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The Last Command – Consuelo’s Fate 2

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Consuelo gets raped by the General, then by a great many soldiers who do her by order of rank while Mrs. Dickinson and Ann Blyth are also “honoured”.

General Antonio López de Santa Anna walked calmly to Consuelo de Quesada, whom the grinning soldiers held in position for him, her back on that last-defence cannon that was now silent.

She lay slanting with her wonderful legs folded and her lush triangle of black hair entertaining the men from that female place between her statuesque legs.

Bathed by sunlight, her glorious tits rode high on her arched torso as the exhausted señorita feebly struggled against the men, who restrained her ankles and her small wrists where she made lovely little fists of powerless rage on either side of her head, her dishevelled hair flowing down her shoulders and upon the cannonade, in waves and strands of dark silk, moving strands that were gently caressed by the Texas wind.

General Santa Anna loved the alluring lines of her half-folded legs, and the unfathomable triangle of her hairy pussy, now filled with the semen that the small bugle boy had left inside her.

Consuelo had been unable to avoid enjoying being raped by that thirteen-year-old boy and the General took note of that. Watching her getting gang-fucked by his other bugle boys and his drummer boys would be fun. But that would be for later.

The Mexican soldiers had successfully attacked and taken Fort Alamo, and now was the unspeakable aftermath, which has taken place in nearly all cases since the very dawn of times—the urgent and systematic rape of the enemy’s womenfolk.

Consuelo de Quesada had stood so very proud and defiant on top of that wall before the final assault. General Santa Anna had seen her himself through his spyglass from afar. He had first met her when she was only a blossoming maiden a few years back in San Antonio, and he could see for himself that her milky hills had truly blossomed into the loveliest bust he could imagine. But what he liked the most was the expression he had seen on her face when he looked at her through his spyglass.

When she stood on that wall, she knew what was going to happen, and something within her was secretly wishing it.

Those tits that then stood proud and well-protected inside her señorita’s corset were now crudely exposed in their primal beauty under the bright sun.

The nearby soldiers holding her on that cannonade with her legs spread out for their General were still groping and caressing those wonderful tits they had risked their lives to conquer, all this while the other Yankee girls and women were now squealing and whimpering, naked amid dozens of uniformed Mexicans while the corpses of their husbands and fathers were still warm.

Mrs. Dickinson was now Eve-nude with the blue remnants of her dress lying on the dirt. She was on her knees and elbows, face sliding on that same dirt while a well-built Mexican still wearing his shako was in the heated act of copulating with her from behind.

On his knees, the grinning man drove deep strokes inside the blonde, alluring widow, holding and caressing her priceless buttocks that carried that subtle notes of gold that were typical of blondes.

Mrs. Dickinson had creamy white skin, and her figure was young-looking especially now that her legs and feet were in plain display.

The man raping her kept his hands on her butt and gleefully kept his strokes going, keeping a steady rhythm and revelling in her whimpers while several soldiers looked by as Mrs. Dickinson kept taking the punishment stoically, just whimpering from the natural process of the coitus. This greatly impressed the General.

A soldier stooped down and tapped Mrs. Dickinson’s derriere and he poured some aguardiente on it and laughed.

The soldier bucking her presently bolted and pulled out of her. He let go a rich splattering of jism that landed on her round butt and graced her curves with a large gloss of Mexican seed.

Consuelo saw this and she found herself curious of knowing what it would feel like to have Mexican soldiers ejaculating on her. She felt especially aroused from the notion of getting that semen on her face and her tits. If she was to be deadly honest with herself, a dark corner of her mind was already thinking of things of that sort when she was looking down on the advancing regiment before that fateful assault.

Laughing, the man massaged Mrs. Dickinson’s butt and spread the semen all over it, saying it was nice and proper for a quality lady.

General Santa Anna now stood above Consuelo, with his bottle of tequila in hand as the fat Captain formally saluted him, grinning with his eyes always locked on the naked señorita.

Consuelo de Quesada raised her weary head, her neck aching from the relentless bobbing, and she saw Santa Anna smiling down on her, his eyes feasting on her defiled beauty like a pig.

“Your Excellency must be very proud now!” Consuelo said, cursing.

Her pretty face had frowning eyebrows, although very fine and delicate eyebrows that were the polar opposite of that lush carpet of hair she had down there, between her intensely pale thighs that seamlessly ran into her child-bearing hips, with a slim waist that now carried dark bruises where men had violently held her while they raped her.

“Oh, Milady… You must know that I’m always proud of following military traditions,” General Santa Anna replied with a mellow tone and casting a very amused gaze on the helpless señorita.

In the background, a girl tore the air with a shrill and deafening scream. Consuelo recognized the voice of Ann Blyth.

“Take her deep in her little asshole, Pedro! Yes! Yes, that’s the way!” Consuelo heard in her native Mexican Spanish.

The young maiden let out another shriek of agony amid the cheering troops gathered around her. All this while her father lay dead in the outer fort.

They were sodomizing Ann. Consuelo couldn’t believe it!

“Shame on you, General! May you rot in hell with the fiends of the Pit!” Consuelo spat out, spitting toward him, but he was too far and he grinned.

“Oh, calm down, señorita! As I told you, I pride myself of being observant of all military traditions, and I can assure you that all girls under the age of twelve are being treated with the utmost care, but all maidens and all the señoritas fall under the unwritten law of war prize!” the General replied in articulate English as a way to further humiliate Consuelo, whose father had fought on the Yankee side.

“You wear that rich uniform, General, but you’re nothing but a vile brigand!”

Uncaring of Consuelo’s hot words, General Santa Anna threw off his bicorn, showing her his dark hair, still all black into his early forties, and then he rushed at her like an avid pirate, filled with lust for the señorita’s colonial-white titties!

“Noo! Nooo, don’t you touch me, filthy pig!”

Consuelo spat in his face, and he just smiled and sank his face between those lovely orbs he had guessed through her dress and corset, and intensely desired, when he was looking at her through his spyglass before the assault.

He filled his nostrils with her youthful scent. She was intoxicating! He then took his bottle and generously spilled tequila on Consuelo’s breasts!

And he began to lick them, tasting the tequila mixed with her girly essence and scent!

Consuelo writhed and cursed at him as the olive-faced soldiers holding her had a good laugh while their General took one of her nipples in his mouth and caressed the tiny texture of that señorita’s bud of rose through his tongue. He learned that Consuelo de Quesada had brownish nipples and subtle goose bumps on neat areolas that were perfectly circular.

Consuelo screamed and squealed as if she had a venomous rattlesnake biting that nipple! But there was diffuse warmth and pleasure that started to irradiate from that side of her bust.

As the General gleefully sucked her left nipple, he cupped her other tit and gently pressed it, forming a cone of silky paste in his sun-baked hand. He held it and felt how it yielded to his gentle grip. He loved the contrasting milky whiteness of those tits he was now seeing from so close!

“Ahh, Consuelo! You have a lot of power over my men! If I had not allowed them to rape you, they would have mutinied and raped you anyway! I can hardly blame them,” the General said in English.

Consuelo was angry at herself, but she was powerless to stop the waves of pleasure that now took possession of her entire torso, and she found herself wishing he would start kissing her abdomen and go further south.

She was going wet again! And this while James lay dead with his blood still warm!

Consuelo felt so ashamed! So guilty! How could she be enjoying this!? It wasn’t honourable of her!

“Aaaahh, naoooo! NOOO! NOOO! You filthy pig! Brigand! Pirate!” Consuelo snapped, but every time she cursed or screamed, her forced pleasure grew within her and reached a new level of whorish debasement.

Consuelo de Quesada was now a whore for the entire regiment, a plaything to do as they please with, and that notion drove juices of savage arousal in her womanhood. She found, raging against herself, that it felt ungodly erotic!

“Yes, bonita señorita! Yes! You are now the tramp for myself and all the brigade! You and every single Yankee señorita within these walls!” General Santa Anna taunted her.

As he spoke, he went lower and licked the underside of Consuelo’s divine breasts!

She tasted so lovely! It was that precise spot where shadows gracefully highlighted the noble shapes of her statuesque bust. But she wasn’t marble; she was flesh that yielded readily under a man’s touch, and she was far more graceful than Pygmalion’s statue that once took life to give all her love to her maker.

“You, devil! Filthy devil! Noo! No! Don’t! Please, no! Stop this! Noo!”

Consuelo kept cursing at the General, who was now licking and kissing her navel and abdomen, all just as graceful as the rest of her. The old shark had an uncanny ability to deduce and understand her most secret desires.

She felt that he knew that each time she cursed and protested, she was actually arousing herself.

Feeling his raging erection as it pushed hard at the front of his trousers, General Santa Anna went further down and let his tongue mark his territory with slobber right down her navel and he went further down, all the way to Consuelo’s cunt bush of luxuriant hair that matched the raven shadow of her aristocratic hairstyle, now loose and free under the Texas wind as she moaned like a Mexican whore.

When the General started to directly kiss her muff, Consuelo de Quesada detonated with a loud series of high-pitched moans and screamed, “NOOOOOOO! NAAOO-OOO-OO!”

This brought her right to the very edge of a new climax as the General buried his tongue inside her entrance and defied the vile taste of semen from the previous rapes.

He gave Consuelo a skilful cunnilingus as she moaned and begged and screamed amid the grinning Mexicans, who steadily kept her pinned on that cannonade.

Her eyes moved to the spot where her father lay with a ball in his gut. She felt his gaze on her! She knew it instinctively. He was still alive. Not alive and well. Alive and watching.

She felt the twirling tongue of the General inside her while that same stout Sergeant who had previously raped her now spilled some tequila on her tits and began to suck her breasts!

Consuelo let out another deafening scream… “NNNAAOOOOOOOOOOO!”

As she did so, she powerfully climaxed, her tits swollen under the thickly bearded Sergeant sucking them and pressing his wide fat face on her tits that yielded under his bear-like manliness.

General Santa Anna got his chin and mouth wet with her juices as Consuelo came in the arms of her rapists.

“Now, señorita! Now!!!” Santa Anna said as he quickly unbuttoned his ivory white trousers under his Navy-blue jacket that was adorned with a full General’s epaulettes and much gold at the bottom of his sleeves and also where the buttons were neatly fastened.

The General let out his jutting erection, which was veiny and of a warm olive complexion with an uncircumcised, very Catholic punching head that seemed specially made to ram inside Consuelo’s wet pussy.

“NOOOO! General! Nooo! Think of your honour! Noo, please…” Consuelo squealed, furthering her sexual surrender as the older man grabbed her legs and caressed that wonderfully silky skin that graced her alluring lines.

He propped her legs all the way up and, grabbing her ankles, he brought Consuelo’s feet right at his face, where he kissed her toes and brushed the sensitive skin of her lily-white foot against his sun-baked face, enjoying her pure girliness as he began licking those dainty feet and sucking all their wonderful taste.

General Santa Anna adored a señorita’s feet. He had planned doing this from the moment he had spotted and recognized Consuelo through his spyglass as she stood by her father.

His men and the stout Sergeant held her for him with her legs propped up straight and nearly vertical, from where her back was gracing that dark cannon. Most of these soldiers restraining her had an ungodly raging erection as they enjoyed her scent and beauty, and they knew their General. When he’d be done, he would let them rape her all they wanted throughout the rest of the day. The soldiers worshipped him, but now, they worshiped Consuelo even more.

“Now, señorita, now!!!” Santa Anna repeated.

Keeping Consuelo’s feet by his face, General Santa Anna penetrated the noble señorita and felt her vagina as it tightly pressured his expanding cock.

And he began to gleefully rape Consuelo de Quesada with her back pinned on that cannonade, stooping above her and taking hold of her waist as he watched the pale dream of her swollen tits.

Her brownish nipples were dancing in silence, but their being visible under the bright sun spoke volumes about what was happening.

His men grinned and firmly kept her in position.

Consuelo was clenching her fists above her head of flowing dark hair as the General took his pleasure. It was priceless. To finally have his way with her, after all these years. At last!

He bucked her with her legs up and her ankles resting on his golden epaulettes. Consuelo was moaning and whimpering like a trollop in a San Antonio brothel.

She suddenly arched her back, propping up her jiggling breasts as she yet again climaxed, screaming, “Noooo!”

The General couldn’t hold the quickly surging bliss inside him.

He shouted a loud series of grunts and forcefully growled as he basked in the heat of his final explosion.

His cock burst out with a massive eruption; bolts upon bolts of hot semen that shot deep into Consuelo and fertilized her with the risk of a shameful pregnancy.

“Aaahh, Consuelo… ¡Gracias! ¡Gracias, bonita señorita!” General Santa Anna taunted her as he exited her hairy pussy and looked down at her, taking full delight in her debasement.

Consuelo was bitterly crying, looking away from her father’s prostrated figure.

General Santa Anna looked at Mr. De Quesada and smiled as he saw that the man was still alive and breathing.

“Mister de Quesada! I am so very sorry! Your daughter is too beautiful and I couldn’t help myself!”

Mr. De Quesada swore at the General, feebly as his dying condition allowed. He was in great pain. The fat Captain had shot him right into his lower belly, and his bowels were now torturing him, more and more as time went by.

He was bleeding on that dirt in the middle of Texas, but fate refused to give him a swift death. He was forced to witness the inglorious defilement of his own flesh and blood.

The Catholic father started praying, asking for God’s forgiveness, but then he pictured the Holy Virgin in the shape and form of his daughter, in the nude, and in his mind, he was raping her with her back pinned on that cannonade and her wonderful tits jiggling under the sun. Consuelo was so much like her late mother at the same age!

The General finished putting himself back together, then he nodded at his men, who rushed at Consuelo, who screamed her anger, and it was more anger at herself for being so very much aroused by their touch on her.

Now that the fort had fallen, she was being gang-fucked by these proud men, the enemy, yet her fellow Spanish speakers. Men from the country; poor men; gang-fucking her, a noble señorita. It was overwhelmingly erotic. They were even taking her on the very cannon that had shot canister on them.

A Sergeant stood proud and tall between her legs, and he yelled a loud patriotic cry… “¡Viva la república!” as he rammed himself inside Consuelo, who was held nearly horizontal by four men—one on each of her limbs—and her back always warming the cannon’s steel.

She took him moaning, feeling the now-familiar sensation of a man inside her.

Sergeant Lopez held nothing back! He had a wife back in Mexico, but it didn’t make any difference. The señorita had to be raped! It was tradition.

He raped her watching the wonderful play of her dancing tits, with unspeakable joy, holding her legs while soldiers poured aguardiente on those pure-white tits and he saw that sheen of alcohol on her nipples, shimmering under the sun and then the head of a soldier blocked his view as the men began taking turns in licking Consuelo’s titties, drenched with aguardiente.

Sergeant Lopez hammered Consuelo like a frantic beast and he soon felt his legs go wobbly under him as he blissfully died inside her. One big shot of jism was followed by another, a truly massive one that left him breathless with his hands resting on Consuelo’s legs as he watched his own seed dripping down from her hairy entrance.

He left his spot for a senior Corporal who was soon to be promoted. They were now raping her in descending order of ranks, as per tradition.

With her father still alive and watching.

Mrs. Dickinson was still getting raped on all fours with her noble face sliding in the dirt as a Lance-Corporal of the cavalry bolted and looked up to the cobalt sky and let out a groan of absolute delight as he dumped his load.

“Aaah, yes! We won!”

A five-foot tall drummer boy replaced him. Mrs. Dickinson started yelling and protesting as she saw the boy kneeling behind her. He was too young!

She tried to get up, but the nearby soldiers hit her and forced her to stay down on her knees and elbows, face first in the dirt with her butt high and protruding.

The drummer boy forcefully entered her. With his hands on the loaves of splendour forming her light-filled butt, the boy raped Mrs. Dickinson very urgently, making her understand that he had already done this before.

The blonde widow got shaken surprisingly hard against him in spat-spat-spat sounds as the drummer boy raped her in complete frenzy, his beard-less face distorted in an expression of glee that bordered on pain.

“AAAa, aaaAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!” the boy let out, loud and clear as he emptied his balls inside Mrs. Dickinson.

The boy got up and was given the bottle of tequila, from which he took a swig, but coughed violently as the men patted him on the back and laughed. A Private was already renewing Mrs. Dickinson’s tour of compulsory sex duty.

Ann Blyth was no longer screaming. She was whimpering loud and clear, subjected to a rolling rotation of cavalrymen and infantrymen, who were deep into what looked like a heated contest to see who could rape her the hardest and longest.

The little Miss was flat on her stomach and each man raping her was delightfully bouncing on the exposed display of her boyish-looking butt.

Consuelo de Quesada had been moved by two cavalry Lance-Corporals, who had watched Mrs. Dickinson being mounted from behind and were very eager to learn what Consuelo’s white butt looked like under that sun.

They had positioned her bent over the cannon, with her chest resting on the thick barrel as the senior Lance-Corporal ran his caressing hands around the contours of Consuelo’s heart-shaped butt, aroused by her hourglass shape, his mind unable to fully accept the reality that he was about to sink inside the superb señorita.

Consuelo felt his impressive size, and she was forced to moan as he took her waist and began to bump her buttocks against his red-uniformed frame, wearing his cuirass that shone bright under the sun as he basked in the spat-spat-spat sounds from Consuelo’s sweet booty against him.

He raped her urgently, from behind, his eyes locked into the fascinating display of her wide curves that seamlessly blended into her narrow waist.

He looked at the cannon over which Consuelo was bent and this reinforced the fact she was war booty.

The Lance Corporal suddenly erupted inside the whimpering señorita.

His fellow Lance Corporal followed suit while the privates, an entire platoon of them, were eagerly waiting their turn.

Every man from the rank-and-file was thinking of a vast array of ways to humiliate and debase the noble señorita, but first, they all wanted to empty their stores of sperm inside her vagina. They were brave Catholics who were afraid of going to Hell if they sodomized her. Proper military tradition called for a vaginal rape first.

The second Corporal was now grunting like a frantic baboon. It looked as if his entire reason for existing lay in the way he was bouncing Consuelo’s white bottom against him and how deep he could fuck her.

Consuelo moaned like a cheap tramp…

“aaaahh, aaaahhh… Oh, Dios! ¡Por favor para! Aaahh, noo, aaaahh aaaahhh… Aaahhh Dios! Aaahh… James… ¡James! Aaaahhhh! Aaa-aaaaa…”

Consuelo shivered from head to toe, her feet planted in the sun-warm dirt, her beauty caressed by the Texas wind as she was hit by God’s finger!

The nearby men all burst out with laughter as they heard her long series of whimpers.

The junior Lance Corporal filled up the señorita in a manly way that did honour to his regiment.

He kept bouncing her against him and shook her all the way through his nearly painful ejaculation, unable not to scream as he shot several bolts of heated jism inside Consuelo.

Then, at last, it was the rank-and-file’s turn!

Consuelo feared for her well-being. So many men who had yet to go inside her!

She took a quick glance at her father, who lay nearly motionless. Her eyes met his. He was breathing hard. Still alive. Still watching her and so very much ashamed for having failed in protecting her from this.

Consuelo de Quesada whimpered like a two-pesos whore when the oldest Private of the pack lowered his light-grey flannel trousers and urgently entered inside her well-drenched pussy. He also took her from behind.

He had had sex with many girls over the decades, but Consuelo was in a class of her own.

The old Private soon screamed his bliss. He was replaced with another Private wearing that same cobalt-blue uniform. Once that newcomer was done with bumping Consuelo’s butt against him, he left her, smiling a mile wide and left his spot for the next man, who also proceeded to rape Consuelo from behind until he transferred his real estate of swimmers in her favour as he basically died inside her.

Many more men were still waiting and masturbating. This was going to be a very long day for the señorita. Cavalrymen had returned from their patrols, and now she was raped on and on amid a mix of blue and red uniforms.

She could even see the reflection of her face in a well-polished cuirass whenever a cavalryman stood near her face while she bobbed on and on from the relentless rapes.

Consuelo wasn’t sure she knew the young woman she saw in that reflection from the shiny cuirass of a perfect stranger who was soon going to know her intimate depth.

Her father was still there to watch. He still knew it was her. Yes indeed!

General Santa Anna sipped some more tequila and offered some to the fat Captain who stood by, grinning and basking in his post-pleasure glee. Raping Consuelo de Quesada had been delightful and he couldn’t wait to be able to do it again.

The Captain congratulated his General on his magnificent victory as he respectfully accepted the tequila and took a polite sip, his face sweating under the sun of Texas, which belonged to Mexico just as Consuelo belonged to the victorious regiment.

“The fortune of war is on our side, capitán!”

*** *** ***



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  • Reply Big bad John ID:xblp958k

    I really enjoyed the story and am looking forward to part 3. You should put all these stories into a book and call it Horny History!

    • HistBuff ID:cxtp0kz6ij

      Thanks, Big Bad John. And yes, I sometimes get the attention of the political correctness zealots now and then. I enjoy this site a lot because I can write pretty much anything in the exact way I want to. I was really turned on, hard as a bull, when I wrote consuelo’s rape scenes. I was watching that movie and already imagining such scenes!

      The actress herself was 18-19 when she did that movie. Girls at that age usually looked more womanly back then than same-age girls today. If you love that body part, women had smaller feet in average in the 1950’s and before than today. Size 5 (US) was common; now a girl with size 5 has trouble shopping for shoes. Feet worthy of the adjective “dainty” were daintier back then. They were “very/extremely dainty” for today’s standards.

      That movie is about as old as this song where I first learned the expression “dainty feet”… https://youtu.be/hZ_CgPadvFQ

    • HistBuff ID:cxtp0kz6ij

      When I watched that scene with Consuelo standing on the fort’s wall (picture here), I was already picturing her being gang-raped on a cannon with her tits in plain sight under the sun, and the Mexican troops going wild and shooting their loads inside her!

      I had already decided that she’d have a lush, hairy cunt that formed an opaque triangle between her legs. Women didn’t shave down there in those years.

      The only difficulty with a story set in 1836 is that breasts were not very easily accessible because of corsets.

      In rape scenes from westerns from the 1960’s and 1970’s, the dresses get easily torn as the girls are wearing undergarments that were way too this for the time period, and this made for a quick display of titties in a scene that was meant to be very short.

      That scene here is absolutely delightful, yet very short, alas… https://forcedcinema.net/video/susan-harvey-rape-land-raiders/

      Delightful; lovely tits, but she’s wearing a 1960’s light camisole!

      Consuelo and all other women, even the young Ann, were all wearing corsets or at least a petticoat including some form of supple corset.

      Corsets were less rigid in the 1830’s than after 1850, but you just didn’t grab and tear it. Even a woman’s dress usually required a sharp knife to put a dent in, then tear it.

      This is why Consuelo first gets raped while still clothed in the previous chapter. The men want to rape! It’s urgent! They’re full of adrenaline! They were very very horny. It’s only during the rape that someone gets the idea of cutting her garments, the laces of her corset, etc., because she’s gorgeous and they do want to see the noble señorita in the nude.