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Green room part 2

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She said e wow, okay.um ok lme think ok I’m is 500 to much? I pull out my wallet hand 5 100 dollar she takes it and kiss me. Wow I think to myself her lips are so . Moist,

She tells me this could be fun, I’ve never had any white dick in .me. before. I have never had any black pussy or ass before we both play and smiled at each other.

She pulls up.y shirt up and off, I take her green halter top off NO BRA DAM! Her tits are huge and her nipples are big too. I take my shoulder holster off and put it on the night stand.

She unbuttoned and unzip my jeans, she sees my dick

For a white dude you are packing one hell of a dangerous weapon.DAM YOUR BALLS ARE THE BIGGEST I HAVE EVER SEEN! Thank you.

I get a hold of her green shorts , and pull them down and off.

Wow, your pussy is so smooth,. Lot a hair on it, I have only seen that in porn movies, and Boo you beat all of them.
She smiles, thank you. She starts kissing me again. I look at her.

What? Nothing,. it’s just you are one hell of a kisser. She keeps kissing me as she smiles at me. I gently pick her up and lay her flat on her back on her bed. She watches as my dick starts to get hard in front of her, and say smile.it.full hardness as I move between her legs, she spread her legs wide open for me.i put my dick at the entrance of her pussy. And push my dick into her pussy, and started to fuck her

ONG! She crying out FUCK ME! As I keep forcing her. She didn’t last 15 mins before she yells out,

IM GOING TO CUM! She closed her eyes and so cums, I feel her love juice on my dick, she yells out,

THAT FELT SO FUCKING GOOD, KEEP FUCKING ME! ! I keep fucking her for another 20 mins or so. I’m going to cum,!

Come on CUM IN.YOUR BLACK PRINCESS! As I bust a nut and CUM! She said that was fun. Turn over, she turns over flat on her stomach. Be gentle, I have never ever been ass fucked before.

I will be as gentle as I can be. I just want her big oh virgin ghetto booty!
Hold your ass cheeks apart. She reached around and holds hey ass cheeks apart. I get behind her and put my dick slowly and ever so gently up into her ass. I didn’t use any.lube I figure there was enough cum on my dick to lube I up. I get my whole dick up into her ass. She
OMG I KNEW IT WOULD HURT, I JUST DIDN’T KNOW HOW BAD! As I started to ass fuck her slowly! As she starts to cry from the pain!

Do you want to to stop?
No just keep.on.fucking my ass.I will bare the pain, I have to money. I keep on fucking her up in her ass as she.keeps crying from the pain! I started to spend up trying to cum in her ass fast so to stop the.pain
After about 20.mins.

Hang on, Iam going to Cum. I blow my.losd.into her ass! She keeps crying as I pulled my dick out of her ass.
She’s relived that the.paim is that the pain inr ass is gone.

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