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Photo shoot for my wife’s co-worker gets hot

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My wife Lynn and I had been swingers since we first got married at 18-yo and over the years had taken lots of hot photos of her as well as wive’s of couples we swapped with and some single girls my wife had sex with. But I also took lots of other types of pictures, such as car shows & races and beautiful sunsets or areas we visited. Sometimes she’d take vacation photos etc to work to show some of the co-workers in her office. These sometimes showed Lynn in the photos maybe in a sexy bikini at the beach or a sexy dress she might be wearing to a formal party. So the women she worked with knew I was a pretty good amateur photographer.

One day Lynn came home from work and said a girl from the office named Gail had asked her if she thought I’d take some pictures of her to send to her boyfriend who’d recently joined the army and was stationed far away. I said I’d be glad to as I pictured Gail in my mind. A short blonde with big tits and a narrow waist. I asked Lynn what kind of pictures she wanted? Thinking to myself please say nude. But what she did say was a close second to my idea. At the time boudoir photos were quite popular, but were also expensive. In them the photographer would set up a nice background and take pictures of the ladies in various types of lingerie. But nothing too revealing. We were in our early 30’s so the idea of me taking pictures like this of a sexy 19 yo was a real turn-on. Even if she wasn’t going to be naked in them.

A couple of days before she was going to come over I set up a nice background in the spare bedroom in preparation of our photo shoot. Gail was going to bring the outfits she was going to wear. When she got there she looked better than I’d ever seen her. She’d got her hair fixed and make-up done by a pro, and the dress she had on was low cut and buttoned up in front and I thought how well that would work if she wanted to do a sexy striptease. But the outfits she’d brought to take pictures in were kind of boring looking. Lynn really felt uncomfortable telling her, but then again she knew Gail wanted to please her boyfriend and remind him what he had waiting at home for him in hopes of keeping him from seeking the company of other girls. So Lynn went ahead and told her she might want to wear something a bit more revealing.

She took her in our bedroom and was going through her lingerie trying to find something Gail might like that would turn her boyfriend on. In the process Gail was seeing totally see through outfits, garter belts, crotchless panties, etc. About that time the phone rang and Lynn went into another room to answer it. In the meantime Gail opened another drawer Lynn hadn’t planned on opening. It had some sexy lingerie, but also had an assortment of sex toys that included various vibrators, dildo’s, oils & lubes, but also a few things a girl would use with another girl like strap-on’s and double headed dildo,s girls could fuck each other with. And they were in boxes showing 2 girls using them. When Lynn came back Gail was standing there holding this huge double headed dildo and was in such deep thought looking at it she didn’t even hear Lynn return and was stroking it like you would a real cock.

When she realized Lynn was in the room she looked at her with a really turned on look and said I bet this could be a lot of fun with the right girl and had a gleam in her eye. Lynn having been with a number of girls by then could tell Gail was turned on thinking about using that. So she just said oh believe me it is. They started going through the lingerie again and Gail picked up a sexy baby doll nightee you could see right through and asked Lynn if she’d be OK if she wore something like that in front of me? Lynn laughed and said she could pose nude if she wanted and we’d both be fine with it. At that, Gail told Lynn to pick out something really sexy her boyfriend would like. Lynn picked out a garter belt & stockings with a set of matching bra & panties and told Gail to put them on and then to put her dress on over it.

We went into the living room and used some long curtains as a background. With direction from Lynn she did a sexy striptease slowly unbuttoning the buttons and sliding the dress off her arms, then taking off her bra & panties. She posed in several sexy poses in just the garter belt & stockings and heels and after taking them off posed for me totally naked for a few shots, cupping her tits, rubbing her pussy and bending over spreading her ass cheeks as she posed on the bed. She tried on a couple of other outfits and then surprised me when she came in the room naked again with a vibrator in her hand. Lynn was behind her smiling being very turned on at the idea of watching her friend fuck herself. I took about a half dozen pictures of her fucking herself with it and putting it in her mouth sucking on it after taking it out of her pussy. Just to see her reaction right after Gail fucked herself with it again Lynn leaned over and took it in her mouth licking Gail pussy juice off of it. Gail’s eyes just lit up. Gail lifted herself and whispered something in Lynn’s ear and Lynn started undressing.

I just kept taking pictures as they kissed and started running their hands over each other’s bodies. Then Gail leaned over and took one of my wife’s big 34-DD tits in her mouth, later telling Lynn she’d wanted to do that since they first met. They sucked each other’s tits & ate each other’s pussy as I kept taking pics of them. I was going nuts watching this, then they started using that big dildo to fuck each other. After several pictures like that I couldn’t resist. I’d already taken off my shirt I’d gotten so hot. So I pulled my pants off and walked up beside where Gail was laying and holding my thick 9 1/2 inch cock I said why not try the real thing? She looked at Lynn and she told Gail to go for it. Gail started sucking my cock and to my surprise Lynn got up and picked up the camera & started taking pictures of Gail sucking my dick. I leaned over and started sucking on Gail’s big tits. It was a turn on with her being so small with such big tits. Still standing beside the bed I got her on her hands & knees and started fucking her. After putting in a new roll of film Lynn came over and got a couple of close-ups of my cock going in & out of Gail’s cunt.

Gail didn’t seem to care that Lynn was taking pictures of her sucking my cock or me fucking her. Lynn suggested we fuck with Gail on top with her big tits hanging down and then she wanted to see me fuck Gail’s tits. I thought Gail would balk when Lynn said she wanted to get some pictures of me fucking Gail in the ass. But she just said she’d never been fucked in the ass so did we have some kind of lube? Lynn got some anal ease and put it around Gail’s ass hole and then added some lube. I was surprised at how turned on Gail got by being fucked in the ass for the first time. She was loving it and started saying she loved my big dick and thanked Lynn for letting me fuck her. Lynn was really turned on and got on the bed and told Gail to eat her pussy while I fucked her. Gail started eating Lynn while I pounded her ass. When I was close to shooting off I got up and stood beside them and shot my load all over both of them’s tits & faces. I grabbed the camera and took pictures of them licking each other clean and of them in a hot 69.

I sent the film out of town and when the pictures came about a week later Gail came over to look at them. I’d had two prints of all the pictures and Gail was fine with us having pictures of her. She went through and picked out the ones to send her boyfriend and ones she wanted that included her with Lynn and her sucking my cock and me fucking her in the ass. We were all really turned on after looking at the pictures and Gail just looked at us and asked if we wanted to do it again. Soon we were all naked and in bed doing all the things we’d done before. But I had a little surprise for her when I fucked her in the ass I had Lynn fucking her pussy with the big dildo. It sent Gail into orbit and as soon as we finished she said she wanted to be fucked by two guys with big dicks. We had several more threesomes with Gail as well as her being with just Lynn or just me a couple of times. And we took more pictures every once in a while for her boyfriend and she told him a friend’s husband was taking the pictures and it actually turned him on another guy was seeing her naked.

( no we don’t trade pictures )

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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    My wife came out of the hallway and said I was going to be there sex boy for the night

  • Reply Say it isn’t so ID:1ea77fc04hk6

    My ex wife was very sexy and still is her sister took a couple of trips on vacation and no questions asked she would always stay with us before long she would run around with us for a couple of days and when we got back home one night my wife was laughing at her in the other room when I turned the tv down and went to the kitchen her sister walked out in a pair of little panties and told me to lick her feet

  • Reply MR C ID:60pe5buh20j

    You dont trade pictures because there are no pictures 14/05/23

    • [email protected] ID:1ee34llivg22

      No actually we took lots of pictures during our years in the swinger lifestyle. But I put that in because I’ve found that whenever you say anything about taking pictures you start getting tons of people wanting you to send them pictures so I started putting that in to cut down on that. But I should have figured some grumpy troll would try and make a stupid comment about it.

    • [email protected] ID:1ee34llivg22

      You know I’ve noticed the people who like to put negative comments about stories posted on this and other sites are the ones who you never see posting their stories. I guess thats why they’re so bitter. They’ve had no experiences to share.