Cat: Virgin

Teach me, daddy

I became obsessed with my daughter, one day she caught me jerking off in her room, and after an long argument, I finally got to fuck her. # # #

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Let me see yours

First I raped my little sister and her friend, then blackmailed them in to letting me continue to abuse them. I love their little pussies. # # # #

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The Day My Friend Was With A Girl

The night my friend was with a girl. A true story. To start with, this happened yesterday as of writing right now. I was doing some unfinished schoolwork at home and all of a sudden... # #

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The Peeper Part 2

Read “The Peeper” to understand the story. Starting from where I left off. “Yeah baby. You know I love you right?”, she nodded with my dick in her mouth. I stroked... # # # #

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The Peeper

I was 15 and my step sister was 11. I was taking a shower and noticed the curtain under the sink move. I got out and toweled off. Put the towel around me and tucked it in place. I turned... # # # #

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Phoebe 5

We got back to the hotel, showered and had dinner and decided we’d sit in the lounge for a bit. So we found a sofa that could seat 3 and Tony went and got us drinks. Phoebe was playing... # #

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Down on the farm

I was 13 when my friend from school told me about masturbation. He told me how you do it. I lived on a farm with my mom, dad and brother. I was in the hay loft alone one time and thought... # #

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My girl Carla

I just want to share a story about me and my girlfriend, her name is Carla and she’s a lot younger than me, but I love her more than anything. # # #

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We Are Cousins!

I was 13 when my cousin Katie moved in with us. She was 12 at this time and recently orphaned. Her parents died in a car crash. My mom and dad agreed to let her stay with us. Katie... # # # #

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