has long blonde hair and blue eyes, She was 5’4″ tall, with an athletic build, her breasts are small,... # #

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Chelsea’s summer

Chelsea just turned 17 years old, 5’10” tall, she has perky brown breasts, and a voluptuously firm butt, She has recently returned home from boarding school of the summer. Her mom... # # # #

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My mom is a little bitch

So it’s been about a week since I kind of rapped my mother, and the has been very affectionate, allowing you to touch her body and even kiss her when we are alone. But the sex has... # # # #

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I almost raped my Mom

My name is Tom, I 14 years old, so I’ve been experiencing some very odd feelings about my mother. I’ve been spying on her, in the shower and she’s changing, And last night I watched... # # #

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My little brother’s cam girl

I can’t go out tonight, my parents are out of town so I’m gonna work while I can. Don’t tell anyone but… I’ve been camming. It’s so much fun and... # #

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Hi I’m Christina, I’m 19 years old I live in Utah, I come from a large family to say the least. I’m 5’5” tall, I have long black hair that goes down to my waist, I’m very... # #

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Naughty Amy

Amy sucked sucked hard the stuff prick in her mouth throbbing. She loved sucking cock – especially when it was big and stiff like this one. She loved the taste of him, the feeling... # #

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Party games

My little sister amber was a cute little brunette, a petite girl with a small build. Her breasts were small but perky, and her nipples were always hard. She had a cute little round... # # #

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The truck stop

The way his cock was pulsing in my slutty mouth was turning my slick runny cunny up even more. He’d bought a blow job from me, but this was turning into more than a face fucking.... # #

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My daddy

Later that night I was laying on my bed in my dorm room, I was still very turned on and couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t stop thinking about the men in my family. The way my dad had... # # #

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My little brother

My name is Amber I’m 24, I m about 5’4” I have green eyes and long brown hair that goes down to the middle of my bask. I’m very athletic, enjoy men looking at my body so I’m... # #

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My three Sons

Hello my name is Mom I’m 39 years old. I’m 5 foot 7 inches tall, I have a skinny waist and full natural d cup breasts , a firm round ass, my hair is dyed a dark red color alt the... # # #

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My son 3

A couple of weeks of my son and I using one another every every day. My son when out with som of his friends to a party, I know he would be out late so I went to bed. Ate 5am I awoken... # # # #

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My son 2

I awoke early the next day feeling really excited things with my son were starting to feel more natural, although I still didn’t want anyone else finding out about us. I got dressed... # # #

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My Son

I love my son like every mother should, but for the last six months we’ve been doing things that no mother and son should do adopted or not. It all started with my son Alma showed... # # #

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Amy’s spring break p5

It been 13 years since me and my brothers ran away from my parents. I’ve thought about my daddy everyday, wondering how he is doing and if he is OK. I found out I was pregnant shortly... # #

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Amy’s spring break p4

“is that all I am to you, just a cock to fuck?” I laugh and tell him that is not all he is to me, I love him very much. “you better be careful big sister, I might... # #

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Amy’s spring break p3

I sit on the bed wondering what I should do next, I don’t want to go back to school, but I have to. I have a lot of work to do if I want to keep my scholarship. I pack my things... # #

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Amy’s spring break p2

My door opens, and it’s my dad standing there with my mom and my older brother. I say to them in a surprised voice “hi mom dad, hi Matt, what are you guys doing up?”... # #

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Home for Spring break

my name is Amy. I 19 years old I am a Caucasian girl living in Europe. I have 2 brothers, the youngest is 12 and older one is 16. I am 120 pounds, and I stand at 5’3″ tall.... # # #

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Amy’s coming of age

My name is Amy, I’m 14 i’am 5’6” I have long light brown hair and size c breast with perky nipples. I have a small waist and a nice round ass. This is the story about how I... # # # #

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