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I need a teacher

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I need a teacher for sex and who better then my brothers friend?

Was a long time since I wrote anything and im not so pleased with this but hope some of you like it.

I was lying in my bed watching the last snowflakes of winter drift by outside the window when Julia called. I couldn’t bear to answer, but let the signals die out. Then a message came instead:
“Ellleeeen! Wyd? Party at Adde’s tonight! Come!!”
“Nah… I have a headache”
It was a white lie. I just didn’t feel like partying tonight.
“Shut up! Tim’s coming! ;)”
“See you tomorrow”

Julia was not entirely wrong about the temptation. I clearly had a crush on Tim. But I was, genuinely, convinced he didn’t feel the same way about me. I wasn’t his type. He has had many girls – all sporty, good-looking and cool. Instead, I was curvy and nerdy. I liked reading books, not going to the gym. I had glasses and a ponytail, not fillers and extensions. I enjoyed myself, but I wished I took up a little more space… socially, that is. I also had no idea what to do when you picked someone up. I had never had a boyfriend… never a fling… never fucked. I had barely seen a cock. Only on porn, but that wasn’t something I used to watch either. Tim is unlikely to want to date someone who has never had sex.

Speaking of porn… if I were to masturbate a bit? I visited a porn site and scrolled a couple of pages before realizing that I probably wasn’t that into watching porn after all. I kind of wanted something more… real. I hung up the phone and sighed. A little snack might cheer me up…

On the way to the kitchen I passed my brother Simon’s room. He was sitting in there with Oliver, a friend of his. They seemed engrossed in some video game. I stuck my head in.
– Do we have chips?
– Nah… They’re out.
– But oh… can’t you go and buy?
– Shall I go 20 minutes, one-way, to buy you chips? Likely! We are also doing a raid.
Oliver tabbed in:
– Chips would have been good… buy pizza while you’re away anyway!
– But damn, you can go then!
They ran a game of rock/scissors/bag, which the brother lost.
– So, go now…
– Well, finish the raid then.

I walked back to my room as the brother put on his jacket and disappeared out the front door. I laid down in bed and thought about my situation. How can I become more experienced? I don’t want to just take someone random guy from the school. I wanted to learn. Then it hit me… Oliver is newly single! He must have slept a lot. Maybe he could instruct me. I looked at the clock… it had only been 5 minutes since my brother left. I crept back to his room and gently knocked on the door frame as I entered the room.
– Well, he’s not back yet!
Oliver laughed when he saw me.
– Well… it was actually you I wanted to talk to.
– Me? About what?
– Well… that… I have a…
– Huh?
– I’ve never had sex.
Oliver put his Coke down his throat and coughed.
– Excuse me? What did you say?
– I have never fucked. But you have, right?
– Erh… Yes, well… But…
– Can you tell me how to do it?
– Are you kidding?
– I don’t know who else to ask… so, just explain how it works.
– You can google it, right?
– You don’t think I did? Please… there’s a guy in class who…
– Well, well… what do you want to know?

I sat down on the couch next to Oliver and looked at him. He was tall, thin, had black half-length hair and intense blue eyes. He was wearing jeans and a checkered shirt.
– How do you start?
– Foreplay, of course.
– What do you do then?
– Anything that makes both of you horny. Could be making out. Talk dirty… Or cuddle. Anything that makes one horny.
– Mhmm… and then?
– Yes, so… it depends a bit on what you want to do. It is important to be clear about what you want and don’t want to do.
– Yes, but then… if you want to go all the way? Cock in pussy, like?
– Haha, shit, Ellen… I don’t know if I… you sort of solve it as you go. Only if you are honest about what feels good and bad.
– I don’t get it.
– Well, I don’t know how to explain. You usually feel then and there what feels good.
– What if I don’t do it then…
– You will.
– I don’t want to make a mistake…
– Well… nobody wants that. You have to try until you get it.
– But, it’s this guy… and I don’t want to embarass myself. I would like to train first, as well.
– Then you get to find someone to train with then…
I looked at Oliver with raised eyebrows. As a shameless suggestion. When he got the hint, Oliver shook his head, got up from the sofa and paced awkwardly around the room.
– Please! It’s just pretend! Like a theater.
– Ellen, I don’t think that’s a good idea.

Oliver looked at me for a long time. He studied me, scanning my body with his eyes. Then it was as if he had an epiphany, because suddenly his facial expression changed from troubled to pleased.
– Okay.
– Oh, thank you! Thousand thanks.
Oliver looked towards me and smiled.
– Foreplay like I said… then maybe you sit and make out for a while, and then you usually start touching each other. Maybe if you put your hand on the guy’s thigh and he caresses your neck and your waist… like, whatever feels good.
– Hmmm… okay. Like this?
I put my hand on Olivers’ thigh and pulled it up and down. He put his hand on my hip.
– Mm, yes absolutely. A little more sensual perhaps. But yeah, that’s good.
– what do you do then?
– You kiss each other. Have you never had sex?
– Nope.
– Do you want me to show you how to make out?
– Yes please.
Oliver leaned forward towards me. He brought his lips to mine and gave me a light kiss. He kissed me again and soon increased the intensity, thrusting his tongue into my mouth. I think I understood the idea. He continued for a minute or so before leaning back again.
– So… it’s not more difficult than that. You were good, just the right amount of tongue and yes… no weirdness.
– Yes, it felt good.
I tried to play it cool, but deep down I was bursting with excitement. My first kiss! God how awesome! I really didn’t want him to stop…

– And when you’ve done it for a while, you usually start to feel horny. How do you feel?
– Yes, but maybe a little horny…
– It’s an advantage if you, as a girl, are wet when you’re going to fuck, but you might be nervous and stuff like that, so bring a tube of lubricant and a condom.
– So, from making out to fucking?
– Well… I would probably recommend petting in between.
– Petting?
– Yes, meaning that you jerk off or finger your partner.
– Hmmm…
– You don’t know how to jerk off someone either, do you?
– No…
– Have you ever seen a cock?
– Not in real life.
Wait… I’ll show you. Oliver unbuttoned the belt of the jeans and pulled them down a bit along with the underpants. His penis lay limp along one thigh.
– This is how it might look… you can’t fuck with a flaccid cock, so it might be good to jerk it off.
Oliver grabbed my hand and placed it on his penis. He guided my fingers so they hugged his stake and he began to move my hand back and forth over the shaft.
– So, you can take a little more. But soon you will feel it getting harder and… His phone rang. I saw that it was Simon in the display. He whispered to me to continue.
– Yes?
– Sorry, they messed up the order… it will take like an extra quarter of an hour.
– So you won’t be home for at least half an hour?
– Something like that.
– Okay… well, you’ll come when you come.
He ended the call. Meanwhile, I had continued to run my hand up and down his cock and it had gotten noticeably thicker and was now standing up instead of hanging down.
– So, now you should feel it has hardened, right?
– Mmm… yes, it feels hard.
– You can also see that it is a bit sticky here on the top. It’s precum. That’s a good sign. It slides easier then and is a sign that the guy is horny.
– Do you mean you are horny now?
– Yes absolutely. You are very talented, Ellen.

I flashed a smile. I felt proud and confident.
– It is important that you are also excited. You can take off your pants.
– Should I… do it now?
Oliver nodded and I took off my softies and panties. I had never shown my pussy to anyone before. It was nervous, but at the same time very exciting.
– So, try to shuffle forward a bit with your butt and lean back. And part the thighs.
I opened up my pussy to Oliver. He put a hand between my legs and started massaging me slowly.
– Ellen… I feel that you have no problem getting wet anyway.
– Is it good?
– That’s really good. How does this feel?
He inserted a finger between my labia and massaged my clit.
– Mm… it feels good.
– You have very large breasts. Some guys like that. So you can always play with them too.
– Do guys like it?
– Yes, I do anyway.
I felt compelled to show them. I wasn’t wearing a bra, so I just had to pull the tank top down to expose them. I felt the cock in my hand tighten as I showed my breasts.
– So?
– Exactly yes…
I saw how Oliver looked longingly at my body and his cock felt even harder in my hand. Then he inserted a finger into my vagina and pulled it in and out a few times.
– You feel incredibly wet… and I don’t find you particularly tight either.
It actually felt good. After a while I involuntarily began to moan. Louder and louder each time his finger penetrated me. I heard him say:
– You’re really good at this, Ellen!
– Thanks!

Oliver stood up and stood in front of me, with my thighs on either side of his body. He took a condom out of his wallet, opened it and rolled it onto his cock.
– Are you ready?
– Are you going to fuck me?
– Mm.
– I thought we were just going to pretend.
– We’re training… You must know how it feels.
– Okay.
He started sliding his cock between my labia and I saw how the condom became completely shiny. He then inserted it into me and I felt his cock expand my pussy.
– Oh, wow…
– Does it feel good?
– Mm… yes, very good.
Oliver moved his hips back and forth and I felt him slide in and out of me again and again. It was very nice. When he then grabbed my breasts with his hands and fucked me even harder, it felt absolutely wonderful. He fucked me for a few minutes before saying:
– This is called the missionary. We can try another position if you want?
– Yes, which one?
– If you kneel on the sofa with your butt towards me… well, yes… and then you swagger all you can.
Tobias stood behind me and I felt his cock slide into me once more and his hands gripped my hips. His thrusts made my buttocks slap again and again against his body.

His phone rang again, it was Simon. He huffed at me before answering.
– Yes?
He didn’t stop fucking me but just slowed down. The slow fucking felt almost even better, I could feel every centimeter sliding in and out of me. I felt myself approaching orgasm and didn’t want Oliver to stop. I massaged my clit and Oliver continued to fuck me slowly but hard from behind.
– So, now i’m on my way back… are you done with the raid?
– I am very close…
Me too. Too close. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I came. And I had to bite hard on the couch cushion to keep from screaming. My body trembled and my pussy spasmed around Olivers’s cock, which continued to thrust slowly into me.
– What is that sound?
– Nothing… I’m helping Ellen with something… setting the table.
– Okay, yes… see you soon.
– Um…

– Ellen, squat down and you’ll taste cum.
I, still dizzy from the intense orgasm, knelt in front of Oliver. He pulled the condom off and put his cock in my mouth. It was large and pulsed against my lips. As it was, my mouth filled with gooey liquid that shot like a projectile from his cock. Several loads landed on my tongue and I swallowed it down.
– Well done, Ellen. What do you say, did you learn something?
– Yes, a lot. Thanks for the lesson…
– You were good. Very good.
Oliver buttoned his jeans.
– Now we probably have to set the tables…

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    Fake bliss lol I’m too old for that, it was actually Rugrats.
    Blankets on in case anyone woke up

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    love to teach young girls the joy of cumming hard on an older cock

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    Very similar to how I lost my virginity. I was 13 he was 17 and my brothers friend. I asked him to teach me while we watched cartoons lol

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      Now i just gotta know, which cartoon did you loose your virginity to? Lol

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      Lol! it was peppa pig