Cat: Virgin

Lil Sis curiosity led to sex

This story is fictional non of the content ever happened if you are uncomfortable with this genre or with the characters ages don’t bother to read. And sorry if my english is... # # #

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Sweet Ana

We took advantage of a sweet but mentally challenged girl, used her for our own sick sexual gratification. Something we deeply regret. # # #

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Piano tutor abused me

I was only 11 when a man my parents and I trusted turned out to be a paedophile, he raped and abused me until I wasn’t beautiful anymore. # # #

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Little monsters, monster cock

I’d never seen anything like it, certainly not on a boy his age. He was too small to have such a big cock, but it felt good down my throat. # #

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We found an old cow milking machine in my moms shed and found an alternative and pleasurable use for it. # #

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My Little Pony

This Story took place when I was around 13 or 14. It’s 100% True. We lived on this old guys farm back then. It had a pretty long driveway. I got off the school bus one evening with... # # #

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My sister, our cum dump

My sister forgot her swimsuit so she stripped down to her panties. Then we paid her to suck us all off, she was eager to do it and now she’s our whore # # #

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