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Daddy Daughter Diaries 05

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Darron takes Kyra on a fuck-walk through the labyrinth on a cruel anal hook and makes her beg for her assrape!

Of all the things that Kyra thought she would be doing at age 16, getting used to eating from another girl’s asshole was not one of them.

It wasn’t just dinner, the teenage daughters soon found out, it was every single meal. Every time they went to the dining hall to eat together, the girls would have to stick their asses out to receive their food via their assholes.

Kyra was just thankful that it wasn’t always pure cumblends. Breakfasts were usually fruit smoothies of some sort and lunch was some kind of protein shake. DInners were when the cum of the day would be scraped out of their holes and used to make the disgusting blend.

“My slutty daughter seems to be getting along well with yours, Rodney,” daddy said to Mr Ring when Kyra was eating her breakfast out of Katie’s abused shithole.

“They look pretty content together,” Mr Ring agreed. Both fathers had shot their loads into their daughter’s throats that morning and were now enjoying the sight of their daughters tongue-fucking each others anuses.

“I was thinking of checking out the labyrinth later,” Daddy said, “Would you and your daughter like to come along as well?”

“Sure! What are you thinking of doing with them?” Mr Ring asked, looking intrigued.

“Oh nothing much, just a little fuck-walking!” Daddy announced with a lecherous grin that made Kyra feel fear. What on earth was fuck-walking??

“That’s a marvelous idea!!” Mr Ring agreed. He came over to where the two teens were reluctantly eating their breakfast smoothie out of each other’s shitholes, the pulled Katie off Kyra.

“I’ll see you in twenty minutes!”


Darron Hatfield dragged his young daughter back to their room.

Kyra was adapting pretty well to the new routine of continuous fucking. Day and night, Darron made sure that Kyra’s holes were stuffed or being teased in one way or another. The water he gave her contained high doses of aphrodisiac to keep her horny and cumming all the time. All the other girls had yet to experience their first rapegasms, but Darron was sure that when they got used to their fathers’ cocks, they would soon grow to cherish the humiliation and pain of having a hard dick shoved into their holes!

Darron made Kyra shower while he selected her outfit.

“C’mere, Kyra.”

Kyra stumbled over, unsteady because several days of nonstop penetration had left her very sore.

“Darron took great pleasure in locking her into the restraints – a metal collar contraption that locked her wrists up on either side of her neck, preventing her from resisting.

‘Daddy?” Kyra asked, a hint of fear in her voice.

“Hush sweetie, this will be good for you,” Darron assured her.

Repeated assrape and stretching had taught Kyra’s asshole that it was meant to be fucked. It opened up easily for the anal hook that Darron slid inside.

“Oooo Daddy no!” Kyra moaned when Darron yanked the hook upwards. So far, Kyra had only experienced silicone or real cocks in her holes. This would be the first time she had unforgiving, unbending steel inside her!

Darron fastened the end of the anal hook to the ring on the back of Kyra’s collar with some rope, then started pulling until Kyra was forced to let her head fall back and stick her chest out!

In this tits out ass out position, Darron had amazing access to his daughter’s teen tits. He sucked on one, then the other, rolling them and pinching them between his fingers until they were swollen and erect. Only then did he attach painful nipple clamps with teardrop pendants.

“Look at you, you’re so cute!” Darron exclaimed with glee. With a hand on Kyra’s hip, he led her back out of the room and towards the garden.

When they got there, Rodney was just fastening the robe to his similarly dressed daughter.

Time for the fuckwalks!

Darron pulled his stiffening cock out of his pants and yanked Kyra backwards onto it.



Two screams of pain rang throughout the hallway as the two fathers jammed their meaty rods up their daughters’ shitters alongside the cruel anal hooks.

“Unngh unngh unngh,” Darron grunted as he forced every last inch of his pole into his sweet daughter’s ass. He pulled on the rope connecting the anal hook and the collar, making Kyra arch her back and moan in pain. Beside him, Rodney was doing the same to his daughter Katie.

When they were finally balls deep, Darron gave Kyra’s ass a hard slap and said, “It’s time to walk the labyrinth!”

He took a step forward. The movement pressed his hips into his daughter’s bottom, and his cock further into her young shithole.

With a soft gasp, Kyra had no choice but to move forwards, her right foot shooting out to catch her before she fell. Unfortunately for her, the movement brought her up short against the anal hook and her collar! Kyra couldn’t go anywhere as long as Darron was holding the rope connecting the two implements. She was properly impaled on the hook and on his cock!

Darron took another step.

Kyra whimpered, stumbling forwards and coming up short against the hook again. She moaned in pain as the unforgiving, unbending steel of the hook dug into her sensitive anal walls.

“Daddy, please it hurts!” she begged, but to no avail. Darron took a few more steps, using his hips to bump Kyra into walking forwards each time. But each time, a yank on the rope connected to her metal collar made her jerk backwards onto Darron’s hard cock.

“The labyrinth is this way!” Rodney said with glee, fucking into his daughter’s behind as he took small steps forward.

Darron grinned at the other man’s joy. It wasn’t everyday that a man got to take his daughter on a fuck-walk!

If they walked at a normal pace, they would have gotten to the giant garden feature within a minute or two. However, this fuck-walking method was extremely time consuming. The steel wrist-to-collar cuffs paired with the rope tied to the anal hook forced both teens to push their chests out, presenting their tits to the world and their asses to their fathers. With their backs arched and both men holding the ropes, Katie and Kyra couldn’t take anything but tiny stumbling steps because their anal hooks kept them reigned in!

Darron didn’t mind. It gave him time to listen to his daughter’s moans of pain and anguish, relish the sensation of her asshole milking his cock, while enjoying the warm summer air!

Each time the girls tried to slow down, their fathers would grab their hips and slam their dicks into their sore assholes until they started moving again.

“That’s it, clench on daddy’s cock while you walk! Pull daddy forward!” Rodney growled to his daughter. Poor Katie was sobbing by now, unable to experience anything but agony in her shitter.

The sounds that spilled from Kyra’s lips were like music to Darron’s ears. He knew he was hurting his daughter’s little asshole, that he was chafing up her rectal walls and making it difficult to walk. He also knew that every scrape of his veiny cock in her shithole was making her inside light up with pleasure amidst the pain, enforcing the idea that she was a slut by nature. The longer it went on, the more her body would associate painal with pleasure! Soon, she would be his very own painal slut to use and abuse whenever he liked.

Step by stumbling step, the two girls made their way to the enormous garden feature, whimpering as they endured their fathers’ encouragement.

“Daddy, please! Stop hurting my hoooole!” Katie whimpered, tears coursing down her pretty face.

Unfortunately, the men had no mercy for their teenage daughters. After all, the entire goal of Mansion La Familia was to turn sweet young girls into submissive slave sluts!

For the two fathers, the twenty minutes it took for them to make the trek from the building to the labyrinth was an enjoyable twenty minutes of having their cocks massaged. For the poor girls, it was twenty minutes of anal agony, but their ordeal was only just beginning!

“Please, please daddy please! I’ll suck your cock please! It hurts so bad!” Kyra moaned.

“Does it?” Darron purred in her ear, reaching around her to fondle her breasts and pinch her nipples. He slid one hand down to her cunt where she was soaking wet.

“Your pussy doesn’t seem to think so!” Darron spanked the bald slit roughly, bringing his open palm down on it hard!


“AIIE DADDY PLEASE STOP!” Kyra screamed.

Her hole clenched up around Darron’s fuckpole and he groaned in delight, spanking his daughters defenseless pussy harder still!

“Oh that looks fun!” Rodney said, intrigued by the way Kyra’s wriggled and squirmed to try and get away from her father’s rough abuse of her cunt!

Katie, sensing her father’s thoughts, began to beg as well.

“Daddy no! Please I’ll milk your cock! I’ll use my ass-”

But Rodney ignored her pleas and whacked her cunt with his hands too!



“Oooo yeah! Clench up on daddy’s cock!” Rodney growled as he continued to rain open handed slaps down on Katie’s exposed slit.

By now, both teens were sobbing openly, their minds unable to comprehend the merciless way their fathers were hurting them!

Darron loved the way his daughter’s hole twitched around his cock, every blow to her teen cunt made her squeeze his rod so tightly that he thought he might pop! He would have to train her to do this on command, but then again, making her clench from pain was an awesome idea!

With a growl, he delivered one last slap to her soaking wet pussy and then wiped his hand on her hip.

“C’mon Rodney, I don’t want to bust before we get to the middle of these bushes!” Darron said to the other man.

Rodney nodded, his dark hair already tousled and messy from how hard he had fucked his daughter so far.

For the first time that morning, they took pity on their teenaged children and allowed the two girls to rest for a little while. Katie and Kyra whimpered, shifting from one leg to another in a futile attempt to ease the burning between their legs. Not only were their assholes on fire from the anal abuse, their cunts were smarting too!

“Alright, sluts. Time to fuck-walk!” Darron said at last, giving his daughter a hard thrust.

Kyra stumbled forwards, yelped in pain, and then fucked back onto Darron’s hard cock quickly.

“That’s it, sweetie. Take tiny steps and try to use your shitter to pull off Daddy’s cock!” Rodney instructed his daughter.

Katie took a tiny step, the muscles in her bare buttocks flexing as she tried to follow her dad’s instructions.

“Oh yeaaaah that’s it, honey. Nice and slow!” Rodney growled.

Kyra looked to the side, sniffled, and began to do the same.

Darron let out a soft groan of pleasure when he felt his teen daughter’s asshole tighten up around his throbbing fuckstick. When she shifted forwards with her asshole clenched hard, the velvet soft insides of her rectum pulled on his cock deliciously, stimulating every inch of his rock hard meatrod.

He followed her tiny movement forward, fucking his cock back into her asshole with one rough thrust. The metal curve of the anal hook was snug against the length of Darron’s dick inside his daughter and the ball on the end rubbed against his cockhead tantalizingly.

Realizing that there would be no respite from their fathers’ cocks, the two teen girls had no choice but to try their best and follow the instructions, using their assholes to milk their intruders while taking those awful tiny steps into the beginning of the labyrinth.

The path through the labyrinth was wide enough for two people to walk side by side. The seven foot tall hedges obscured those inside from the outside and vice versa.

Darron felt a meditative calm wash over him as they entered the garden feature. It felt incredible to be surrounded by nature while exerting his dominance over his daughter, to feel her soft insides working around his cock accompanied by the sweet sounds of soft whimpers and pained moans.

If at any time the girls accidentally loosened their rectal muscles, they would receive a swift and brutal punishment via pussy spanking or nipple twisting!

The cries of “Daddy please stop!” melted away into distressed sobbing tinged with resignation. Both of them knew intimately that there would be no stopping until they exited on the other side of the labyrinth!

“Oh! We’re in the center!” Rodney exclaimed as he thrust into his daughter’s pert backside. Katie whimpered, then took another step forward into the clearing in the middle of the labyrinth. The tiny clearing was equipped with a bench and some fuck furniture as well, though no two were the same since the space was tiny.

Darron pulled his cock from his daughter’s sweet little asshole, grinning to himself when she sighed in relief.

He strolled around the fuck furniture, taking stock of what was available.

There was a steel frame where one could strap their daughter in an X position and an accompanying riding crop that could be used to decorate her body with welts. There was the classic fuckbench where a slut could be strapped face down with her ass in the air all ready for the raping. To one side was a tall wooden pole with polished wooden dildos curving out from it at different intervals, the perfect place to ‘hang up’ a rebellious daughter while a father whipped her tits. Then, the last piece of fuck furniture was a horizontol rod six feet off the ground where one could suspend a teenage girl for any amount of time!

“Dibs on the wooden dildo pole,” Rodney said with glee. The dark haired man brought Katie over to the pole, lifted the teen girl up and lined up her asshole with one of the thickest dildos.

“OOOOOOOAAAAAARGH!” Katie screamed as her father let go and gravity brought her down onto the wooden rod. Perhaps if it was just the anal hook or just the wooden pole, it wouldn’t have hurt so much, but having her shitter invaded by both things while the rope kept her in such an uncomfortable position was absolute agony for her young anus!

Darron looked at his daughter, enjoying the look of horror on her face.

He dragged her over to the horizontal rod and undid the rope that held her anal hook in place. Then, he swung the rope over the rod, refastened it to the hook, and pulled it taut.

“GURK!” Kyra choked as the rope yanked on the collar, making it dig into her throat.

Darron pulled again, making her arch backwards even more.

“DADDY NO!” Kyra begged as the distance between the back of her collar and the anal hook decreased.

She rose up onto her tiptoes in a hurry, trying to keep her balance and prevent herself from being choked at the same time.

Darron grinned, enjoying the way she hopped from foot to foot to try and take the pressure off her neck and her asshole at the same time.

“Please daddy I’m going to choke!” Kyra was starting to cry again.

Oh how he loved her tears! Darron savoured the moment, watching her do her little dance for a little while longer.

Then, when he thought she was about to give up, he stepped forward and rammed his hard cock back into her backdoor.

Her anal impalement meant that she could at least rely on him to support her weight for a little bit. Darron allowed her to catch her breath, then pulled out again.

Immediately, Kyra choked as the collar came up short against the rod, and she started to hop again.

Again, he let her struggle until she was on the verge of collapse before moving closer and slamming his meatrod into her poopchute several times, holding her up by the hips so that the pressure would be taken off her throat.

By the third time he did this, she realized what she had to do.

“Daddy fuck my ass daddy! I Please daddy! I need your cock in my asshole! My shithole is meant for cock! Please rape my ass!” Kyra babbled. She clenched her shitter tightly around Darron’s dick, fucking backwards as best as she could on her toes in order to keep his cock inside her!

Darron grinned to himself.

Ah, to think she had been such an innocent girl not even a month ago. Now she was begging to be assraped and eagerly fucking her sore shitter onto the rod that was torturing it!

“You asked for it,” he growled with glee as he started to rape his daughter’s asshole in earnest!

There was no better way to spend the summer, Darron thought, fucking his teenage daughter’s ass while enjoying the sight of another teen girl being sexually tormented by her own father.

Katie’s own weight was sliding her further and further down on the massive wooden pole and she was squealing with each inch! But her father wasn’t going to let her off until she had taken the whole thing into her ass.

“Please daddy! Let me down! I promise I’ll do whatever you say!” Katie pleaded.

“If you are a good girl and fuck yourself onto the rod, I’ll consider not putting you on the next one,” Rodney told her. Katie looked to the side, saw an even THICKER wooden dildo, this time covered with studs, and then paled. She immediately started wiggling on the one in her ass, trying to fuck herself onto the pole.

“Keep your legs spread, I want to see that slab splitting your hole!” Rodney growled. Katie immediately opened up her legs, leaning back against the wooden piece as she slid even further down on the monster violating her shithole.

“That’s the spirit!” Rodney crowed in delight. He stripped his cock furiously and then stepped forward, jamming his dick into Katie’s dry pussy.

“AAAAIIIIIIEEEE!” Katie’s scream rang out loud and clear as her cunt was roughly violated! For the first time in her life, the poor girl was double penetrated in such a cruel way! Rodney’s cock was stretching her cunt walls while the wooden dildo stretched her ass. The agony of being penetrated without lubricant was accented by the fact that it was her own father doing this to her.

“Go on, you know what to say,” Rodney urged her.

With tears and a loud sniffle, Katie whispered, “Please fuck my pussy daddy.”

“Louder!” Rodney growled.


“With great pleasure!” Rodney roared, pulling back only to slam their hips together again.

Soon the little clearing was filled with the fearful, despairing pleas of the two girls for their fathers to ‘rape me, daddy!’ and the guttural grunting of the two men as they pounded the sweet young holes of their daughters.

Sweat poured down Darron’s back as he fucked Kyra’s shitter as roughly as he could. He pulled out for a little while to admire the way her pucker gaped open. It was unable to close because of his cock. He had molded her asshole to his dick and he would ensure that she remembered the feel of him raping her shitter for decades to cum!

“C’mon my little rapeslut daughter, cum for daddy!”

As if a switch had been flipped, Kyra’s body clenched up, her eyes rolled up into her head, and her muscles began to contract, convulsing as she experienced her first painal rapegasm! Her entire being went taut and her hole spasmed uncontrollably on Darron’s fuckpole. A stream of liquid spurted from between her legs, coating the grass beneath her.

“What a slut!” Rodney said in an admiring tone, enjoying the sight of a young girl cumming from anal rape. He turned his attention back to his daughter and grinned.

“Eventually, you’ll be like that too.”

Katie cried harder at his words, knowing that the journey to her rapegasm would be a long and difficult process!

Darron fucked into Kyra’s twitching asshole a few more times and unloaded his cum into her bowels with a roar.

Kyra moaned as his hot cum seared her sore insides and marked her from the inside out.

Utterly exhausted, she could no longer hold herself up and she sagged against the rope.

Darron quickly untied her and let her down onto her knees. He dragged her over to the lone bench in the middle and sat down, spreading his legs so that she could get between them.

After a week of nonstop cock-sucking, Kyra knew what was expected of her and she opened her mouth with a look of resignation on her face. She licked the tip of her father’s softening cock and kissed it all over.

“Thank you for raping my hole, daddy. Thank you for letting me cum on your cock, daddy,” she whispered.

Darron petted her hair gently, then fed his cock into her pink mouth.

“Good girl, Kyra. You’re my best girl, taking daddy’s cock so well,” he praised her, “You can rest for a bit now.”

He let her rest her cheek against the inside of his thigh while she suckled on his limp member. She could keep it warm until he got it back up again, and then he would fuck-walk her back to the mansion!

Meanwhile, Rodney was furiously pumping his hips into his daughter’s dry pussy. Her screams had tapered off quite quickly when she realized there would be no mercy. Instead, she had tried to push through the pain and fuck herself onto the two cruel rods piercing her cunt and asshole!

Her beautiful young face was scrunched up into an expression of agony and despair as she begged her father to drill her aching holes harder.

Rodney was certain that after three months at Mansion La Familia, Katie would learn to love and fear his cock!

“College? You don’t need college. All you need is Daddy!” he growled.

“Yes yes, daddy! All I need is for daddy to bust my slit wide open!” Katie whimpered, tears coursing down her face as she used her pussy muscles to milk her father’s dick.

“Good girl, taking Daddy’s cock so well! Now. Take. My. CUM!”

Rodney grunted as he blasted Katie’s pussy with his cockjuice. He grabbed her hips and pushed her further down on the wooden dildo, making her scream and clench even harder!

“Oh yes milk Daddy’s cock!” he growled.

Katie, unused to such rough penetration and prolonged sexual torment, could no longer keep her wits. Her eyes rolled up into her head and she slumped, passing out in her bonds.

Rodney wasn’t deterred in the least. He took advantage of her limpness to push her asshole even further down on the wooden dildo, fucking her bodily onto the pole like a ragdoll.

When he was satisfied that her asscheeks had met the base of it, he pulled her off and dragged her limp body over to where Darron was sitting.

“That was some fuck!” Darron commented, stroking Kyra’s hair idly as she mouthed and licked as his soft member.

“Sure was,” Rodney agreed. He arranged Katie so that his softening cock was lying across her forehead and his balls were on top of her nose, then started to rub his privates on her youthful face. The sweaty stench of his scrotum roused the poor girl and she jerked in surprise when she realized her face was pressed up against her father’s cock and balls!

But like Kyra, she also understood what was expected of her. She opened her mouth without complaint and started to lap and suck at her father’s dick, thanking him in between for raping and violating her holes.

“Our daughters are incredible, aren’t they?” Rodney remarked. He gazed fondly down at the restrained girl between his legs.

“Sure are,” Darron agreed. He raised a hand to look at the sun shining down on them overhead. They weren’t young anymore and it would take some time for both him and Rodney to get it back up. It didn’t matter though, not when two pretty teen girls were nursing on their cocks in such a submissive manner.

Sooner or later, their thick fuckrods would fill with blood again and they would fuck-walk their daughters back to their rooms, but until then, they could just relax and chill in the privacy of the labyrinth.

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