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First time on instagram

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The day I turned 11 was the day I begged my parents to let me get social media. They were reluctant at first but eventually said yes. I thanked them a thousand times before going up to my room and making a profile. My profile picture was a picture of me my mom took when we went to the beach last summer. I followed all of my friends and didn’t bother making my page private so anyone had access to my profile. After about a week this sweet guy followed me. He said his name was Danny and he was that 16. We started talking daily and he started to ask me personal questions like ‘what school do you go to?’ ‘Where do you live?’ Things like that. I answered all of his questions not thinking anything of it. He told me he went to a high school in my district and I was so excited when he asked me to be his girlfriend. I, of course, told him yes and we started dating. I told all of my friends about Danny and he said he told his friends about me. He said they all thought I was pretty, the thought of high schoolers thinking I was pretty made me blush. After being together for a month, I told him my parents would be out of town for a few days and I would be home alone. He asked if he could come over and meet me in person, as well as spend the night. I agreed after giving him my address again. The next day I wore a skirt and a cute shirt to match as I waited for Danny to arrive. He texted me that he arrived and I told him to come on in, seeing as I was brushing my teeth. I heard the front door open, close, then lock as I finished brushing. I walked to the front door and my eyes widened as I looked at a man who seemed older than my 49 year old dad. He smiled at me and I was frozen in fear. He reached out and touched my cheek before touching my hair. “You’re so much prettier in real life.” He told me. I couldn’t speak for a while. “Who are you?” I asked in a soft, fearful tone. “My name isn’t Danny if that’s what you’re asking.” He told me. “You can cal me Daddy from here on out, bunny.” He whispered before picking me up, his hands on my thighs. The only thing I could mange out was a small okay. He smiled before one of his hands reached up to touch my left tit. “Where’s your room?” He asked. “Down the hall on the right.” I told him before he walked to my room and put me on the bed. “Go on.. show Daddy what underwear you have on.” He whispered. I was scared he was going to hurt me so I did as I was told. I took off my shirt and skirt, showing off my training bra and black panties. He pulled out his phone before taking a few pictures. He reached out and gently pulled my bra over my head. My small tits fell out, to which he responded by taking another picture. He put his phone into his pocket before one of his hands moved down and touched me downstairs. I gasped. “D-Daddy?” I asked softly, scared of what he would do if I called him anything else. “Yes bunny?” He asked before pulling off my panties. I quickly crossed my legs. “What are you going to do?” I asked before he forced my legs apart so he could take another photo. “I’m going to touch this sweet little pussy of yours.” He smiled at me. “B-But I have a puppy outside.” I told him, thinking he was talking about a cat. He seemed to think for a moment as he looked me over. “Girl?” He asked before I nodded. He smirked before kissing my head. “Wait here Bunny.” He whispered before taking my phone and leaving the room. He came back five minutes later with my dalmatiens puppy in his arms. She was about half way grown, still small enough to carry with easy. He set her on my bed before rubbing her belly. “W-What are you going to do Daddy?” I asked softly. “I’m going to show you what I’m going to do to you.” He said softly before getting on his knees and licking her privates. I blushed slightly and felt my own privates tingle, feeling slightly wet. I didn’t know what was happening as I watched him lick my dog’s privates but watching just made me want him to do that to me. He eventually stood before unzipping his pants and showing me his long member. He glanced at me before slowly inserting himself into the dog. She wagged her tail, seeming to enjoy it. I felt more tingles downstairs but I ignored the strong urge to touch it. He started to move his hips forward and backward, moving in and out of my dog. After a while he grunted and pulled his member out, a white liquid leaking out from my dog’s privates. He looked at the dog before looking at me. He walked over to me before getting on his knees. He gently licked my privates and chills went through my body. It was like nothing I had experienced, but I wanted more. I let out weird noises but Daddy smiled when he heard them, so I think he like them. After a little while of licking me he stood. “Bunny, I’m going to make you feel so good but only if you promise to let Daddy come over anytime your parents aren’t home.” He said softly. “Daddy, I’ll let you over whenever they’re not home.. but if you became their friend you could come over all the time and make me feel good Daddy.” I told him before he slid his member into me. I let out a loud noise and Daddy loved it. “Good girl Bunny.” He told me before he moved his hips quickly. The feeling was amazing and I was overwhelmed with joy and pleasure. One of his hands squeezed my nipple gently and I made the noise as he did so. After a while of Daddy moving inside of me a warm feeling filled me inside. Daddy leaned down and kissed my lips gently. “Daddy.” I started. “I want this for so many years to come.” I told him before he pulled out of me. “You love Daddy’s touch don’t you?” He smirked before rubbing my down stairs gently. I nodded quickly as I gasped. Daddy zipped up his pants before taking a few pictures of me. “Daddy will call you next week, I want you to show me everything when we call.” He told me before kissing me gently. He looked at my dog and rubbed her belly before sliding a finger in her. He took it out and sucked it clean before leaving. I couldn’t help but wonder why Daddy liked her taste. I got down on my hands and knees before gently licking her downstairs. A sweet yet bitter taste filled my mouth and I sat up. “I’ll try this another day.” I said before laying in my bed and checking my phone. I had gotten two new followers, both friends of “Danny’s”. I smiled and hoped they were just like Daddy.

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    Fantastic story definitely love to fuck you

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    that could lead to entrapment which is illegal in ever state.

    • [email protected] Australia ID:1cn60hrk7z4d

      They don’t look at it is in entrapment when there’s a minor involved. Everything is thrown out of the courtroom. If the other person is an adult I are responsible regardless of anything else.

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    Why don’t you go fuck Craig then faggit.at least my stories are the best on here,the testimonials speak for themselves ass hole.

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    Fuck you Craig,I read the titles ass hole.the people writing these underage stories are cops or adults that just want the sick losers to do something crazy.its all made up bullshit.

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    How old are you now if I may ask?
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    Loved this story

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    Love this story!

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    Damn that was hot how long ago did this happen?

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    Damn that was hot how long ago did this happen?

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    Now Leave Your Comment…me to

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    x factor you think this is a real storie

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    With as much underage porn on here,I don’t doubt that it’s undercover agents,you people on here are so dam stupid,getting off on this bullshit and responding with contact info.such dumb asses on here.i am only into legal age stories,and ones where both parties are willing participants,no children,no animals,no force or rape.

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      Yet here you are, clearly you’ve read the story and felt the need to comment. Anonymous or not you can still be traced. It’s just a story and if you don’t like it then go find ones you do like.

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      I’m with Craig. You don’t have to be here if you don’t want to. There are tons of other sites where you can read legal age stories. Also- calling me and others dumb asses, when you can’t even spell and use proper capitals and spaces, is just plain stupid of you.

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    really sexy…

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