Cat: Virgin

Kris Pt 1

I’m Male 26. Kris is Female 12 and my first young lover. This is hopefully the start of a series. I write in depth Erotica as time allows. # #

1383 words | 14 |4.82

Never say never #2

“Are those your clothes?”I asked”I won’t be needing clothes tonight.”Tyler shared with a big grin on his face.I didn’t know how to respond so I didn’t say anything and... # # # #

597 words | 2 |4.00

Never say never

15 y/0 Femboy seduces me into something I always sweared would never happen so never say never.This happened 5 years ago. # # # #

847 words | 4 |3.33

Mandy part 1

This is the story of a young submissive nymphomaniac. It is the most recent story I have written and IMHO better than my other stories. # # #

2774 words | 7 |4.60

Me and my Best Friend!

This is a story of me, my best friend. 1st I am Chad and my best friend is Toby we have know each other since we were 13, when Toby and his family moved in a couple doors down. We are... # # #

820 words | 0 |3.50

My lil cousin

Hi! this is the story how i wanted to fuck my cousin! ) So my little cousin, let’s call her emily. She kinda turns me on. She’s young but knows how to twerk and stuff and she twerks... # # # #

640 words | 2 |3.54

my uncle

One day i wanted dick so bad so i went downstairs to the basement where my uncle was living and i knocked he told me to come in i said “hi uncle johnny i need a favor,, i need you... # # #

239 words | 5 |2.13