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The ballerina pays the price for stardom

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My name is Britney and I’m 15 years old with long black hair and 32 DD tits that at times does get in my way when I do certain moves . I’ve been a ballerina since I was 5 years old when my mom enrolled me at Louise’s Ballet & Dance Studio .I have been training with my fellow ballerina and best friend Kim , and our work out has been grueling at times from standing up on our tippy toes for long periods of time resulting with strained calf muscles and ankles , then there is the leg bar with the extreme stretching that Kim and I also endure .We are also practicing for an audition for a place in the Boston Ballet Company ,it’s a once and a life time chance to get picked so any type of mistakes we make our dreams of being a professional ballerina will be ruined .

If we succeed and pass the audition we can head on into the national and international stage being professional ballerinas .I just found out that a famous male ballerina John Baryshnikov is coming to help and show us some of his new training methods .The day finally arrived and John walked in and Britney was very nervous .

Britney is wearing her brand new ballet costume for her famous visitor and trainer ,which consists of a satin blue body leotard with Daskin white tights and white ballet slippers with a white lace tutu .

Each dancer had to put together a routine to perform before John ,most of the girls were dismissed .A few lucky ones made the first cut and were led into another room .All of them came out rejected ,It seems they failed the second test .

It was Britney’s turn now and she felt nervous and scared as she appeared in front of John but as soon as she got onto the stage her instincts took over and she performed flawlessly .When she was finished she was surprised to hear applause and she turned to see John smiling and clapping .

John summoned Britney to come into the room where the second test is held .She was shaking as she walked through the door .There is a strange looking machine in the center of the room ,Britney looked at it with curiosity ,John walked in behind her .

“You passed the first test Britney ! but unfortunately there is much more to being a ballerina than that ,what you need most is to keep your body in absolutely perfect condition ,you need to be able to stretch far more than is required by the American Ballet Association .That is what this machine is for ,

It precisely measures how far you can stretch, the most important area to be stretched is your legs ,so shall we start ?

Britney got onto the machine , she could stretch more than any other girl in her class it was something that she paid special attention to ,”You might feel restricted by this but it’s necessary”!! John warned her .

You will be lifted off the floor and we don’t want you to fall especially you seem so promising .

Britney blushed at the compliment ,she tried hiding it by focusing on the restraints but John noticed her blushing and he was delighted by this gorgeous black hair beauty with the dark brown eyes .She would have to pass this test before he would even considering teaching her .

The machine has two adjustable leg restraints that can be changed depending on how tall or short a person was ,Britney’s arms and head are completely locked in and restrained same as her sexy white nylon encased legs are secured in the leg restraints. John was done fitting her into the machine all Britney could do was open and close her mouth .

“Are you ready”? John asked . “Yes I am”!! she said .

John pressed the button and her legs lifted up until her tip of her ballerina shoes were nearly at her shoulders she held on as long as she could . now it had to stop ,”STOP”!!!! Britney yelled as the pain was way to much for her to bear .

The machine stopped immediately , “I can’t go anymore please let me out of this now”!!! Britney yelled out .

John was very impressed ,it was Britney’s first time using the machine and already she had gone as far as some of his oldest students .He couldn’t let her go quite yet .There was one more part to the test that he hadn’t explained to her yet .

There’s one more part of the test, you have lasted quite awhile so you can go on this one last test before becoming my student .Britney almost forgot the horrible stretching of her legs .

She almost didn’t notice when John got out a pair of scissors and started to cut the lower part of her satin blue leotard , “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DONG”??? Britney yelled out .

“You need to be stretched in more paces than your legs !! Lets see how much I can stretch your

Britney was scared and stunned .So this was his secret technique ?? John was fucking all the ballerina’s .

John pulled down his pants and briefs to expose the largest white dick Britney had ever seen ,It had to be about 11 inches with a wide girth .



“Would you really send your best hope for stardom to prison ? I can assure you young lady that it’s been tried”!!! he said to Britney .

“Come on Britney ! I expected more of someone as dedicated as you”!!!

Britney swallowed hard ,she did want to please him so bad .He was the key to her ballet career ,but at this price ? Rape ?

John pressed the button and the machine pulled Britney’s white nylon legs apart to where he wanted ,fully exposing her bare pussy ,her pussy lips are wide open .John already had his 11 inch dick at her pussy lips and was rubbing his cockhead up and down on the lips of her pussy .

Britney felt her juices began to flow ,her body was ready but she wasn’t .



John shoved his 11inch dick half way into her pussy ,popping and tearing her hymen and stretching her pussy beyond its limits and its making her feel like she was being ripped and torn as she screamed out in pain ,”OWWEE”!!! “OHH MY FUCKING GOD”!! “YOUR TEARING MY PUSSY APART”!!



John pushed his dick deeper and deeper into Britney’s baby hole until he hit her cervix ,Britney was so petite and tight ,and he wanted her stretchy ,he refused to admit an student no matter how small who couldn’t take his entire 11 inch dick, and he kept fucking Britney harder on the machine with both of his hands holding her sexy and soft white nylon encased thighs, as the entire machine is loudly rocking back and fourth from his hard thrust fucking and Britney is just yelping out ,”Oh ! Oh ! Oh ! Oh ! Oh ! Oh !

At first it had been very painful for Britney to have such a huge dick inside her virgin pussy ,but as her well toned Ballerina body adjusted . she began to feel better, she began to moan and pant .

He was getting Britney hot like no man had ever done before .Britney was still panting as John is still fucking and banging her ,she remembered what he said about being a star and having stardom while he’s still fucking the hell out of her. Then she yells out to John ,”I WANT TO BE YOUR STUDENT


John was happy , he had thought he would have to deal with her like he had the other stubborn ballerina’s .He thought that he lost this beauty, that is now probably going to be carrying his baby .
With that thought John blew his entire load deep into her womb ,as John continued to blow and shoot his load into her, she started cumming and orgasming all over his huge cock ,it was one of her most explosive orgasm’s she ever had in her life as she squealed ,”Ohhhhhhhhhhh”!!!!!!! “Ohhhhhhhhhh”!!!!

John pulled out of her cum soaked pussy and kissed Britney softly on her forehead ,then he released her from the machine and when she got up, all John’s sperm and her hymen blood leaked onto her new tights and ripped satin blue leotard , and they kissed passionately. John gave a hard open hand slap to her white nylon covered ass cheek’s and a hard squeeze as Britney yelped , “Ohhhhhhhh !!! Johnny”!!! Then she said that she needs to have a pregnancy test in a couple of weeks .


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  • Reply Ben Dover ID:1e04obh8nl01

    Writing a story dedicated to you.

    [email protected]

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

    I just woke up Johnny !! some old smell fart is trying to tell me facts about ballerina’s !! Britney

    • Big bad John ID:xblp958k

      Oh my baby, don’t let this idiotic know fuck all get to you. He’s like all the others I see that give negative comments to the writers on this site, They haven’t got the brains to write stories and they vent their frustration on talented writers like yourself. You’re the most popular writer on sex stories 69 and nothing he or anyone else can say will change that. By the way, I left some comments on your nephew story. I am so looking forward to your next story Brit baby. Love and kisses your horny stud Johnny

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Thanks baby !! you always make me feel better when my temper is up !! I’ll check out the comments !! oh I forgot to tell you when I was in high school my nickname was bell !! because I was banged all the time !! love your girl Brit

    • Big bad John ID:xblp958k

      I bet you had the boys at your high school horny all the time. I know that I wouldn’t have been able to resist banging you in your school uniform! Catholic school girls make great fucks and my cock is hard thinking of you with your pleated skirt raised while some horny jock thrusts his cock into you. I just wish it was me!!! Johnny

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      I actually saved my old school uniform and when my husband is in one of his horny moods he tells me to put it on with my 5 inch heels and that sends him over the cliff and my pussy is so swollen and full of his cum at the end of our fuck session !! He’s like you seeing girls in their school uniforms makes him so fucking horny that I can’t even control him !!! love your Brit

    • Big bad John ID:xblp958k

      Well imagine what would happen if you had a threesome with me and your husband. Could you stand being banged by two out of control horny guys? I think the fucking would go long into the night and you would end up sore but very content at the end of it. Love your Johnny

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Yes I would John !! The new story that I’m currently working on I think you’ll like it but it won’t be ready until either tomorrow night or the day after !! and I teased HistBuff by saying that I have more ratings than you and my stories are much shorter ha ! ha ! did you find that funny John !! love your sassy Britney

    • Big bad John ID:xblp958k

      I know I will love your next story Baby and will just have to be patient until it appears!! Yes, I did find your comments to Histbuff funny my sassy little minx!! But you are absolutely right!!! Love and kisses Johnny

  • Reply Old Fart ID:e5wucn209

    A 15year-old ballerina with 3DD tits? There is some suspension of disbelief breaking stuff right there.

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Oh really Mr. know it all !!!! how about Misty Copeland and Sara Hay !! Don’t make comments on a subject that you know nothing about !!! I was a ballerina same as my friend Kim and both of us have 32 DD tits !! Britney

    • Big bad John ID:xblp958k

      if you’ve nothing good to say, just shut the fuck up!! I really would like to critique one of your stories if you had the talent to write one that is.

  • Reply Courtney ID:1ea6ykfvoqkm

    Britney dear, I can’t wait to share my true story of my first real BBC. My husband and I got with our black neighbors a while after I found out I was pregnant. Ever since I got pregnant I’ve been so horny, and that BBC fucked my tender white pussy oh so good. My husband calls me his little coal burning slut and it just makes me erupt in cum. My pure white pussy had never taken a hard black cock before but now I’m a true slut! As a Catholic girl myself, I never though having sex with other men would fell so good. I love your stories, and would love it if you used me in one. I can be an innocent, traditional feminine Catholic mother and loyal wife who betrays her husband, children, and church to get fucked and creampied by my sons black principal so my son can graduate. My pussy is so wet thinking about it! Your pregnant little slut, Courtney.

  • Reply 1292 ACR ID:4bn00en3fia

    Damnnnnn! I’d love to be in John’s position right now! Your too hot to handle!

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Thank you 1292 !! I just hope you feel the same if any of my future stories don’t meet up to your current expectations of me !! Britney

  • Reply Big bad John ID:2muspuh6ia

    Thank you my voluptuous ballerina princess for this fantastic story. Your writing musts get better and I sensed that this time it came from the heart! This wasn’t just a fuck story, you were writing about us! and how you would like me to take and breed you!! Love your horny stud Johnny

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Thank you Johnny !! I just got out of work and I’m tired so I’m going to bed and get a little sleep then work on my new story !! love your very tired princess of nylons and naughty ladies undergarments !! Britney

    • Big bad John ID:xblp958k

      Sleep tight my Princess and dream of me. Love your Stud and lover Johnny

  • Reply Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

    I loved it. Britney you continue to amaze me in your ability to write the most erotic and sexy stories on the net. I know big John will love it as well. With your description of how he took your cherry and flooded your tiny tight pussy with his cum and made you a woman. You are the sexiest author on the site. Your friend Dave / slim56

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Thank you Slim !! I’m writing on what I first experienced when I had my cherry popped and taken from me !! love your Britney