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Amy Tale/s – Voodoo Princesa

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I will starve the fox out of my henhouse. If Luna is hungry enough to eat an apple, she will be starving when I am done.

Ken came by work Tuesday, and after he did his sales stuff with the manager, we went out to eat. He dropped me back at my car and we went home. I knew Courtney was there, and I went into the bedroom and Courtney was naked on the bed. I said, you’re eager, and Courtney did not answer me. I looked and she had the slave collar Janet bought me on, (see Amy Tale/s – Mistress, for details). I said, did Paige put that collar on you? Courtney did not answer, and I said, Coco, did the Princess put that on you? Courtney said, yes miss Amy.

I have not used the collar in a while because me and Courtney just like to fuck each other and not play games anymore. It was a fun game using the collar at first, but I lost interest. I took a shower and got in the bed naked. Courtney started kissing on my toes, and up my leg, and she was in my thighs. I didn’t tell her to do anything, so I figured this was Paige’s doing. I closed my eyes and laid back on the pillows, and Courtney started eating my trim hairy pussy. I hear a crunching noise, and I open my eyes, and Luna is sitting naked in the chair eating an apple.

As a new tactic, I decided that I was not going to confront Luna like I had been doing. So, I just closed my eyes back, and I let Courtney bring me to pleasure. Fucking Luna bites that damn apple again, and it annoys me. The bitch ate that apple slow, and I could not focus on what Courtney was doing; like that was Luna’s whole point, to try and piss me off. Luna knew I was trying to ignore her, which is why she was eating the apple in the first place. Luna drops the apple in the waste bin next to the chair, for another annoying noise attempt. Now, I am going to let her watch and just ignore her, unless she starts to whistle or something.

Luna says, eat my pussy Coco. Courtney says, yes Princesa, and Courtney stops eating me and moves to the floor in between Luna’s legs as Luna spreads in the chair. Courtney starts eating Luna’s pussy. Paige has done this, allowed Luna to have mistress control of Courtney. I thought about trying to tell Courtney to stop, or to come back to me; but then I decided that this game was boring me when I stopped doing it. So, if Courtney wants to play with these teenage girls, go ahead. I get up and put a nightie on, and I grab a wine cooler out of the kitchen and sit down in the living room as Ken plays video games. Ken pauses and looks back at me and says, are you okay? I say, I feel like a candy apple, honey, and I down about half my wine cooler.

Courtney comes in and starts kissing on my feet and working her way up my leg, and I say, don’t touch me Coco, and go and play with the girls, and leave me alone unless they take the collar off you. Courtney says, yes miss Amy, and I look back and Luna was watching. Ken can tell I am upset, and I don’t want to involve him. I go back to my bed and turn the TV on. Courtney comes back to the bed and lays down, still wearing the collar, but she does not touch or bother me. Fucking Luna, they left the collar on, but told Courtney to come back, and Courtney is not touching me and leaving me alone. I say, Coco, go and stay in Paige’s room and do not come into this room again unless they take the collar off. Courtney says, yes miss Amy, and she leaves. Luna stood in the door and listened to what I told Courtney, and then followed her to Paige’s room.

Courtney comes back without the collar and starts touching me, and I say, stop Courtney, I am not in the mood now. Courtney says, I am sorry, are you mad? I say, I am not mad, more like disappointed that Paige would do this, and you would allow her to give Luna control. Courtney says, they told me you would like it. Luna was standing propped naked in the doorway listening. So, I said, well, I didn’t like it. It was novel when you and I did this at first, and even had later appeal when Paige got involved, but if you are going to let Luna control you, then you can just play that game with them and leave me out. Me and you are beyond that sort of game in our relationship. Courtney says, I am sorry, please don’t be mad at me, I won’t do it anymore. I say, okay, and Courtney kisses me, and takes my nightie off. I say, I don’t want sex Courtney, and she stops.

Luna gets in the bed, and pulls Courtney on her back, and starts kissing her, then down to her breasts, and works her way to Courtney’s pussy. I say, Courtney, if you want to fuck Luna, do it in Paige’s room, I don’t want to watch. Courtney says, I won’t if it is going to make you mad. I say, I won’t be mad, I just don’t want to watch you two in my bed. Courtney gets up, and Luna lays there staring at me with a wicked smile. I say, you can have her. They leave and I get dressed and leave before they know what is going on, and I go to Kelly’s. I start crying, and Kelly wants to know what is wrong? I say, can you be seduced to not love me more than you love someone else?

Kelly says, no baby, what happened? I say, Luna seduced Courtney right in front of my eyes. Courtney allowed herself to be used for Luna’s pleasure against me, then chose Luna over me. I cry, and Kelly holds me and consoles me. I start laughing and sniffle, and I say, at least Luna is a minor, I want have to worry about Luna seducing you for two and a half years. Kelly kisses my lips and says, nobody is going to seduce me unless you allow it, like your little teen heartthrob boy. Kelly holds me tight, and I feel her love, and I revive, and she caresses me. I just lay there thinking, Luna is beating me. Luna is a witch, casting spells on my lovers with her voodoo. If Paige and Courtney can be seduced by Luna, who else can?

What else is upsetting me is that once again, Luna has made me flee my home. My phone rings and it is Courtney, and I ignore it. It is followed up with texts apologetic in nature, and Courtney wants me to come back; but it is too late now. Courtney has been defiled, like Tammy, and also like Paige. This Voodoo Princesa is a worthy foe. Miranda was sick, crazy to a degree with her split personality when I met him/her, Mark/Miranda. At least in that regard, Miranda had located another crazy bitch. I hated Luna, she was a splinter festering in, pick a body part, because Luna had poison thorns for them all.

It was war now bitch! I will strip away the weaker lovers, and I will cut them off just to protect them from Luna. Lovers like Zoey and Allen who were readily accessible to Luna, and young lovers like Alyson, Rasaun, and maybe even Bada were at risk. Ken, Greg, Eric, and Troy could be susceptible, but they would never be controlled by Luna. I will retreat from my home for a while, and with my seclusion, my friends will be absent too from my home. I will starve the fox out of my henhouse. If Luna is hungry enough to eat an apple, she will be starving when I am done. Kelly caresses me to sleep as my mind finds a path to victory in Luna’s game. Puta, she has made this interesting, god damn it, Luna is going to make me regret trying to find a new girl each year to be my Junior Miss.

I get up Monday morning and tell Kelly I am going to probably be here more for the next few weeks while I try and deal with my problem with Luna. I kiss Kelly goodbye and go to work. At lunch time I go to the apartment and stock up on things I will need and leave. I call Ken, and tell him that if he needs me, he can find me at Kelly’s or Jim’s. I tell Ken he is to only tell everyone else that he does not know where I am, but that he knows I am alright.

I arrive at Jim’s after work and Harold helps me carry some stuff into the house. Harold says the spa room is almost complete, and I open the door to look, and it is taped off, and it is cold in the room because the fans are going. Harold tells me that technically it is done, but Owen wanted to seal the floor one more time tonight, and that it would be done Wednesday. The fans were running to help dry it faster. I see stuff tarped in the yard and I say, when you put the washer and dryer back, just put my stool back, I don’t want that chair, I will buy some more.

Harold sees I am busy unpacking stuff, and he dismisses himself (probably wondering why I had three suitcases and as many bags). Jim’s will be my new home, in my war of attrition against Luna. Luna wants my attention; she will get my absence. I order some food and clean the bathroom while I wait. I eat and shower, and I recline naked in the bed and turn the TV on.

I did not attend the last home game for football, but Chris only won two games and lost six. Jim comes in from basketball practice, and I tell him there is food in the kitchen, and he eats and showers. I fuck my thick 10” big black cock handsome stud after he eats my wet pussy to orgasm. I feel better now. I laugh to myself thinking, that bitch cannot get to my favorite big black cock toys.

I spend Tuesday and Wednesday night at Kelly’s, mainly because I wanted the spa to be done when I returned to Jim’s. I show up at Jim’s after work Thursday, and Janet pulls up at the same time. Janet comes in and says, what is wrong baby? I say, nothing, why do you ask? Janet says, well, for the past four days you have not been home, except lunch time Monday according to my tracker. I say, I just needed to get away.

I interrupt Janet’s inquisition and say, let me show you why, and I show her my spa room. Janet is thoroughly impressed, and she sees the plaque, and she says, Queen’s Spa, how fitting. I grab some hair ties and we put our hair up, and I hand Janet a shower cap (I bought several). Janet says, why? I point to my shower and say, it shoots straight down. We wash and remove the caps and get in the spa.

This fucking thing is amazing, and Janet says, I see why you were not at home now. I said, this is my first time in it with someone else. Janet swims over to me and kisses me and says, I am glad I was your first guest. Janet moves back to one of the corner seats and the windows are fogged from the shower and spa, and I turn the fans on, and they clear up quick. It starts to get cold on our exposed necks and Janet says, my head is cold. I say, watch this, and I turn the speed down real low on the fans. The room has a vent-less gas heater on the wall next to the dryer, and the floor is heated, and it warms back up quick. Janet says, you may never go home.

Janet stays with me Thursday night, and we have our love making love, and she rides my dark lover. I do not tell her about Luna, but it is only a matter of time before Janet runs into Clair, Ken, or Greg and possibly finds out. Janet actually liked Luna, and she made out with her when Luna was trying to seduce me. Janet tried to get me to have sex with Luna at that time, but I refused (see Amy Tale/s – Maria’s Junior Miss, for details).

I knew Luna could not seduce Janet away from me, but Janet is a, “break glass in case of emergency” girlfriend to me. I was not ready to push my dame into the game I was playing with Luna. So, the longer I could delay Janet’s involvement the better. Janet was there for the final crushing of Luna, when Luna finds out she is way out matched. I recline in my spa as a Queen with my Duchess, and no one can come between us, or defeat us.

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