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Over heard husband planning

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My husband thought I would be sound asleep on my Ambien invited buddies over

I’m Sandy I’m a 46 yr old housewife, I have been married to Bob for 28 yrs. Me and Bob have 2 children together,i also have 2 kids by.. that’s a different story already posted here somewhere.. well last night me and Bob watched a movie and a few shots of tequila,i wondered why he insisted on me taking a couple more.you trying to get me drunk,i asked Bob,no he replied just helping you enjoy the night. I was about drunk,so I told Bob that I was going to get ready for bed,as I made my way to the bedroom,wobbling into the bathroom,i remembered my phone in the living room,so I went back to get it. As I walked through the kitchen I could hear Bob talking on his phone,i heard him saying,that she will be passed out after she takes her Ambien. So I stopped to listen,as I heard Bob saying,shit she will think that it’s me fucking her,or she will think it was just a dream.. which is true I do have some wild kinda dreams since I have been taking Ambien to sleep. Bob invited someone over at 11 pm,all of a sudden I walked into the living room to get my phone,told Bob that I have taken my meds I’m going to bed.went back to the bedroom and put on a sexy night gown with crotchless bottom crawled into bed and turned out the light and waited. I was about to pass out from the tequila,didnt take my Ambien,25-30 minutes later I heard the door open up I heard my husband Bob saying hey baby hey baby,sandy you awake,i didn’t say a word. Bob turned on a lamp and got a big surprise when he saw me laying on top of the bed with my nightie on and my legs are spread,bob started to touch me , lightly squeezing by breast,as his fingers found my pussy he played with me for a few minutes as I just laid still. Bob fingering my pussy I heard him say,you want to be fucked huh. You are going to get it as he stopped and left the room. So now I’m horny and I’m waiting and wondering in excitement as to whom my husband has in mind to have sex with me while I’m passed out asleep. As I looked at the clock it’s 11:03,then I heard some voices and the door opening up,trying to see but it’s dark when all of a sudden the lights came on. Frozen in motion as I heard someone say good golly your wife is fucking sexy,her titties are big,so beautiful so I’m listening to this when Bob said she is out like a light , touch her when I felt hands on my breast and someone playing with the lips of my pussy. Bob said now that will be a hundred bucks apiece , shit he is pumping me out I thought,when Bob said let me turn on the lamp and turn off the lights. Have fun I heard him say as I once again felt hands upon my breast and then a warm pair of lips begin to suck my titties as my ñ was now being spread ,I felt the weight come on the bed as someone was now between my leg’s ,hot breath was blowing on my belly when someone’s tongue began to lick at my clit , still I’m just laying there but I’m starting to build towards an orgasm, your wife has a sweet pussy she is so wet ,yes I am and fixing to get wetter,man she taste good. U felt his body starting to press down on me when I felt him rubbing his dick against my clit, he at once pushed it inside of me,i let out a groan from the size of his dick forced into my pussy . I started to move some and quietly moan as he started to fuck me while I’m getting the milk sucked from my nipples,oh man she is so tight and hot her pussy feels like a oven oh man was right his dick is huge ,he was fucking me like a jack hammer,i am being stretched out ,so I’m just laying here getting my brains fucked out,my insides are now on fire as I am to the point of no holding back as this stud worked me over. I’m about to bust my nut he said my husband told him to hang on I want to hear her cum this was more than I could take as I started to hunch my hips on his dick,moans flowed out my mouth as my breathing matched my now bucking hips, she is Cumming he said as my ovaries released my eggs into a raging orgasm.oh god yes I said out loud cum in me get your money’s worth as I felt his dick become rigid and he pushed it hard against my opening of my uterus as i feel his dick start to pulsate as his hot sperm shoots up into my tubes sent me into another orgasm sending more if my fertile… fertile eggs looking for a soul mate.oh god that was incredible I was told. It sure was I said oh by the way I’m Sandy nice to meet you..young black guy said I’m Tony and my brother Anthony. Well Anthony it your turn must get your money’s worth..and you Bob you are going to get to hear me cum a lot.. gonna fuck who I please but for a hundred bucks you can watch. Bob didn’t know that I was ovulating and wanting us to have another child.. this will be another true story.

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    couldn’t read it, just one big blob, never heard of paragraphs.

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    Very hot

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    hella sexy, love hearing about you getting fertilized

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      love it so much