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How my aunt became my summer lover

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I was bored one summer day and my aunt asks me if i want to clean her apartment. I didn’t know it would lead to our secret relationship.


It was the start of summer break and I was staring at my xbox homescreen on the TV. I was bored as hell, having just broken up with my girlfriend. To be honest she was starting to get really annoying and i didn’t want to deal with that during break.

We never really did anything sexual together but i did sometimes convince her to send me nudes. She was only 12, so she didn’t have a body of a woman, but to my 13 year old mind i didn’t care. The thought of them now made my cock twitch. I quickly pulled down my pants, but before i can even wrap my hand around my cock my phone dings.

I grunt in frustration, picking my phone up to see a message from my aunt. my frustration dissipates as i read her message asking if i wanted to make some money by helping her clean her apartment. She always pays me well even if i just vaccum, and sometimes I’m able to snag on some of her weed when she’s not looking. I feel a little bit guilty about that but it’s whatever. I send her a wuick reply saying i would be there soon.

My aunt and I weren’t exactly that close but i still love her. Due to my dad and her being half siblings, her and I had a close age gap than her and my dad. She was 22 if i remember that correctly. To be honest she was more like a sister than an aunt to me. She had some mental issues like depression and anxiety but she was still family.

When i get to her apartment, i just open the door and go in. I see her on her knees, reaching under a table to grab some kind of cat toy. And holy fuck did my dick instantly get hard.

My aunt has always worn baggy clothes for as long as i could remember, but right now she must still be in her work uniform. It was just jeans and a work shirt, but those jeans made everything click into place for me. They hugged her curves in all right spots, making her ass look like a meal to the Gods. My ex girlfriend definitely didn’t have a body like this.

“Oh hey Tyler, thanks for coming over,” She says, backing up from underneath the table. I watch as her ass jiggles and i nearly cum in my pants right then and there. I knew i had to make her mine.

“There’s just a few things i need you to do. I haven’t been feeling well so I’m gonna shower and then try taking a nap.” She explained, smiling at me. I couldn’t see her as my aunt anymore. She was a woman who could meet my needs, no matter what. I only just nodded at her, not trusting my words.

After alittle bit of doing chores, my dick was still hard. It was starting to hurt and i needed to do something about it. I could hear my aunt’s music playing in the bathroom and i crept quietly to the door. I cracked it open and i saw my aunt drying herself off. My hand immediately went into my shorts for i could rub my cock to the sight of her. I groan softly as i watch her bend over to dry her legs. Her ass was on full display and so were her pussy lips.

She must have heard me because her head shot towards the door and we made eye contact. At first we freeze and her eyes drop to the bulge in my shorts. I pull my hand out and her eyes widen as she realizes what i was doing.

At first i thought she would get angry and start screaming. Instead she seemed to hesitate before slowly letting the towel fall to the floor. I take in every inch of her exposed body. She was slightly chubby but that made her all the more gorgeous in my eyes. Her breasts were atleast a D and they sagged slightly. Her nipples were hard and i wondered if it was just because she had just gotten out of the shower or if she was aroused. My eyes trailed down her body until my eyes met her pussy. She did have a bush of pubic hair but i didnt care, it just meant she is a woman.

I wanted to see how far i could push this situation and began to slowly pull down my shorts. My underwear had a stain on it from my precum and i watch her face. Her eyes never leave my bulge and i feel a surge of satisfaction. I pull my underwear down, causing my cock to spring up. It wasnt the biggest, just a little past four inches while hard.

I begin to stroke it, as if teasing her. I graze my tip, smearing my precum and i moan softly. I watch in amazement as she takes a step closer. She seems to be fighting something in her head before she crouches down in front of me.

I hold my breath as i stop stroking my cock, watching intently as her hand shakily reaches out to wrap around it. My hand grips the doorframe, trying to keep my balance. I’ve never had anyone touch me before and it felt intoxicating. Her hand feels soft but her grip is firm. She begins stroking me, and my eyes widen as i watch her lean forward. Her lips wrap around my tip, her tongue swirling teasingly around it.

I moan loudly, my hands coming down to tangle in her hair. Her eyes glance up at me and the lust in them nearly makes me cum then. She takes more of me into her mouth as her hand comes down to tease my balls. My breathing was ragged as she continued suck on me, and i knew i was about cum.

Suddenly she took me all the way into her mouth, her nose pressing against my small patch of pubic hair. My cock barely gazes the back of her throat but she still gags. My hands tighten in her hair as i begin to thrust my hips, mouth fucking her. “Liz…” i pant out “Im gonna cum.” She started doubling her efforts, sucking me harder and faster. My knuckles turn white in her hair and i groan her name as i cum in her mouth.

I lean against the doorframe, my chest heaving as she continues to suck my cock. I watch in amazement as she pulls back, opening her mouth to show me my cum, before she swallows it. I feel my now limp cock twitch again at the sight and before i realize what im doing, im leaning down to kiss her.

I’ve kissed my ex girlfriend plenty of times, but this was completely different. I could still taste myself on her lips as she kisses me back. This kiss was tender and soft as we explore eachother.

When we both pull away, our eyes meet and i saw the lust and longing in her eyes. I cup her cheek gently, my thumb caressing her skin. She turns her head slightly to kiss my palm and i knew that this was definitely far from over.

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